Earthly Preservation

by on 11th Dec 2013

Guarantee space domination. Ensure the safety of the people of our planet, be well equipped to deploy effective deterrents, raise your defenses, divert and destroy threats - all this shall fall under your responsibility in Evil Mountain Games' Kaiser Earth.

Congratulations! You have been elected Kaiser Earth. The people of Earth now rely on you to keep them safe from the dangers of space. Decide how you want to build your spacecraft, and attack any potential extra-solar threats; or maybe welcoming other galactic species to Earth might be a good idea? You are Kaiser Earth, you decide (at least for your term of office). Good luck.

Locking on to the features:

• Create custom ships from randomly generated modules
• Protect Earth from threats, strategically command your ship in battles.
• Play strategically or rely on your skill with two control modes to suit your style
• Decide the intergalactic policies of Earth.
• It's up to you to ensure the Earth’s survival, prosperity or doom.

This game is under development, a demo is available at the official site and, currently, is enjoying a rather stratospheric discount of 70% off at Desura.


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