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19 September 2020 - 04:09 PM

View Postmagic9mushroom, on 28 September 2018 - 07:38 AM, said:

I'm partway through making a mod of Apocalypse with Apoc'd. It is partially a balance mod, like karadoc's, but it comes at a lot of things from a different direction. About the only thing that's really the same in both is that Toxin A and Toxin B don't ignore shields. It also addresses the issue of some UFOs being literally worthless to research besides points, while others are completely required; the quantum physics tech tree has been massively revamped so that several different UFOs are capable of unlocking a given tech (the Mothership does have a couple of unique techs associated with it, but they're not necessary for victory).

One thing is bugging me, though: is there anyone besides me to play it? I don't see a lot of people posting in this board, and I don't really know any other boards where there's an active Apocalypse community. It feels kinda silly to keep making tweaks if no-one's going to enjoy it.

So, uh, post here if you actually want a magic9mushroom-flavour mod. Or know somewhere where I might find more people.

If you need help developing a mod, write. I have already developed a patcher. It is also possible to edit the code of the original game by injecting the code (inserting a new part of the code).

In Topic: New experts for XCOM 3 Bugfix

07 September 2020 - 01:38 PM

OG turret bug fix

In OG turret does not fire. The game just doesn't give it a go.
It only has a quarter point return fire at the start of the first turn.
This is because the turn function is:
start_turn(AI_control_FULL, side). The game gives a move only for alien whose AI = 99 and XCOM AI = 0, but the turret has AI = 1 and never call.
I was able to fix this by simply removing the AI condition, leaving only the side in the function to restore turn points. The turret now restores turn points on an XCOM turn.
As for the aliens, they also set the full turn points, but at the end of the hidden turn they are divided by 4 (for return fire during the xcom turn).