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15 January 2020 - 07:33 AM

 Solarius Scorch, on 02 March 2019 - 11:38 AM, said:

Okim, I know this mod is 10 years old - in fact I played it since almost the beginning - but I have one request: could you perhaps release a version (or a submod) where you retain the vanilla ability of hiring experienced fighters, not just 1st level ones?
Even after all these years I am not sure which model is better; I understand the merit of 1st levels only, but also I feel it makes the mod a bit hardcore, since replacing a lost soldier is a huge pain; and sometimes you lose soldiers to random bad luck even if you play well. So I would like to compare the experience between the two versions.
If you're really not interested, I could try making this submod myself, I've modded games for years, but I've never modded Aftershock and I have no idea where to start... And for you it's probably trivial. So please kindly consider it. Posted Image

I hear you. I'm currently reviwing this project and will surely adress the recruits issue that the mod had.
Original decision was to make the game much more difficult and your soldiers much more valuable, but recorvering from losses is indeed a bit too harsh even with drone replacements.

I've created a discord channel where i'm going to keep the discussion running.
If you have smth to suggest/discuss or simply want to keep in touch - here is the linky: