Universal Conflict Impending

by on 23rd Sep 2013

No angle left unchecked. No possibility curtailed. Keep your distance or dive right in, take to the air or fight underground are all options afforded to you in the multifaceted upcoming Sci-Fi Multiplayer Battle Arena game Universum: War Front.

This is a story about our probable future, and about what can happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question: "What would happen if mankind lost Earth and will they be able to capture their home planet back?"

The galactic features:

• Lead your heroes thru the fascinating storyline of the game. Take part in all the most significant battles in the universe. Try FPS, RTS and RPG gameplays in different missions.
• Command your troops on high or come down and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles.
• Fight in 5 dimensions: ground, air, underground, open space, underwater.
• Play infantry, vehicles, mechs or alien creatures.
• Customize your character and researching new technologies.
• Enjoy beautiful graphics, realistic physics and incredible visual effects.

And all of this, on the beautiful landscapes of alien planets with their unique nature environment, physics and disasters, in the huge world of Universum.

Much more? Explore a global map of the universe, where your space troops will be able to resolve the dispute who will rule the Earth and the galaxy tomorrow...

A definite release date is as of yet unknown but we hear project lead Cyril Megem aims to bring this ambitious undertaking to Kickstarter soon.


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9 Oct 2013 - 10:23am


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