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#132092 modding initial stats

Posted slickrcbd on 29 March 2014 - 12:47 PM

Without fully comprehending it, I managed to kludge together something that worked before you replied back, then I went to bed.

I'm sorry for taking so long to get back. I started feeling ill later that same day.
I've been having some health problems and was actually scheduled to goto the hospital for some tests.
They STILL haven't gotten back to me with the results that were supposed to be in Thursday afternoon, but were not there Friday morning even though the doctor's office promised to call me back. I should have called them back right before they went home for the weekend, but I'll have to wait until Monday.

Anyways, I didn't fully figure it out, but by changing multiple 0x1E's to 0x32's, I managed to do a bit of overkill. I seem to be getting reactions scores 50-90 instead of the desired range, but its close enough. Raising reactions without "laser pistol gifts" is a pain anyways, and it's easy enough to raise the secondary stats via accuracy that I'm not worried about the loss of training from raising reactions because they start too high.  

I also found that I made a mistake when trying to find the equivalent code in TFTD, and did indeed locate the proper code and managed to implement the same changes in TFTD.  It is not exactly what I wanted, but it is close enough that I'm satisfied. I now get lower initial throwing stats and higher reactions. The reactions are a bit higher than I'd like, but I find it good enough.

Thank you for all the help. I really appreciate it.
Should I post a log of the exact changes with offsets so that others can follow how to do them?