Imperial Conqueror Impersonation

by on 28th Nov 2013

You were born to command. If your station in life has not quite lived up to that birthright, despair not, as HistWarGames will soon have that remedied with the fielding of their upcoming HistWar: Napoléon, a tactical and operational game set in the period between 1805-1814.

A mix of wargame and simulation, this PC game will allow you to impersonate an army commander of the Napoleonic era and fight your opponents on the different theaters of operation spanning across Europe.

(...) take command of the "Grande Armée" or coalition forces, devise a strategy, and lead your men of the field of battle. Put yourself in Napoleon's shoes and rewrite the history of the 1 st Empire.

Relive epic battles where more than two hundred thousand cavalrymen, infantrymen, artillerymen and their canons clash on huge battlefields of 200 km 2.

The armies in Histwar: Napoléon include more than a hundred operational units divided into up to ten army corps or columns. On the battlefield, with the battle raging in continuous time, the player might not be able to micromanage all these units. A doctrine editor will help the player define a standard reaction for his units when faced with different situations.

(...) refight the engagements between the French, Russians, and Austrians accompanied by about 15 minor nations (Wurtemberg, Saxony, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark...).

Histwar: Napoléon will be released with twenty major battles (Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland, Wagram, La Moscova...). A map editor and an order of battle editor will allow the players to create unlimited real or imaginary battles.

(...) three playable modes: Single player facing a grand tactical AI, Multiplayer with up to 16 players (LAN or online) and Play by email.

This sequel to HistWar: Les Grognards can now be pre-ordered in one of several versions so as to assist in funding its development.


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