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In Topic: Triscenes

23 December 2019 - 09:09 PM

I haven't had any recent gameplay experience to say for certain, but no. I suspect they are exclusive to Mixed crews. What I can say for certain is that I have never seen them until the Mixed Crews start showing up.

To throw in a guess here, if there have been any reports of them being paired with Tasoth on a terror mission, it likely a Mixed Crew that rolled mostly Tasoth.

In Topic: Looking to buy a laptop HDD - suggestions?

19 November 2019 - 06:34 AM

Thanks to the recent Black Friday sales, I can now count myself a member of the 2-tub club. I managed to get a 2TB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD.

*Insert angels-descending-with-trumpets-blaring*

I am thinking of potentially getting a Raspberry Pi and setting up a rudimentary NAS with my growing collection of old HDDs. Seems like it might be a fun project.

In Topic: Music

10 June 2019 - 09:05 AM

I listened to Yogcast's Diggy Diggy Hole for the first time a few months ago - now it's stuck in my head. Thinking I had finally found a bunch of new songs to replace it, out comes an official metal cover:


Some of the other songs that I tried to use to replace it with were the Axis of Awesome's Four Chords song, Eifel64's Blue Da Ba Dee and most of the extended lyric music videos on the Star Wars Bad Lip Reading playlist.I've also tried some of Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher. Then there's the War of the World musical with Eve of the War and Horsell Common and the Heat Ray

All I have achieved so far is to create a playlist of ear worms. To be fair it is not a bad selection.

In Topic: Zombie's UFO:EU Giveaway!

03 May 2019 - 05:05 AM

Ha - I had only just impulse purchased a copy of TFTD for the Playstation. Now this. You can never go wrong with redundant copies on different platforms. Thanks!