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#179994 Return to Castle Sentinelstein.

Posted Puksiskissa on 27 April 2020 - 03:03 PM

Didn't level up, as randoms gave so little XP even with a reduced squad size. I did arm the soldiers quite well to compensate.

Posted ImageOlli is ready for the 3rd World war - if needed.

Bought the Sea Devil for Abala, although didn't use it a single time. Also didn't use any beam weapons in the whole map.

The first part was insanely easy, especially due to how broken sniper class is. Tadas didn't even need the Master Sniper, which he did get after a few kills, as he could actually one-shot everyone. I feel the extra AP spent over 100% hit ratio actually increases the overall damage / crit chance, as ALL my "over-aimed" shots with a Silenced Kar98k blew their head off. Even worked against PKs.

Posted ImageTadas in position. Carm was next to him as a backup spotter.

Posted ImageMain got a fresh PK from the enemies. The grenade autocannon was really nice. Do note how most of the enemies didn't even get a chance to move..

Part II of the mission was arguably the hardest part. The enemies did damage through the PKs, also critting like no tomorrow. (Main got Motionless, AP reduction and even stunned a few times.) The strat was to occasionally hide behind the corner, repair the PK and get back to the position.

Posted Image

The 3rd part of the mission was, and wasn't difficult. I couldn't beat them in a frontal assault, thus I had to lure them into a howitzer trap. They did high amount of damage, they could destroy an allied PK in one turn.

Posted Image
After the battle, even Olli's supply of weaponry was starting to get low. I did swap the guns a bit, giving the main the "sniper cannon instead".

And in the end, this is the screen that I was waiting for:

Posted Image
Beat my former 'record", which I thought was a decent score - by almost 6000 points. This was a fresh install on my desktop PC, thus no other scores are shown.

So.. How was the run? Well.. It was an experience, frustrating, actually really difficult up to mid- to mid-late-game and quite fun tbh.

Is it possible to beat it with "Save only outside mission" enabled (I played with "Save outside combat", thus making it even harder? Yes, but it wouldn't be fun. Even with over 150 spotting, some enemies were ludicrously stealthy.

If I ever play with this high of a difficulty, what would I change? First of all, I wouldn't pick an engineer as a main. Yes, the secret mission is nice to beat, but the PK you get isn't even that great.

Do I recommend to play the game in such a high difficulty? No way. If I wanted to have a more balanced yet challenging run, I would enable the "Save only outside mission" but make the AI never hide, decrease the enemies' AP from 160% to 120% and increase the player's damage from 50% to 100%.

The random info:
-Didn't rob the German bank.
-Didn't sell any artwork (goblets, paintings) or the "piece of Amber Room". They got to the museum.
-I did occasionally disable quotes.
-MP40 remained the most used weapon of my main.
-I have never gotten as high stats I got this run. Some of the soldiers had shooting over 170.
-I will never pick Carm again. I hate her quotes.

#179583 Return to Castle Sentinelstein.

Posted Puksiskissa on 04 April 2020 - 11:36 AM

Captured the gameplay of the UN mission. But the former part is simply too boring to watch. (Pretty much Hide, strafe, snipe, aim, fire, hide behind the corner. Repeat).

It seems the Steam version isn't patched. There was a mine blocking the path to the other mines in the corridor. Luckily a well-placed grenade blew up the blocking mine.

The finale room before Olli's small preparations:
Posted Image

The room after Olli had finished the preparations:
Posted Image

Took 9 PIAT shots and a few grenades. (You don't need to open the door leading to the cutscene. You can shoot it to pieces - and shoot to the room if you don't step on the cutscene trigger.

Here's the recording of the finale. Took a few tries, due to the enemies' hide values. (It was literally a coin-flip if I spotted them). Also one try was ruined by an enemy interruption into main "hero" getting one-shot. Because obviously. https://www.youtube....h?v=mF9S-wSBous

What has changed after the mission? Main hero's rifle was upgraded to the "Springfield" (Actually an Enfield in Springfield .30-06) M1917. Abala got the M1 Garand (Was still stuck with the Lee-Enfield, one of the inferior rifles of the game). Carm got the DeLizl carbine (Likewise, was still stuck with the Lee-Enfield).

Current skills:
Main: Level 11. Rifle Specialization, Faster Reload, Pistol Specialization, Faster Snap Shot, SMG Specialization, Aim Before Shot, Burglar, Faster Skill Growth, Trap Sense, Disarm Traps.

Medic: Level 11. Body Carrier, Know Enemy Health, Bandage Master, Faster Critical Healing, Surgeon, Faster Snap Shot, Faster Aimed Shot, Better Careful Shot, Force of Habit, Increased Shot Range.

Sniper: Level 11. Look For Free, Faster Crawl, Good Shot From Any Pose, Pistol Specialization, Rifle Specialization, Better Careful Shot, Aim Before Shot, Increased Familiarity, Better Chance of Critical, Better Critical Severity. And yes, I am skipping the Holy Grail and go for the Master Sniper instead.

Grenadier: Level 11. Force of Habit, SMG Specialization, Faster Aimed Shot, Faster Short Burst, Rocket-Launcher Specialization, Faster Reload, Grenade Master, Throwing Specialization, Better Grenade Timing, Faster Attributes Growth.

Scout: Level 11. Look For Free, Awareness, Steady Gun, Hide In The Dark, Night Vision, Stealth Run, Better Hearing, Increased Spot, Increase Sight Angle, Ambush.

#179484 Which is the best weapon?

Posted Puksiskissa on 31 March 2020 - 12:10 PM

View Postbinocular222, on 16 July 2008 - 04:39 PM, said:

I divide weapons into 6 groups:

(1) Pistol


(3)SMG and MG


(5)Heavy weapon


Beside, is there any difference between Silent Storm and Silent Storm Sentinel?

Sentinels is what Silent Storm should've been. It adds to the original game while remaining more than familiar.

Talking about the weapons, I don't min-max anymore. I like weapons for their style, looks and "SWAGness" over raw damage values. Thus take my (necro'd beyond belief) suggestions with a pinch of salt.

1) Pistols. Webley-Scott. I rarely use pistols. But when I do, I will use this. It has low capacity, high space / ammo but is easy to use and has quite a bang.

2) Sniper: Manlicher-Carcano w/ scope. Once again, low ammo capacity, high space / ammo - but is easy to use and the damage isn't that bad. SVTs and AKSes are for the weak. Also comes with a unique firing sound.

3) (S)MG: Most of them are rubbish. And if the range is short enough, most are equally good. German MGs do have the benefit of sharing the ammo type with rifles.

4) Grenades: Even with a dedicated high STR grenadier, most heavy grenades are simply too heavy. Any light or medium fragmentation grenade will do.

5) Heavy weapon: Lasers are for the weak. But then again, so are most of the heavy weapons. When the target is a brick wall, it doesn't really matter which of the rocket launchers you use. Although the PIAT feels the worse.

6) Rifle: Manlicher-Carcano. Same reasoning as the sniper, obviously without the scope.

#162947 High familiriaty on easy weapon, compared to no familiriaty on hard weapons?

Posted Puksiskissa on 17 August 2017 - 05:57 PM

Hello everyone, that might still read this forum.

Once again, I began playing the SS series. Began from the original before moving to Sentinels.

I have used the Chatellerault since the first time it appeared in the cabinet. I have reached lvl 10 in familiarity. But at the moment, it feels the damage isn't up to the challenge anymore.

Found the MG 34 on the "German Manor" mission. It has superior range, clip size and damage values compared to the Chat. Unfortunately the weapon difficulty is "hard".

The people that would use them is a level 9 soldier with 60 shooting and 50 burst.

Is that skill level enough to cover the fact that I would lose all the familiarity and the "easy" gun difficulty?

Playing on impossible. Mods used: AP for inventory usage.

Off-topic: Engineering is still as FeelsBadMan as I remembered. Even though I am using the engineer as a medic as well (increases intelligence faster?), the engineering skill increases only by half a cm every time I do something "engineery".