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Let's Paint!

23 June 2018 - 02:05 AM

Now that it's a little less busy at work, it's time to start on some projects to beautify the work environment! Nothing does that more than a good coat of decent paint. I'm not a professional painter by any means, but I do have a lot of experience in the trade as my father is one. Let's start with the back cooler.

We have a couple coolers at work for overflow or when it gets busy. For the back cooler, it was off from late November till the first week in February. The weather was not cooperating very much in January so I was unable to do anything in there due to the floor (and air temp) being near freezing. When the weather did break in early Feb, I started to clean it up for the upcoming Valentines Day. And while I was at it, I figured I could apply a coat of paint on the floor to make things easier to clean and look better. Posted Image

There were a bunch of spots where I scraped down to the bare concrete and other spots where just the upper coat had peeled away. No problem, I treated the spots, then went over the whole thing again with another coat. Looked great, put a small ceramic heater in the cooler and closed the door so the temp was about 90+ °F in there overnight (at least it was above the door where the thermometer was). I'm not really sure how cold it was at floor level though, but it should have been above 50 °F at least. Anyhow, long story short, the cooler needed to be turned on the very next day and perhaps the paint didn't have a chance to fully cure or adhere properly as now the floor looks terrible.

So I'm back at it again, I'll save you the steps where I swept off the shelves, repainted the light bulb cage, took out some pegboard pieces which sit on the shelves (to prevent small vases from slipping through the spaces), swept the floor twice, scraped and sanded the floor and swept another two times.

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Pretty bad shape, eh? Posted Image Now that the floor is prepped, it's time to prime. The paint I'm using is a Polyurethane Floor Enamel (oil based) and the the paint representative I talked to mentioned that I should use the actual paint as the primer as most primers wouldn't hold up due to the near constant cold-wet environment (I actually used their premium latex primer on the floor in the past which seemed to hold up just fine, but, I'll follow directions here). As usual, I "feather" in the areas with a light coat where there is already some paint, and put a nice heavy coat on the bare spots.

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Quite a bit of work trying to feather in those areas where there was some paint left and filling in those bare spots. I also tried to apply a heavy coat to the cracks (I caulked them when I first painted the floor in 2011 and they are holding up just fine so I want to make sure there is a thick film to prevent anything from coming loose). All in all, it looks a little strange, but a lot better.

Up next I'll need to address those rusty spots, paint the metal molding (or kickplate) around the base and sweep the floor yet another time. It's amazing how many paint chips, pine needles (from Christmas) and dust you'll find when when you get out the paint brush (must be one of Murphy's Laws). Posted Image Nothing will happen on that till next week as the floor needs to dry properly. Posted Image

- Zombie