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#177528 Let's Paint!

Posted Space Voyager on 02 December 2019 - 12:46 PM

I still can't understand that this damn polyurethane is so useful and all-terrain applicable.

#177525 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 01 December 2019 - 06:16 PM

Uniform across the board, Zombie maintains, here, there - everywhere - of his own accord!

Evenly coated boards you've got there. They do still come across as sort of orangey to me but that's to be covered with red, so the only downside is probably an upside as well: whenever the red eventually starts peeling/chipping away it will be promptly noticeable because the orange will shine through.

Cyndi Lauper would be proud you so let us see your true colours. ;)

#177452 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 26 November 2019 - 10:13 AM

To keep things tight, trust Zombie to get it right!

You've estimated the dosage and placement of the caulk just about spot on by the looks of it. Beyond that, it had already been established no screwed up screw was a match for you. ;)

That door is now sheer eye candy! :cool:

#177435 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 24 November 2019 - 09:44 PM

Remember, remember, 'twas in November, out of season Zombie did plot and still his lot doth paint. ;)

Your output is impressive and you didn't even let slide the kickplate. Kicking behind and taking names! :D

#177154 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 08 November 2019 - 06:51 PM

A sensible selection process you've got going there, Zombie.

Simply hoarding everything and clogging your entire house is obviously not going to yield useful results - beyond having your neighbours think you've lost it and thusly not annoying you with requests of tool lending anymore that is. Posted Image

In truth we're pretty much spoiled rotten this day and age, when you can simply waltz down to a hardware store and get pretty much everything you could possibly need for quite cheap.

For context: my late grandfather was born in 1911 in the rural far north of the country and, as he often recalled, he had to walk several miles barefoot to school daily, snow or no snow. Shoes were terribly expensive and he had 11 siblings. Also, back then, if you needed something done (for domestic improvement or agricultural development) you either made it yourself from what you had or resorted to someone who could make it basically from scratch, like an actual blacksmith, for a price.

It's just crazy how good and abundant things are today. Still no excuse to be wasteful and not heed such wise advice as, essentially, always make the best from what you happen to have around. Posted Image

#175944 Zombie's Ultimate X-COM Collection

Posted Thorondor on 09 September 2019 - 04:09 PM

@SV: as I recall I did alert to it in a timely fashion... ;)

#175942 Zombie's Ultimate X-COM Collection

Posted Space Voyager on 09 September 2019 - 01:21 PM

It is? MicroProse, I mean.

#177124 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 07 November 2019 - 10:10 AM

The issue you ran into with the small machine screw is a common enough occurrence, Zombie.

We somehow seemingly always run across some makeshift past remedial solution, of our own or of others' devising, in the process of doing something else and which, incidentally, makes things hinge on those adjustments. :P

Furthermore, I recognise another of your good practices as something a grandfather of mine frequently advised: save whatever may seem useless today and it will prove its usefulness tomorrow!

As for the event at the paint store, I guess your proficiency in these affairs will only grow, so you'll be even more of a pro by the time you do go. ;)

#177047 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 02 November 2019 - 01:08 PM

His daubs are not just for show, Zombie really lays it smooth as a pro! Posted Image

So, mishaps happen on occasion but that kind of condensation isn't exactly easy to predict. And even with the snow you're rightly going with the flow.

Should be interesting to see what exactly those paint experts go on about in those special sessions. Hopefully something more than plain ol' marketing and self-promotion... Posted Image

#176802 Let's Paint!

Posted Space Voyager on 22 October 2019 - 07:34 AM

View PostZombie, on 22 October 2019 - 01:55 AM, said:

I assure you, both doors are the same glossy red, it was just very difficult to get a good pic of them today because of the cloudiness and rain. Still have to take the tape off the locks and handles. then it'll be on to installing those kick plates. Posted Image

Clear use of Photoshop. Posted Image


View PostZombie, on 22 October 2019 - 01:55 AM, said:

Looking good! Posted Image

- Zombie

That it is! Perfect, as usual!

#176805 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 22 October 2019 - 09:30 AM

Both doors got the same glossy red, he says...

Posted Image

If I didn't know any better, Zombie-san, I might have said you're spending too much time out under the sun and ought to be more careful with your noggin. :P

But when sunlight does fully part the clouds and those kickplates you've been caressing to a sheen are put back in place, people will need to squint to endure getting near those doors. :D

So feel free to toot your own horn, as you're definitely putting in the work and therefore deserve to be basking in the limelight!

#176703 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 17 October 2019 - 06:51 PM

So, reinforcement and weight distribution. Makes sense to me, Zombie. :)

I think people actually put a lot more thought into these matters back when construction materials weren't all that foolproof. "Just in case" sort of precautions.

Most of the stuff now is pre-stressed from the get-go from what I hear, what with concrete being thrown about everywhere - everything sort of has got to hold its own.

#176695 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 17 October 2019 - 11:02 AM

Even if you're in for a steal, Zombie is there for sharp results! ;)

Well, shade or no shade, that stirring and mixing of yours has the appearance of having worked just fine.

I notice there is some difference in the makeup of the upper left corner of the wall (not in paint color, mind), which I guess is merely some sort reinforcement, or creative masonry. :P

#176615 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 11 October 2019 - 07:04 PM

Far more than just scraping by, Zombie shines when paint is in supply!

That red really pops already and I expect when you do brighten the mistint it will amplify that perception even more. Are you trying to draw people to come peek in through those bars? :happy:

#176491 I think I've played this too much in my youth

Posted Pete on 06 October 2019 - 07:36 AM

So I revisited this last night after many years of neglect due to real life stuff, and even using Ironman mode in OpenXcom I'm in mid-March, year 1, and I have laser rifles and 4 lots of Flying Armour and 6 lots of Power Suits.

Don't get me wrong, I've had a few close calls, and a mission where only two soldiers survived. I even had a few missions where I only took 5 soldiers as I forgot 3 were wounded and I hadn't hired anymore. But I've managed to survive two terror missions (Floaters - easy - and Sectoids, slightly harder because of Cyberdiscs). I must say I'm using some weapons I've never used before (AC, HC) and incendiary on those reapers really does work a treat, so maybe finally straying from my "only rifles and grenades" game I've played since way back in 1994 is helping :)

I think my comeuppance will be in the USA though - I'd built a radar station there and it detected two large UFO's, one small and an extra large. I couldn't shoot any of them down, but I've landed the Skyranger at the XL and so far have only had one solder mind controlled (laser weapons and power armour meaning that poor guy isn't doing much damage so far :D).

Can someone remind me - if I survive - is there a way for me to stop the USA going over to the aliens once this activity has begun? I vaguely recall you can if you shoot down all the UFOs, though I may have imagined that. Is it possible by sweeping the XL UFO clean or is all lost? I guess they could be building a base, but the landing sites are really spread out so I'm thinking infiltration instead.

Also can someone remind me if I can redirect the Skyranger to the two large UFOs on the way back and clear those out too?

It's been so long since I've played that I've forgotten some of the game mechanics. I even forgot to assign research for two weeks :D

One thing I don't like in the game is that the goodies you get from clearing a mission seem to arrive straight back in the stores before the Skyranger - is that right or am I imagining it?