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#182194 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on Yesterday, 01:25 PM

High or low Zombie will show he's on the level for any tall order. :)

That house looks like a bit of a handful with all those inter-brick bits and assorted creases in the wood to mind. Still, certainly nothing you can't handle.

If you do get around to painting that natural gas meter, I'd probably be careful about it as you don't want paint covering up anything that would best remain visible for inspection, like any deterioration in the connecting bits and pipes - just saying... ;)

#182191 TFTD Extender

Posted Nilex on 07 August 2020 - 11:24 PM

Recently I came back to tie up loose ends of my 2 never completed TFTD playthroughs (one 8 years old now - started at the begging of this topic as witnessed by my cringe inducing posts, the other even older at 14...). Grabbed the latest extender for the first time but it has shown it some outstanding issues still, even with very conservative .ini setup. Manufacture crash when setting exact number of units to produce for example, and many battlescape related crashes occurring on alien turns (sometimes reload and end turn fixed it as they reacted differently). Always when last alien alive panics however. Mostly it's safe to play unless raiding alien colony (1st stage) where it crashes regularly. I carry around extender v1.05p4 and quickly shuffle files around to bypass rough crashes. Pretty playable as far I'm concerned.
I'll forever stick to TFTDextender over OpenXcom only because 2 things: vanilla AI and save compatibility. Although I cheated once and loaded my save in OXC only to marvel at my perfect eyesight as I discovered I placed bases perfectly far away from each other! They sure poshed it up with many other QoL stuff, no question.

I like to think Tycho took a well deserved vacation. And then aliens probably abducted him as he was revealing all their secrets. Hope he's OK though. Whenever I revisit this forum I remember the excitement at the beginning and watching new extender develop before our eyes. Probably opposite for Tycho as the only thing he remembers is assembly code and endless stream of bug reports, lol.
I too would like to see the project finished. At least squishing the few remaining bugs, but wouldn't object additional "Where is that last alien?" (and reveal alien bases on gescape) flag. Don't get me started on last alien base raid and one elusive mtf Tentaculat. In the end I resorted to learning XcomUtil just because I heard it can reveal map using VIS flag. The only program I found that managed to end that long misery of mine.

Don't see it happening but extender's latest source code from 2013 (unpatched v1.07) is available in case some freak of nature is willing to continue Tycho's sacred work. Highly wishful thinking on my part, especially with OXC doing almost everything better. One can hope.

Greetings from a fellow Aquanaut.

#182143 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 06 August 2020 - 09:39 AM

A fly in the ointment? Not if with Zombie you've made an appointment! Posted Image

Regarding the door frame, the caulking did the trick alright. As you say, though, there's a slight difference in coloration which may have to do not only with the fact you're applying a fresh coat of paint but what you're applying it over (wood may soak up/interact with the paint one way, and caulk another).

Meanwhile, feel free to go mad with red anew on those boards in the greenhouse. No complaints here. Posted Image

#182112 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 05 August 2020 - 09:31 AM

If Zombie has you seeing red, you'll learn that's reason to be glad. :happy:

Your extra jobs seem to crop up as much as them weeds. Fortunately you're doing the rounds like it's nobody's business, keeping everything pretty much in check.

You did real fine sanding those kickplates, to be sure. Multiple passes, different grain for just the right kind of shine as I recall it.

You're proficient enough to achieve great results almost by default. Just don't let yourself be tempted by the pursuit of absolute perfection. ;)

#181313 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 25 June 2020 - 02:27 PM

Roger that, Zombie. We sure don't need any more CFCs released out there.

Hopefully that freon gas is worth a return visit. I imagine it might be worth something at least.

Besides, in their line of work you'd suppose they'd have a vehicle equipped with some form of winch or a mini-crane for just such occasions. Posted Image

#181723 Bargain!

Posted Thorondor on 16 July 2020 - 03:19 PM

Posted Image


Torchlight II is currently free over at the Epic Games store.

#181573 Bargain!

Posted Thorondor on 09 July 2020 - 03:12 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet Premier Edition and The Escapists 2 are currently free over at the Epic Games store.

#181304 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 25 June 2020 - 08:50 AM

That's a real doll you've got there, Zombie. Posted Image

And by your retelling, you clearly were the chosen one. Rightly so too, just look at that glossy finish!

A good caretaker you certainly are.

Thusly, it's got to be said, what's the deal with the very conspicuously shamed units behind the dolly? They've been around more than long enough. When are you going to be allowed to get those eyesores out of the premises?

Moving on: your flowers, it's plain to see, as ever do bloom, a joy to be, defeating all gloom; so great are the powers delivered in such simplicity.

#181290 Let's Paint!

Posted Space Voyager on 24 June 2020 - 11:10 AM

That reminds me of my own "project list". Except that I don't do anything any more.

#181281 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 24 June 2020 - 09:14 AM

Wow, I didn't expect there to be such a "to-do" list to take care of when you stay on top of things as much as you do, Zombie.

You're literally well aware of everything that is in need of your attention, depite being otherwise occupied. In this day and age that alone deserves a thumbs-up.

p.s.: wasn't aware you had grave site maintenance on the job description. Whatever happened to Plants vs Zombies? Clearly a myth. ;)

#181255 Let's Paint!

Posted Space Voyager on 23 June 2020 - 05:29 AM

Posted Image Been a month! Whassup?!

I'm spoiled, I know. Posted Image

#180605 Random junk found online

Posted Thorondor on 28 May 2020 - 04:25 PM

#180597 Bargain!

Posted Thorondor on 28 May 2020 - 03:10 PM

Posted Image


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection bundle is currently free over at the Epic Games store.

#180524 Let's Paint!

Posted Space Voyager on 26 May 2020 - 05:41 AM

YOU ARE A MACHINE!!! Do you ever take a break?!

Though I am really looking forward to see you tackle that far-gone tabletop, whenever you do. From rotten wood to glossy red polyurethane in a jiffy. :D

#180509 Let's Paint!

Posted Thorondor on 25 May 2020 - 09:27 AM

From bottom to top, Zombie's repairs until done won't stop!

Ah, some actual paint, a sight for sore eyes. Nice and shiny too. :)

Speaking of eyesores that other poor table's wood top is in a truly sorry condition by comparison.

Your makeshift spacer and bolt fix does seem like it will tide it over for a while longer but you better not forget it's not exactly fit to support your weight meanwhile. ;)