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Dimension Gate Generator help (final mission)

18 October 2020 - 05:20 PM

I basically stopped playing in 1998 just after entering Alien dimension. Returned in 2005 and made short work of the Aliens, until I quit again because the final mission was a bit too much to handle. So today at my third attempt (with same saves I've been carrying this whole time) all my wisdom accumulated of the years still proves insufficient to beat the last building.

There is a catch though, I probably could beat it - I just don't want ANY injuries... Unacceptable.

My soldiers (20) all have Disruptor Armor with Marsec torso (flying), Devastators, Cloak and 2x Shield. Four guys have Dimension Missile Launcher instead Devastator. Total cookie cutter, no brain cells required, killer squad - until this last mission. The problem is on the open fields Aliens eventually just spam Dimension Missiles beyond visual range (despite cloak) and I can go F myself. Getting mind controlled don't help either. Feel totally powerless. Turn based is even worse. Game is beaten in every other way, money is non-issue, everything is researched, etc.

Is there a way to cheese through this? Specialized gear perhaps? Go wild, Thanks.