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Total Convertion Mod: Fragmented Sectors

15 January 2019 - 08:22 AM

Hey all!

It was a long while since i posted smth here, so i have no idea if the forums are still alive and community is still interested in modder`s works around here.

Anyway, i would like to share a bit of info on my current (and probably the last) grand project - TCM: FC mod for Sword of The Stars.

What is TCM: FC?

It is a story of humanty`s reincarnation after a devastating interstellar war with... humanity itself. The thing is - in Fragmented Sectors universe humanity never really united under one banner and ended up colonising space not as some SolForce or Terran Hegemony or whatever else single human species, but as multiple independent rivaling factions.

The initial colonisation was peaceful and factions managed to grow wide and large, but in the end it all went wrong and a full scale war burned all these factions into pre-warp isolated and abandoned worlds scattered all over the once 'civilized' space. Without connection to their empires, without the supplies so badly needed for growing, without any military forces except for local militia - these worlds barely could survive the hardships of their worlds. Many such worlds never managed to recover, some were raided by marauders, but a few managed to preserve the technologies and traditions of their founding empires.

One such lost world which managed to secure what little technology and resources were left after the war comes under player`s control.  Eager to crawl out of the ruins back into space your people are ready to follow you under your banner and under whatever fancy name you come up with for your newly reborn empire!

In TCM:FC there are no living alien species in proximity to old Earth. The entire sector the game takes place was once the center of humanity civil war. Whatever artifacts and derelicts you find, whatever ancient menaces are lurking the void - they are all products of human empires of old.


The mod is centered around old Earth unions that were established when the FTL travel became available. These factions are Russian Stellar Federation, Independent Stars of Americas, United Interstellar Nations, Xin Lao Empire. These four were responsible for the war and are considered to be 'major' factions of old.

The other two factions are relatively young and should be seen as children of that apocalypse. They are the Federation of Free Stars and Marauder Clans.


Formed from old Russia and its allies including some of the Soviet Union former states. Isolationists, preffering to be kept alone.

RSF are to replace vanilla SOTS Hivers meaning that they will do whatever they want often ignoring others. They do expand agressively, but do that slowly.

RSF ships are sturdy, but slow. Very well armed, but focused on frontal assaults and thus can easily be outmaneuvered.


Former USA in its entiriety with Japan and South America nations being either absorbed or allied. Interventive idealists willing to expand their influence.

ISA replaces vanilla Humans in the mod, which makes them the fastest to expand and make contact with. They strike fast if they are up to that, but also are adequate in terms of diplomacy.

ISA ships are fast, balanced and always carry missiles. Always!


European Union with Australia, African states and Canada merged into. Ruthless traditionalists that judge by strength first and culture next.

UIN replaces tarkas with all the inherited diplomacy and strategies. They are hard to make peace if you are weak, but are respective if you can stand for yourself.

UIN ships focus on broadside warfare with most of their weapons capable of focus fire at each of the sides.


Chineese and India alliance with many other near by nations absorbed into a vast Empire. XLE are the most peaceful faction of all available often preffering to make peace as soon as possible.

XLE replaces vanilla Liir species. This means that they are eager to cooperate more than anyone else.

Ships of this faction are swift and deadly. They are bird-like in looks and are being designed to use vertical axis more than traditional horisontal as other factions have.


Federation of Free Stars are a young alliance of several surviving worlds that was formed as a desperate measure to withstand arising Marauders threat in their sector. Being formed from worlds of various factions they decided to leave away all the hostilities of the past and form a new nation rather then preserve traditions of those who have failed before them.

FFS are vanilla Morrigi with emphasize on trade over war. They can trade with anyone else they have contact with.

FFS ships are very fast and always carry drones. However, they are not very well armed.

MAR (Marauders).

This 'faction' is more a group of bands and clans rather than anything centralised that can be called a 'faction'. Marauders raid, enslave, kill, raze, steal and defile everything in their way. Peace is rarely an option for them.

Marauders are Zuul. It is believed that they were formed from remnants of the border worlds that suffered the worst of the war. Their unique immunity to bioweapons make a good support for this probably being the result of the constant exposure to such hazards during the war.

Marauders fly on abominations of whatever salvaged ships and parts they were able to come by. These scrap build vessels are fragile, but fast and deadly.

Info sources.

The mod has its own page on the official SOTS forums here:

And a gallery of images on my personal Behance account here:

I keep slowly progressing with this mod and try to release some updates on the progress in the official thread above. So, be in touch Posted Image

Some screenshots of in-game RSF ships:

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