In The Thick Of It

Be prepared to go deep. You are to go well into the forest to take care of business, and not just any kind of forest - you lose it there and you're in a world of hurt. That's just the nature of it in the just-announced side-scrolling squad based RTS Lead Jungle.

Of Orbs Legendary

Spherical and deadly. Such are the orbs that awaken the greed of many and drain the land without mercy in a spiral of conflict ravaging Orbworld, the setting of Jerpix Games' online collectible card game.

A Claim To Immortality

Everlasting is the search for power. The ability to leave a mark in the world, to grow in knowledge, in mastery, in control. And if all you think you'll outlast, look now to Tactic Studios' browser-based multiplayer strategy RPG, Immortal Empire.

Fortune To Seek

An era full of possibilities dawns. You may not have much, to start with, and conflict abounds, but your insight and leadership shall soon command legions and carve a veritable empire in Perfect World Entertainment's Fortuna, a browser-based strategy title.

Listen Up, Rodents!

There's been a change in the food chain. A really big one, apparently, because the little guys wised up considerably and are ready to bite back in Hyper Hippo Productions' Mech Mice.

The Great Pretender

Godly power you hold. But ever there are others that foolishly seek to seize control of the world you rightly call yours. A definitive lesson must therefore be taught, by the time-honoured means of turn-based strategy precepts, in Illwinter Game Designs's upcoming Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension.

A Challenge At Hand

Always keep something up the sleeve. Sharp advice that will come in very handy in the just-announced World War II: TCG, a free-to-play card game drawing inspiration from the events of the Second World War which is currently being developed at FrozenShard Games.


You shall have to be crafty. No resort to deception is to be relinquished, nothing is too far-fetched or truly beneath you in the pursuit of the highest position in Robot Gentleman Studios' Intrigue, a rather secretive game of strategic turn-based plotting and misdirection.

Pandemonium To Wreak

Divide and conquer. Bring forth your demons to spread chaos, increase your influence, form and break alliances when it suits you, then obliterate the opposition with the full weight of your might in Deutsche Telekom's free-to-play browser-based strategy game Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions.

A Walk On The Dark Side

Think you can get away with murder? Even if you doubt yourself, there's no question in the minds of those who are out to hunt you that you're gonna get what's coming to you. Better make tracks, fast, and make your tactical cunning count wherever and with whomever you end up with in Daedalic Entertainment's Blackguards.

Warcasters, Prepare!

Battlegroups are being rallied. Almost a year after the first signs that battle would indeed one day be met, dev. house WhiteMoon Dreams recently reinforced the upcoming arrival of the squad-level strategy game WARMACHINE: Tactics was nigh.

Staying Vigilant

They've decided to cough it up. Maybe it couldn't be helped any more because, let's face it, our decryption and extraction implements are so advanced it would only be a matter of time. So it is that the folks at Klei discretely admit to the existence of Incognita.

Commanding Ultimately

Rewriting history is not easy. Not as easy at it might at first seem, certainly. You may believe under your command things would have had a different outcome, so perhaps dealing with some of the realities of a specific time, such as in Ultimate General: Gettysburg, a hardcore American Civil War real-time strategy game, you can put that theory to the test.

Tricks of the Trade

How to gain the upper hand? Such a fundamental question and applicable to a wide array of strategic affairs, but especially fitting it is for a game where the cards you hold ultimately dictate dire failure or rousing success. Tridek: Creatures of Galena is just such a double-dealing beast.

Conquest On The Double

The sky is not the limit. Certainly not when you're out to dominate the universe, as is rather more routinely the case in OnNet Europe's browser-based real-time space strategy simulation game Conquer X2, which is looking to expand its horizons well into European space soon.