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#162947 High familiriaty on easy weapon, compared to no familiriaty on hard weapons?

Posted Puksiskissa on 17 August 2017 - 05:57 PM

Hello everyone, that might still read this forum.

Once again, I began playing the SS series. Began from the original before moving to Sentinels.

I have used the Chatellerault since the first time it appeared in the cabinet. I have reached lvl 10 in familiarity. But at the moment, it feels the damage isn't up to the challenge anymore.

Found the MG 34 on the "German Manor" mission. It has superior range, clip size and damage values compared to the Chat. Unfortunately the weapon difficulty is "hard".

The people that would use them is a level 9 soldier with 60 shooting and 50 burst.

Is that skill level enough to cover the fact that I would lose all the familiarity and the "easy" gun difficulty?

Playing on impossible. Mods used: AP for inventory usage.

Off-topic: Engineering is still as FeelsBadMan as I remembered. Even though I am using the engineer as a medic as well (increases intelligence faster?), the engineering skill increases only by half a cm every time I do something "engineery".