2013 News

Mightily To Endure

Third World War teeters to a halt. Destruction is widespread and the planet is almost depleted of anything of worth - but you survived, and you will let not your kind crumble into oblivion while breath is yet yours to be drawn. Others like you remain though, to ever oppose your might, in the free-to-play browser-based real-time multiplayer arena Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online.

Out Of Entrenchment

We were told to be ready! The thing is maintaining readiness for prolonged periods of time is quite challenging. Fortunately the good folks over at Muzzy Lane Software have recently made life easier on the trenches again by showing us signs that their long-announced Making History: The Great War is slowly but steadily making its way to the front.

Westwards It Is

Time to take on another front. The daring decision has been made and now renowned wargame creator Gary Grigsby in collaboration with 2by3 Games is bringing us yet another addition to the illustrious series in the form of Gary Grigsby's War in the West.

Viva España!

The fighters make themselves heard. Nationalists on one side and Republicans on the other vie for control of Spain, in an extremely fierce civil war that lasted from July 1936 to April 1939. This is the very subject matter of Ageod's freshly disclosed grand strategy game España 1936.

Child's Play?

Let's play out back. With you, bring only a sense of adventure and your own imagination, as those alone are the ingredients necessary for having a good time in the familiar yet fantastical world of the browser-based Backyard Battles.

Surpassing The Concrete

You must see beyond appearances. An analytical machine such as our brain can process reality and assess complex situations by distilling things to the bare essentials. Abstractanks does virtually the same, saving you most of the computational overhead without loss of data fidelity.

Grand Designs

Breaking new ground. Aspiring to become the new standard by which all the rest are measured by. Such is what Belgian studio Abrakam is aiming to do with their upcoming browser-based strategy card game Faëria.

Lining Up For A Feud

Just asking for a good bash? Sounds like Trolling is about to get what's coming to it, but that's Viking talk for you, as you shall discover in Megapop's light-hearted free-to-play browser-based Trolls vs Vikings.

Charges Augmented

Power levels amped. Signal has been crosschecked. Contact can no longer be denied - so it is that we register a spike at Arcen Games, making us come to terms with the upcoming Bionic Dues.

A High Flyer

Permission for take-off granted. Low-altitude mobile platforms conquered, it's time for real lift to be gained and true battle to be met by Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, which now arises to Steam heights.

Making Its Way Through

A contender rises in Tempe, Arizona. The incredibly well populated segment of card games is about to gain one more entry to its ranks, courtesy of Second Wind Games, which herald from the aforementioned location, championing a certain Passage: Digital Tactical Card Game.

Bound To Ascend

Standing out in discretion. The apparent contradiction is nonetheless a fitting description for Longbow Games' daring upcoming real-time strategy game Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar which has only recently earned a place in Kalypso Media's publishing roster.

Digitally Settled

It's important to get new beginnings. And even widely recognized, and quite popular, modern boardgaming classics can benefit from colonizing new territories where familiarity is not as great. The developers at United Soft Media realized this and bravely brought Settlers of Catan to the digital realms this month.

Fantasy No End

We dream therefore we exist. What would life be indeed without dreaming up things to enrich our existence. Luckily we have game developers like Amplitude Studios who ever seek to perpetuate that spirit with us, now announcing the conjuring of a new 4x fantasy strategy game - Endless Legend.

About To Burst

It's XCOM: Enemy Within. We've all heard the rumours, things certainly couldn't be contained much longer and now it has been officially confirmed by Firaxis - we shall soon be empowered to better fight the alien menace by means of a new, special expansion, for XCOM: Enemy Unknown!