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#125942 Random junk found online

Posted Thorondor on 16 July 2013 - 02:23 PM

#125923 Random junk found online

Posted silencer_pl on 15 July 2013 - 04:49 PM

Because you can't get enough :P

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#125858 Random junk found online

Posted silencer_pl on 12 July 2013 - 04:59 PM

Ok - have some brain damager :P

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Posted silencer_pl on 16 June 2013 - 12:15 PM

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#123462 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 06 April 2013 - 04:44 PM

I am glad I got that right, TR.

You know, I could use help testing. I am thinking of adding a couple of chests to the base with all the new uniforms in them to make it easier. We'll see. (I'll remove them in the next version)

I could also add a zombie encounter or two. That is something I could really use help with. Scripting, Nazi zombie looks, the structure layout... Actually the overall plan of what is going to happen on that map... How do we start, how do we introduce zombies, do they carry anything in their inventories. What weapon choices will we offer... The size of the map...

Think about it

I am finished entering the Italians in the database.

Well, back to the uniforms.

A military dressed in civilian clothes always looks suspicious. So, I am thinking about using them as secret agents, spies, bodyguard escorts, or intelligence officers trying to be discreet, etc.

Four uniforms here.

Posted Image


And now the Professor and his entourage.

Posted Image

When I was putting these outfits together I decided to make a matching logo for his faction. Featuring six uniforms.

And the sentinel uniforms (six):

Posted Image

I will be entering these in the database and moving to the Soviet uniforms.
(to be continued)


#123615 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 13 April 2013 - 04:51 AM

View PostEcthel013, on 11 April 2013 - 01:09 PM, said:

Maybe the Female Axis Medic? Only female model I know of that has both a longcoat and pants.

All right, Ecthel, I'll see if I can make a DW officer out of that model.

View PostTokyoRose, on 11 April 2013 - 01:22 PM, said:


Would it be possible to make these variations?

Allies Male Sniper Uniform (getitem 548): Night Camo (black), Desert Camo and Winter Camo variations

Commando Overalls (getitem 650): Night Camo (black), Desert Camo and Winter Camo variations

What texture would you suggest for the Desert and Winter Camos, TR?

View PostLt.Havoc, on 11 April 2013 - 01:33 PM, said:

Good idea TokyoRose, we could need more of those. I also say that the German Female Soldier Uniform could use some variants, just like the Axis Female Scout uniform. The Soldier uniform should use of course german camos, the scout uniform could get the Italian camo among the camos, that would mean we have lots more female uniforms by just adding camo variants to these.

Many thanks!

You are welcome, Lt. (Keep in mind that when we start using custom Chapter maps - Komik's randoms will become inaccessible)

German Female Soldier with the Camos that we used on the Saboteur models Summer, Fall and Peadot? German Female Scout with red "Telo Mimetico" (the whole body or just the top)?

View PostTokyoRose, on 12 April 2013 - 08:20 PM, said:

Possible bug: Using All Uniforms 2.0 (and no other mods) my sniper no longer uses the sniper stance when shooting. He shoots like a regular character.

I tried starting a new campaign to test this. Any ideas for a quick fix? The sniper has always been my main character, and he just doesn't look "sniper-y" when using a regular pose.

It's not a bug, TR. It is a side effect of using a custom class. Special animations are "tied" to the original classes, any custom ones draw from the regular animation pool. I discovered it when Okim asked me about a way to get rid of the annoying German Soldier MG (one-handed) and SMG (sideways) animation. The only way I could do it was by creating a utility mod with custom classes.

Is it game breaking for you? (i.e. do you need those animations back?).

Still working on the Castle.

Hundreds of intermediate steps (textures, materials, models, containers, objects, effects, etc.)

Castle so far:

Posted Image

I used one of the default lights (I believe it was originally intended for the Destroyed City featured in the S^2 Demo)
Things to be added:

- Lights (spot lights, regular lights, torches and burning barrels giving off light)
- Keep (windows, sniper positions, possibly ladders, maybe a basement...)
- Smoke from burning fires or barrels
- Surrounding area (where the enemies will be coming from): vegetation (either regular pine forest or burned trees), a bridge over a creek or a deep ditch, more sandbags for outside fortifications, maybe a pallisade partially blocking the destroyed walls and gates, a distant road where the infrequent relief might show up from time to time.
- Map Lighting (will make it much darker and hopefully spookier)

Forgot to add: The picture above is a 48x48 template. The actual game size template is going to be 80x80 (to accommodate the surrounding forest or swamp and a possible escape location).  

Aside from Castle I am importing a lot of my old stuff. Coniferous trees in S^2 and S^3 were all covered in snow and therefore were unsuitable for summer templates. I removed the snow and redrew the textures. I am busy making them into objects right now. It involves a lot of steps but in the end I think they are going to be useful (well, I like building pine forest templates with sandy forest floor and pine needles all over it) Posted Image
I am still in the middle of it.

Posted Image

and birches:

Posted Image

(to be continued)


#121647 New S^3 Mod "All Uniforms" in development (feedback is welcome)

Posted BlunterII on 20 January 2013 - 10:13 AM

(Note: this is only for Silent Storm: Sentinels)

All right folks, I am going to attempt to make a modification that allows players to buy any uniform (whether existing or only in model form) from the seller at the Sentinel base from the very beginning (as soon as you get access to his stock).

Since the uniforms are separate items in S^3 as compared to S^2 where they were simple models - they need to be created first.

I'll try to keep the mod light (sizewise) so only the textures and materials available in the game will be used for v 1.0 of the mod.

After Lt. Havoc contacted me I started messing around with some of the uniforms today, here are the results:

Posted Image

Remember the "Manor" special encounter from S^2 where the fabled "Sea Devil" rifle was located. It had German and Italian troops in the area. Since Italian models are still in the game, I decided to make them fully usable. Italian Uniforms Done!


Posted Image

Another special encounter "Road Bend" with Katana had Japanese troops and a bunch of "Ninjas". Now one can dress like them.
Japanese Uniforms Done!


Posted Image

If you desire to serve some drinks or repair a few Panzerkleins why not dress appropriately.
Bartender and EBase PK technician Done!

(to be continued)


#118205 Firaxis remaking XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Posted Pete on 06 October 2012 - 08:36 AM

Well I was supposed to find out on Wednesday, then Friday but never heard a peep.

At this rate we might get it by the 9th if we're lucky, but that's when the flood of US sites (and players) will all be writing their own reviews too.


You help to promote the series for over a decade and this is the thanks you get - yes, if anyone from 2K/Firaxis is reading it really is bugging a lot of us here that every man and his dog has had a preview copy and by now a review copy and we've not had even the faintest whiff of either by this point, despite asking through the proper channels Posted Image What do I have to do? Fly to America, get down on my knees and beg to Jake? Posted Image

EDIT: I know we're a speck on the radar (probably a crumb from the pizza of the radar operator) in comparison to the larger sites out there, but at least we know how to play a strategy game. Have you seen some of the previews out there? The only response to some of them is this:


Log in and "Like" this post if you agree, just so I know I'm not ranting, foaming at the mouth to myself.

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Posted silencer_pl on 14 May 2013 - 07:15 AM

#124302 Ze funny gifs!

Posted silencer_pl on 10 May 2013 - 12:35 PM

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#124287 Random junk found online

Posted Thorondor on 09 May 2013 - 03:36 PM

#124255 Random junk found online

Posted Thorondor on 08 May 2013 - 03:27 PM

#123567 Other gaming news

Posted Space Voyager on 10 April 2013 - 09:12 PM

Hmmmmm, this guy looks a bit like a Ferengi... A bit.

And Enterprise looks a bit too small in the flyby, The rest looks good. A bit.

#123562 Other gaming news

Posted Thorondor on 10 April 2013 - 08:10 PM

#123557 Random junk found online

Posted silencer_pl on 10 April 2013 - 03:40 PM

If a girl will tell you that she will not date you until penguins learn to fly, show her this.

Unless she replies with this