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Yesterday, 11:54 PM

There was a chance for rain in the afternoon today so I decided to start by caulking a little bit on the West side. There were some rough areas above and to the right of the window which required some filling in and also a section of the crack I didn't get to the last time, I also caulked the area between the boards and capstone (as far as I primed at least). While waiting for that to skin over I did some scraping of the old caulk and putty above and below the window.

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And as you can see I did a little bit of painting on the West side too.

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Oh, and scraping too. Didn't get too much of that done but I had a couple dustpans filled with paint flakes, chips, old caulk and putty so I must've did something. Posted Image I didn't bother taping up the capstone, I carefully freehanded when painting the caulk. I think it looks better with a non-perfect straight line of paint as the boards aren't 100% plumb anymore and neither is the capstone itself. Posted Image

When I painted the red trim on the East side it rained and washed some of the red off the wood and on to the wall and capstone. Decided I should address that and figured that since I had the paint there that I'd brush on a second coat below the windows as it would be difficult to roll.

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Much better. Obviously more scraping, caulking and possibly priming tomorrow although that depends on the weather. If anything, I still need to work on that patched area in the garage so I can always do that if I get rained out. Posted Image

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26 September 2020 - 02:18 AM

View PostThorondor, on 24 September 2020 - 03:21 PM, said:

Posted Image


RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition is currently free over at the Epic Games store.

Excellent! Thanks for the heads up! :)

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26 September 2020 - 01:14 AM

View PostSpace Voyager, on 25 September 2020 - 06:05 AM, said:

I might have mentioned that you're not paid enough... The tables are so shiny they look wet, but he's gonna freshen them up... Maaaaaaan, I wish I were you.

Just to illustrate - I would NOT TOUCH NEITHER THE BOARDS NOR THE TABLES ever again until they look as shitty as they did before you picked them up. Posted Image Ok ok, perhaps a week earlier.  Posted Image

I'll tell you, it's a heck of a lot easier to do touchup painting than it is to start all over from scratch. You have to remember that painting is 90% prep work and 10% actual painting. If I can skip that 90% (or even part of that) it pays for itself. :)

I investigated the table tops this morning and there are some spots which could use a little paint. I'm not sure how much red polyurethane I have left, but if I can manage it I'll roll another coat on now. I'd just as soon do the tables this year as that's one less thing to worry about next spring.

View PostThorondor, on 25 September 2020 - 08:42 AM, said:

I see beautiful red across the board - good on you, Zombie! Posted Image

But for all that alluring sheen there's by contrast a distinct lack of greenery on the premises.

Paint pigment can only go so far to brighten one's day as you no doubt know full well. So when is the greenhouse going to get back some of that truly joyous riot of natural colour ?

On or around May 3-4 2021. Posted Image I mean, it's like the last hurrah at this time of the year - the only thing in there is the yellow hardy mums. I guess I can try to get a pic of them before we bring them out for display. Other than that, the outdoor stuff is at it's end. Too bad, but there's always next year! Posted Image

So I emptied another tube of caulk into the West wall today. Then ran over to the paint store to get a replacement for the defective tube, got 3 more tubes and ordered another gallon of gray polyurethane. It isn't in stock, but it should arrive Tuesday. Now I'm second guessing myself and think I should order another gallon on top of that. Heh!

When I got back I started by taking off the piece of replacement windowsill, sanded the entire thing down with 36 and then 50 grit (it was smooth enough so I didn't bother with finer grits). and then ran into a snag. I wanted to prime the entire piece but didn't want it to stick to something while drying. I came up with an ingenious work around: I found some small pieces of foam board and screwed them to the ends of the screws, painted, then put it on a old scrap piece of 3/4 x 8 inch wide board to dry.

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While that was drying I worked on scraping out the big cracks in the boards I didn't paint yet as they were filled with water putty and loose. Once I got all the putty out I could determine where the nailer was, then drilled pilot holes on either side of the crack, countersunk holes and drove in 1 3/4 inch coated decking screws (previously used, but plenty of life left in them yet).

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At least now the boards can't move much anymore, so the cracks will stay somewhat the same width apart. After I got that done I checked the replacement windowsill and it was sorta dry (just a tad sticky). Good enough! I went and caulked the areas the board would touch on the old windowsill and put a nice heavy bead down. Got the replacement piece, screwed that back into position and filled in some of the spots with more caulk. Freebie reflection of me in the window, as usual. Posted Image

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That's not going anywhere. The chunks missing underneath the windowsill will be filled with water putty. That'll work out good because there's a bad area of the window frame that needs to be filled along with some other spots.

With that done, I ended the day by priming all the raw wood on the West side and also the areas with dried water putty.

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I really put down the primer on the water putty areas and the spot where the boards meet the capstone. When I come back the next time I can lay down a bead of caulk between the two and it'll be almost ready for the first coat of stain. It's starting to come together now! Posted Image

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25 September 2020 - 12:44 AM

View PostThorondor, on 24 September 2020 - 09:14 AM, said:

Now, while it is pretty much perfect length-wise, it does seem somewhat thicker than the windowsill to the left of it. But that could just be the close-up effect of the pic bloating the significance of the difference.

The new piece is wider than the end piece of the windowsill, but not along the whole length. It's wider a few inches to the left. And the reason for that is because the windowsill rotted out before already. I just made that difference up with some caulk, no big deal. It's not rocket science, it just has to pass inspection from 3 feet away. Posted Image

Couldn't make it over to the house today unfortunately, but I was able to finally get the table tops in the greenhouse cleaned off. Plus the park bench.

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There are some hardy mums on the far right - we are keeping this group in the greenhouse as they take longer to open in there and that gives us a little more time to sell what we have on display out in front. There's also my cart with some bags of soil on it, I'll be bringing those bags in the backroom for use during the winter.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finally finished painting the boards for the greenhouse. I just had to do one more end which I did the other day. Here you can see their final resting place till next spring.

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When I put them away I noticed that some of them are scratched on the bottom. Not a problem, I'm going to put on the final coat next spring along with another coat on the table tops just to freshen everything up. Posted Image

We have a heavy metal table by the corner red door and over time it has a tendency to sink into the blacktop. So I put wooden pads under the legs to spread the weight and cut down on the sinking. Well, a few years back I tossed out the old pads because they were starting to rot and made some new ones out of plywood. I actually soaked them for a couple days in boiled linseed oil+turpentine to protect them on the inside, then painted them with some Rustoleum black paint. That was kinda a mistake on my part as the paint started to peel off after a couple seasons. Took them inside and set them on the boiler to dry out and promptly forgot about them. Posted Image

Anyhow, I was down in the furnace room a couple weeks back and found them. So I slapped on a couple coats of latex primer to fill in all the cracks and today I put on one coat of polyurethane on 5 sides. It's probably going to need 2 coats on everything, but it's a start.

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It was taking forever to dry outside today (probably due to the humidity) so I brought them inside and turned a fan on to hopefully speed up the process. No dice, it was still sticky when I left to go home but it should dry overnight. Fingers crossed there. Posted Image

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24 September 2020 - 02:15 AM

First things first, before I even loaded the truck with my painting gear I measured and cut that piece of cedar for the chunk of windowsill which was rotten. I was worried about the length being off so I cut the board just slightly longer than I needed and figured I could sand the edges till it fit. Got there and checked the length and it was literally perfect - no modifications necessary! So the chunk of new windowsill is 2 inches wide and my idea was to drill a pilot hole through the width to tie in to the existing windowsill and countersink. For that I'd need about a 3 inch screw. Didn't have that, but I did have some galvanized 3 1/2 inch screws and that seemed fine. One wasn't enough and neither was two so I drove in three which stiffened things up considerably. :)

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This was a rough sawn cedar board so I sanded it till it was sorta smooth, I don't have to be exact here. Will have to prime this board yet, and I'll probably end up using water putty to fill in those big holes around it. To do a decent job though, it'll have to come back off so I can prime all the sides and when it's dry I'll pile in the caulk to either side so water can't make it's way in. By this time it was pretty hot on the West side so I took a break from that and did some more scraping on the South side above the hedge.

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Some big cracks in the boards so I'll need to address that somehow. I tried poking behind the boards through the cracks with a putty knife to see if there is a nailer behind it but couldn't find anything. This might just be a "dumb luck" kinda fix: keep driving screws in random locations to see if any catch. Did I mention that scraping this part was not fun? Well, it's not fun. The roof is only about 2 feet wide so I basically had to scrunch up my 6'4" frame to fit and after a little while I got stiff. Might have to borrow an extension ladder from my dad so I can maybe paint off the side instead. Oh, and caulk too. This section is going to need about a tube's worth. ;)

Speaking of caulk, when it got too warm on the South side I went back to the West side and emptied a tube into the spaces between the boards to the right of the window. I only caulked as high as I could reach off the ground.

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Oh, and I also sprayed some bleach+bucket cleaner soap underneath the eaves to see if that helped with the dark spots. Yup, turns out it was mold.

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I'll still need to scrape a little and roll some stain on there, but it's almost good to go. I mixed up a little more bleach than I needed so I sprayed the rest on the gutters and fascia along the rest of the South side. They needed it. Posted Image

Tomorrow I might not be at the house depending on how many flowers we get in. I'm hoping I can swing over there and get some priming done and maybe some more scraping and caulking. If not, it'll have to be Friday. Posted Image

- Zombie