We Spot A Landing

by on 25th Apr 2012

We mark a new sighting on the horizon - it's Piercing Fortress Europa. This game from Adanac Command Studies, the makers of Guns of August and Campaigns on The Danube, will take you to the Western Front of World War II.

This newly announced creation is the brainchild of Mr.Frank Hunter, and will be concerned mostly with Allied amphibious landings, namely in France (also with a hypothetical 1943 invasion scenario), Sicily and Italy.

This new design continues the Adanac focus on command decisions, planning and logistics, combined with an order of battle at the divisional scale that covers all the historical Allied and Axis units that participated in each of the landings.

The game will be released this Summer, but in the meantime you can enjoy the screenshots that just washed ashore with us.


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