Deadly Search

by on 17th Dec 2013

You're looking for trouble. As usual, feeling adventurous and capable of death-defying acts. But your penchant for heroics and occasional, incidental tactical prowess will perhaps be your undoing before long in Cuve Games' QuestRun.

Challenging and fast-paced with a modern twist on old school RPG battle systems, QuestRun is unlike anything you have played before. A J-RPG inspired tactical game with rogue-like elements and deep engaging gameplay.

Apply new strategies, try new heroes, choose new perils and die anyway! Untimely, premature deaths await!

RPG, action, tactics, pick the one that seems most appropriate! QuestRun brings a twist to the old RPG battle system. Heroes and monsters attack each other automatically. But still, you will always be busy: choosing which hero will  face which monster, choosing which item belongs to whom, picking the right skill... There's always something to do!

The Heroes
Your main tool to beat the game. You get 3 of them randomly at the beginning of each dungeon. Each one of them has its own characteristics. Some of them are strong, others have useful powers, some of them are lucky !

Pets in QuestRun share a passion: items. Simply drop an item on one of them and it will give you its bonus: life, weapon, potion...

Regularly, you will have to choose between two perils. They all are nasty, pick the one that looks less horrible !

Fear not some daring-do, though, as there's a free demo available and the game is half-price at Desura at present. If you'd like to see it on Steam someday too, then be sure to cast your Greenlighting vote.


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