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Iron.. Bronze.. Slightly metallic man run.

13 August 2020 - 11:43 AM

After completing XCOM: EW on Classic with Ironman enabled, I thought doing a similar run in Sentinels.

Obviously there isn't such a mode in Sentinels, and the gameplay is different, thus I'll make a set of own rules and difficulty settings. These are the difficulty changes I'll make compared to my "Impossible run":

-Enemy AP: 160% -> 120%
-Enemy VP: 200% -> 160%
-Enemy level: +3 -> +2
-Enemy damage: 200% -> 140%
-Enemy hides: Always -> Never (And to compensate, I won't hide either. Apart from Scout class soldiers.
-Player damage: 50% -> 80%
-Weapon durability: 200% -> 200%
-Save possible: Real-time. -> Always *
-Healing: Based on skill. -> Based on skill.
-Hidden Random Encounters: Off -> On **
-Manual Casuality EVAC: On. -> On.

Ironman-ish rules:

* I will manually save the game once every 5 turns, and immediately if a squad mate takes a hit / dies. If the main hero dies, I am allowed to reload the previous save (The main hero is 'immortal' - but can get wounded.) I am allowed to save while in base.

I am allowed to split two specific missions in half, and restart them from the mid-point (due to the arguable RNG-based events. And even XCOM: EW allowed restarts during base defense and Temple assault ;) )

The missions: Peneemunde archieves (Finale room) and UN Bomb Squad (Finale room). I'm also allowed to restart the final mission (if I reach it).

** No level up / money grinding with random encounters. Although if I accidentally get into one, I am forced to clear the area / flee.

*** The shopkeeper can't be used to maintenance weaponry.

**** Bank robbery is a crime.

5* The Amber room belongs to the museum.

6* Save-scumming IS allowed when defusing mines set by own engineer.

Return to Castle Sentinelstein.

31 March 2020 - 11:56 AM

Indeed. Once again, it is time to play through the Silent Storm: Sentinels.

As an experienced player, I decided to make it (almost) as difficult as the game can be:
-Enemy AP: 160%
-Enemy VP: 200%
-Enemy level: +3
-Enemy damage: 200%
-Enemy hides: Always
-Player damage: 50%
-Weapon durability: 200% (Luckily only a few jams and misfires so far.)
-Save possible: Real-time. (I was thinking about going for the Map only, but I am glad I didn't. Would be actually impossible.)
-Healing: Based on skill.
-Hidden Random Encounters: Off (I might need to go for the German Bank mission. And I do need to level up for sure, especially for the UN Bomb mission)
-Manual Casuality EVAC: On.

Overall Difficulty Coefficient: 3,36.

And oh boy have I forgotten how absurd the early-game is. :P

As a meme lord, I did start up with an Engineer. Then I bought a medic - and only now I got a Sniper. My soldiers are between level 6 and 9.

The enemies hit like a truck. Most enemies with a sniper rifle literally one-shot you every time. Without exceptions. Meanwhile you need to empty half a magazine of an MP40 directly at their head.

I haven't completed a single mission outside the Test of Loyalty. I will most likely need a scout and / or further level up the Sniper for the Penemunde archives finale. Also I need to BUY grenades for the mission, as the enemies still don't drop them in Random Encounters. Even though I'm facing Renegade Soldiers..

I see how far I can get. Currently, it feels like Olli Heikkinen would say, "Mahadoton" ;)