Signalled From The Stars

by on 13th Dec 2013

Scouts confirm it. At last, the right conditions have come together for venturing further into unknown space, to learn of the origin of the strange signals we've received, but also to seek out new life and precious resources, whilst in command of forces capable against virtually any that would oppose us in Dreamatrix Game Studios' Spaceforce Constellations.

Constellations is a turn-based, space strategy, single-player PC game, with stunning visuals and deep but easy to play game mechanics.

Explore the galaxy and distant constellations, where resources, new life forms and fearsome adversaries abound.

Welcome to a new experience in gameplay and battle your way through a series of devastating space feuds, for supremacy across the universe.

The in-system features:

• Simple and addictive game play: explore, discover, build a fleet, conquer.
• Turn based fleet combat.
• Galaxy Map helps you navigate your fleet through many constellations.
• Stunning universe dominated by four civilizations.
• 80 one-on-one turn based battles in stunning 3D space constellations.
• Fleet combinations consisting of Laser, Missile and Repair spaceships.
• A dozen special attacks, each with stunning visuals.
• Over 20 mother ship turn based card battles.  
• Crystal Mining mini game to find crystals needed for special attacks.
• Search For Life mini game with 5 levels of achievements - each with a crystal pack reward.
• Simple crafting panel in the space station.
• Achievements panel "Hall of Fame" with medals and ranks.
• Boost your leadership status to become an admiral.

The game has now launched and is available on Steam 20% off until the 19th of December.


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