A Stellar Opening

by on 27th Sep 2013

There's an opportunity. The desolation around us needs not be our end. We've so extended our reach and in doing it unwittingly triggered first contact. Now there's no turning back and the hostilities are now underway in Battle Space, a sci-fi browser-based free-to-play multiplayer RTS.

In Battle Space, players compete to colonize the magnificent vastness of space!

In the distant future, with the resources of their solar system depleted, humankind set out for other galaxies seeking new territories to sustain its existence. However, humans were not alone.  Androids and alien life forms were already locked in a desperate struggle for power, and almost instantly humans were also drawn into the fray.

In the Metagalatic Era, conflict is a way of life. Massive starship fleets do battle for control of planets and their precious resources. It's conquer or be conquered--players must stake their claim and fight to defend what's theirs!

Each planet's environment is different, with individual production resources and soil. Policies must be developed wisely--will you build up your military or mine for minerals? You need more than just one world! Expand your power and control over as much of the star system as you can!

Throughout their journey players will encounter multiple unique battleships; from the smallest frigates to Type 99 solar annihilators, battleships can be geared up, armored, and continually strengthened over time. Players can shift production any way you like and build a fleet to their own specifications.

With a colorful cast of over 200 commanding officers, players can use commanders' unique abilities and skills to direct a fleet in a variety of different ways.

The galaxy is waiting to be conquered--rally your fleet and prepare for launch!

Key features:

• Explore and colonize a galaxy of hundreds of planets
• Join Unions to pool resources and complete more difficult missions
• Take on enemy Unions and dastardly space pirates
• Organize ship placement and assign commanders to maximize your fleet's strength
• No installation needed--play right in your browser

The developers at Mobcast Global are now finally welcoming all manner of strange life-forms, like us, to enter the open beta at the official site.


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