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by on 9th Dec 2013

You have no doubt. In your mind you know that, from all the shiny, bombastic, cerebral, engaging, thrilling games that have made their debut this fine year of 2013, none is more enthralling than that one special release. So why not share your personal views with the rest of the world by voting on Game Informer's grand poll?

From triple-A juggernauts like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last Of Us to indie darlings like Papers, Please and Gone Home, 2013 was jam packed with amazing games. But as they say in Highlander, there can be only one. Now is your chance to weigh in on the 2013 game of the year, as well as pick the best games from your favorite genres.


Voting ends on Monday, December 16, so get your vote in while you can! The readers' picks will be announced later in the month on the website, and featured in the February issue of Game Informer.

So, there you have it. You know what to do and what to vote on. Did we oh-so-casually mention before that XCOM: Enemy Within is on the list? No? Well, rest assured, XCOM: Enemy Within is on the list... *wink, wink*

Our thanks to special agent Zombie at our forums for bringing this to our attention.


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