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Missile Evasion Matrix

15 February 2020 - 09:02 AM

I haven't seen it do anything. Does someone (e.g. Makus) know whether it actually does anything in vanilla Apoc?

Something's wrong.

27 January 2020 - 02:22 AM

The formatting won't display properly on article pages, and the Recent Changes list doesn't let me expand summarised sets of changes (i.e. if the same page is edited more than once in a day, it comes up with an "X changes" and a tooltip to expand, but the tooltip doesn't work). Also, I can't change the settings on the Recent Changes list (how many, how far back to go, etc.)

This is new today.

Scheduled Floating Base Attack race selection

25 December 2019 - 02:43 AM

- I know retaliation in both games that's triggered by you shooting down a UFO/sub is always the same race as the UFO/sub shot down.
- I know "scheduled" retaliation in UFO (i.e., the retaliation at the start of the month that begins once you research The Martian Solution) is a flat 20% for each race.

I'm asking about "scheduled" retaliation (i.e. Floating Base Attack) in TFTD (after researching The Ultimate Threat). My first guess was that it was also 20% for each race (Aquatoid, Gill Man, Lobster Man, Tasoth, Mixed), but it's not. No Mixed Crews appeared in over 70 trials; that's P < 0.000001. I'm wondering if someone knows whether it actually uses the Alien Appearance Ratios table or something hardcoded like UFO (and if so, what).

(You can still get a Mixed Crew Floating Base Attack, but only by shooting down Mixed Crew subs.)


23 December 2019 - 09:02 AM

Has anybody seen Triscenes on a Tasoth terror mission?

I know they show up on Mixed Crew terror missions, but I'm specifically asking about Tasoth terror missions.

I saved with a Tasoth shipping lane terror site on the map, then went there and reloaded ten times. Only Bio-Drones.

Then I saved before the month rollover and reloaded enough times to get ten pristine Tasoth shipping lane terror sites (that was grueling). Still only Bio-Drones.

Alien deployments?

14 December 2019 - 03:03 AM

I want to fix up the articles on Ship Rescue Missions, Artefact Sites, Alien Colony Attack Missions and T'leth.

However, one thing missing that I don't know how to find is the alien deployment list for each of these.

Does somebody happen to have these lying around, or know how to get it out of the .exe?