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#145901 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 14 September 2015 - 02:10 AM

Hi Tiepilot,

Can you elaborate a bit more on the encounters you've gone through so far, the ones that don't seem to activate and what exactly happened at the RR Depot for you to get stuck like that.
(Unless you tried to 'Esc' the initial dialog - that's still bugged, it freezes. I know how to fix it, I just didn't get to it yet Posted Image  You'd need to restart that zone.)
Still working on the lab, guys.

The stuff finished so far:

- Added armory, lab proper, testpersonen halls, guard station...
- Created key cards...
- Added multiple lighting effects and a system of illuminated underground plasma pipes visible through the semi-transparent iron floor panels covering some of the passages.
- Created ZMX-8 pipe and a switch controlling it.
- Imported zombie 'hit'/ 'death' sounds (18 all together),
- Also imported and scripted various ominous, spooky music pieces here and there (screechy violin sounds, horror-like echoing, military drum-rolls, sci-fi whines, etc.)
- Scripted the 'disinfecting' procedure and the Regenerative Agent preparation out of ZMX-8 mutagen: empty vial >> to ZMX pipe >> press the button >> pouring sound >> filled vial >> to the humming Glass cabinet >> electrical discharge >> Regen Agent (400 VP restore, 0 med reqs).
- Added a bunch of various electrical zapping, humming and crackling sound effects to correspond to different stages of destruction of a whole myriad of objects.
~ Blunter ~