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Corona viral thread

05 April 2020 - 09:48 PM

Guys and gals, how are you coping with the viral problems? Slovenia has it under control so far but as far as I read, things are not pink all over the planet. The news that bother me the most are backstabbing crap like USA stealing masks from France, Germany and Canada. Friends or foe?! Otherwise we manage quite ok. Some land around our house gives my children the much needed space to be outside without much risk, without this space the children would go nuts ASAP.

So far so good.

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A petition for SotS Prime HD remake

13 December 2019 - 09:57 AM

As I'm sure all members of our forums keep a keen eye on this part of the forums, finally we have something new to post. On the space strategy that, IMO, has yet been surpassed to date. Not much but better than nothing.

It has been known for quite a long time that Kerberos is thinking about a SotS HD remake. They are having a hard time gathering the funds and have been creating several smaller projects, hoping to get to the point of tackling the remake. You can contribute in this regard by, say, buying The Pit: Infinity, which is a nice dungeon crawling FPS, set in the SotS universe.

Anyway, as Martin Cirulis, Kerberos CEO, stated, they'd be ready to start a campaign if fans gathered 30k people, interested in the game. A fan took him seriously and started a petition we can sign. Even if we don't gather 30k, perhaps we get enough to show an interest in the game, large enough to persuade Kerberos to go ahead with the project. Tell your brother, mother, sister, father and grandparents. Oh, and your children, to spread the word in kindergartens and schools.