UFO Aftershock Articles

UFO: Aftershock Second Preview

The remains of humanity are fighting to regain control of Earth. Read what Slaughter thought after his hands-on experience previous to the game’s release.

UFO Aftershock Interview

An interview with Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima of ALTAR Interactive, with post-interview comments from Jiri Rydl. E3 Conversation with Ondrej Laba, Cenega’s producer of UFO:Aftershock.

UFO: Aftershock Preview

PlacidDragon and Slaughter went to visit ALTAR in the Czech Republic in December of 2004. This is their impression of the game at that point.

UFO Aftershock Chat Log - 25/11/04

A chat conducted with Jiri Rydl, Robert Hoffman and Martin Klima covering Tactical and Strategic aspects of the game.