Creeping Into View

by on 8th Oct 2013

No more dragging. Things went into motion and now no quarters are held as Knuckle Cracker's recently released and latest real-time strategy extravaganza, Creeper World III: Arc Eternal, promises us nothing less than the onset of carpal tunnel.

For billions of years empires rose to greatness. Each fell to the Creeper till none remained. Now all hope appears lost. Who will stand against the Creeper? Experience this extreme and massive expansion of the Creeper World franchise. Nothing will ever be the same...

Massive maps, custom units scripting, terraforming, Gravatars? Can you handle the challenge?

Here's a more ponderous look at the features:

• Unique game play featuring an enemy that flows over the map.
• Thermodynamic physics based play.
• Dozens of unique units and enemies.
• Billions of total missions.
• Story arc with insane and unique enemies.
• Explore hundreds of star systems with thousands of worlds in Prospector missions.
• Hundreds of hand crafted missions in the Alpha Sector.
• Dial up your own mission worlds using the ‘Dial Map Device’ and share the address.
• Create your own maps using the included map editor.
• Play on maps of variable size, dimension, and shape.
• Script your own enemies and effects using the built in scripting language.
• Fight the Creeper, Digitalis, Runners, and other enemies.
• Terraform the landscape during missions to take the higher ground.
• Mine ore and make Anti-Creeper.
• Support for fields, projectiles, orbital drops, resources, and more.
• Discover experimental weapons that devastate the enemy.
• Includes customization of key mappings and other settings.
• Play full screen, window, various resolutions.
• Share thousands of unique maps with an established, enthusiastic online community.
• Features a unique, original, and awesome soundtrack.
• Hundreds and hundreds of hours of unique game play.

Currently both a demo and the full game are available at the official site, the latter for a price of course.


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5 Dec 2016 - 7:35pm
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RPS' Sin Vega writes about Creeper World 3.
31 Mar 2014 - 10:35am
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Now available on Steam and 10% off until April 3rd.
4 Nov 2013 - 4:14pm
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The game is now officially out an available for purchase through the digital retail outlets indicated here.


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