Chugging Along

by on 7th Oct 2013

We've seen it building up steam. And now you're entitled to get all fired up because very soon people will be able to get aboard Hexagon Game Labs' SteamPower1830's closed beta and enjoy the browser-based HTML5-fueled trip.

SteamPower1830 presents a challenging cross-genre mix which combines city-building, strategy and resource management elements and is set in the age of the steam trains, complete with a vibrant and evocative, freely configurable miniature world.

SteamPower1830 is a strategy game which is decided entirely by the tactical approach and skill applied to resource management and the expansion of your railway network. To build your own railroad empire, new towns must be established and the flow of goods optimized to enable small settlements to grow into huge cities.

The closed beta version (available in English and German) comprises the single-player mode with 15 maps covering various European countries. Recalling the world’s first regular railway service, the game begins with a tutorial played on the Liverpool and Manchester line which was first opened in 1830. Genre newbies, casual and mid-core gamers will feel right at home on their engine thanks to the game’s easily understood concept and intuitive navigation. If you still hit any rough spots on your ride through the stages of the closed beta game, Hexagon Game Labs would be more than happy to receive your feedback.

The boilerplate features of the closed beta:

• Hex-grid map with strategic depth for construction planning
• Game world freely configurable with no limitations on building and railway network layout
• Countless train models, buildings and upgrades
• 15 autonomous playing maps set in Europe
• Business and building game with a vibrant, detailed game world
• Golden age of steam trains in Europe from 1830 to 1930
• Playable on all platforms – PC, tablet, smartphone
• Cloud technology for interruption-free system changes during a running game
• Free-to-play online game

Should everything remain on track, October 10th is the big day.


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19 Dec 2013 - 2:33pm


The open beta edition of SteamPower1830 now gives all interested players unrestricted access to the challenging strategy game.


[Official site]


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