Surpassing The Concrete

by on 3rd Sep 2013

You must see beyond appearances. An analytical machine such as our brain can process reality and assess complex situations by distilling things to the bare essentials. Abstractanks does virtually the same, saving you most of the computational overhead without loss of data fidelity.

Abstractanks is a minimalist real-time strategy game with an abstract theme. It trades traditional base-building, resource management, campaigns and multiple unit types for fast-paced skirmishes and intense multiplayer matches with up to 4 players, where map-control, positioning, decision making and a little bit of luck is rewarded.

There is only one unit type; however, these units can be put into different stances with different strengths and weaknesses. Randomly spawned power ups can be collected to unleash devastating effects and turn the tide of battle.

The game is currently in early Alpha, having recently been updated to include difficulty modes, a new announcer and several other fixes and refinements.

Purchase to gain access to the latest build is available through Desura where several screenshots and a gameplay demo reel can be viewed.


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