Aquatoid Sushi and Lobsterburger

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Posted 01 February 2011 - 08:50 PM

Here we go:
a Hotseat Multiplayer Terror from the Deep Superhuman Iron man campaign.

participating Commanders (playing in that order):

---> indicates the next palyer to take action
Commander | Number of Missions

Grossbeer | 6
Bomb Bloke | 6
NKF | 6
--->The Veteran | 5
Crazy Photon | 5
silencer_pl | 5

If someone doesent have the time to do his mission anytime soon (lets say 2-3 days) we can put him down the quene. As soon as the commander is back hes allowed to get even on the number of missions(see above)

As noted by Veteran we should keep comments in that thread to a minimum. the discussion thread for it is here:
i wont delete non mission comments here tho

- vanilla game, no xcomutil
- Iron man: no loading whatsoever(except for crashes/passing save on/contineuing the game)
- only one MC Displacer allowed per mission
- 1 phase of geoscape 1 tactical mission per Command.
- avoid research bugs (for mor info read http://www.ufopaedia...._Research_Bugs 8.4)
Let the mincing and sprazzling begin

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Posted 01 February 2011 - 09:50 PM

Chapter One:

The HQ will be Placed in the Atlatic Ocean near North America:

Hopefully we will get some USOs to hunt down soon.
Some minor alterations in the Base.

I didnt build the 2nd Sub Pen yet as we might need loads of money for replacements soon :-)

Buying 20 Eggheads, 2 more soldies and starting Gauss Tech.
Ordered some more Jet Harpoons and GC-HE ammunition.
Pretty much standard stuff

2nd January 2:03 am:

wonderful night mission without flares or new weaponry  or a full Triton for that matter. gonna be a massacre.

I send the barracude first in case the Sub chooses to make a run for it.

It didnt so ive got me a nice little first Mission ;)

here is the vid i recorded. I did it with dosbox.


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Posted 01 February 2011 - 11:15 PM

Mission 1:

I had some trouble with saving the screenies from dosbox(as i was using d-fend) and the pics all got colour inverted...

I cant present any screenies from the first few mins of the mission, but this has happened:

Pitch black night mission. Usually with no flares and gillmen i would cancle the mission, but as the terrain is full of cover and edges (which would be messy at day too) i thought ill give it a go.
The first few careful steps of my men went well, we encountered the race: Gillmen.
1 near the front of the Triton gont piked by a Jet Harpoon autoshot(only one hit). lucky indeed, as gillmen often survive that.
We found another one lurking around the rock formation and he got killed too ;).

this is when i started recording the vid:

First kill:

Sencond kill:

it seems that all goes well. going around a corner mannski got shot at twice. As aliens got lower accuracy at superhuman xD both shots missed.

too bad we cant see it. Advancing mannski to hide behind a nearby rock and letting some other cannonfodder throw nades. no kill.
next round we order Mannski to scout the hideout of the gillman and, naturally, he got shot dead. the alien needed 2 shots so we can safly scout it out now:
sniping from afar Andi downed the greeny with 2 salves autofire.
The Troops advance carefully and 2 'snipers' position themselves at high ground:
some time later we spot the enemy sub:
carfully advancing to the sub results in a granade being thrown by a gillman .... at his own feet:

we didnt hear it die of shame so its still there. one turn later we got proof: another granade is thrown by the gillman, trying to iron out his mistake... with success:

Nikolai Pavlov returned the favour and magna-blasted the gillman.

After surrounding the Sub and opening the door we spot the last alien,
which got impaled by an Jet Harpoon autofire.
Sadly one of the bolts hit the Ion Beam accelerator

Mission successful, only 3 losses!!

passing the gillman-foot lucky charm to Bomb Bloke
the savegame link: Attached File   7.58K   424 downloads

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Posted 02 February 2011 - 12:05 AM

Okay Crazy Photon is in with the fun :-)

And i vote for naming aquanauts with forum meber names.
Playing with nikolais otto zanders its kinda hard to remember the names ^^ but i guess everyone can handle that as they want.

I will start using names when its my turn again.

Recruitment of divers open :-)

ah and btw, i renamed the aquanauts with tags, very similar to xcomutils function.
m = over 60 accuracy M = over 70
c(oward) = under 30 Bravery --> cannon fodder/scout
w(eak) = under 30 str
r = over 50 reaction R = over 60 Reactions


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Posted 02 February 2011 - 10:12 AM

What do you mean, "didn't build the second sub pen"? We're supposed to start with two, do you mean you sold it?! Not sure I like that idea much, especially since Barracudas can't be sold for cash (they're rentals, after all).

Edit: So here's my videos:

Attached File   18.86MB   462 downloads
Attached File   19.98MB   457 downloads
I was gonna let YouTube handle them, but on uploading the first it doubled the filesize... Stupid. So I'll dump 'em here for now.

I've added another general store, initiated all alien research projects available, and sold the corpses and sonic pistols. That left four blasta rifles and seven clips for them in stock, plus a small amount of plastics and one nav system. Considered adding some more living quarters and workshops, but figured I might wait to see how the budget goes first.


Noticed the Triton was low on stocks, but figured since it was only the second day your orders wouldn't've arrived yet. Ordered some thermal tazers, would've grabbed some chemical flares too but the stores were full. Turns out you'd already ordered twenty. Also brought on three replacement aquanaughts to replace the fallen. Probably should've ordered some tanks when the stores were finished, though it slipped my mind.


Twenty scientists quickly joined our forces, so I threw them onto the gauss project. By the time my USO turned up they'd polished off the pistols and started on rifles.

A small craft, already parked, with the dawn of a bright new morning shining down on it. I sent both my subs over but it didn't take off before the Triton arrived, with eight troopers on board. Jet harpoons all around except for one guy with explosive shells in his gas cannon. Left the other two troopers back at base so there'd be at least some chance to stay in the game should the aliens decide to pay a visit (all the more reason to stock up on tanks, by the way).

snapshot20110202200316.png snapshot20110202200409.png g]

Landed amongst a sunken cargo ship, near the north west corner of the crash site zone. Quickly found a gillman packing what looked like a sonic cannon, but he was a few steps out of sight range from the hold of the Triton, and so he got sniped into oblivion. Don't mind the randomly scattered harpoon holes everywhere.


Quickly found a Cruiser (large scout) to the south east. All went well to start with, the few aliens I found went down without too much trouble.


Take this chump, for instance. He spent each turn staring off the east and doing very little else. While standing on the very east-most side of the map, mind. He (eventually) got sniped by Lyudmila, who pulled off a cracking snap shot from some great distance.


The first trooper to fall was Jaime. He wasn't killed by the depicted alien, but rather by Krug, who was providing cover fire with the usual accuracy employed by rookies. This is probably what I get for giving the HE shells to a guy named Krug.


I started to drag the rest of the squad over to the area, when Lyudmila ran into this. I couldn't believe it; point blank range, three shots in her gun, and just enough TUs to perform an auto-fire action. It really was this girl's lucky day.


Or not. What is this I don't even


Jason Hand wasn't too far away and quickly avenged her, for what that was worth. Miguel tried an out-flanking maneuver on the alien that I'm choosing to blame for Jaime's death (you just can't stay mad at a guy named "Krug" for long), but that failed miserably and sound waves emitted from the Gillman's gun tore his head apart. Perhaps that'll make those teenagers think twice before turning their music up so loud. In any case, Krug had the final say in the matter, and a second HE shell went true to its mark and finished the matter once and for all.

Off went the survivors to check out the USO. I'd had a couple of units guarding it for some time, and thrown a magma-blast grenade near the entrance just in case any aliens had chosen to linger outside, but that gambit was entirely without success.


One alien fell to a harpoon or three, and another darted in and out of the craft, forgetting to close the door behind him. After conventional fire failed to kill it, I decided rather then wait and allow the door to close, I'd instead have Krug blast the entrance with another HE shell. This destroyed some loot in the process, but meh, funny green men no laugh at Krug now.


Still, I wasn't about to allow the guy to blow up the delicate internals of the craft, and so I left him to guard the door while the other three troopers present entered (for those keeping count, the one remaining unit I'd left sitting in the Triton the whole time, in case the worst should happen).

Jason met an untimely end in the usual way (stepping through a doorway, what else?), but this time my attempt at a flank more or less worked and so his killer quickly met a similar fate.

snapshot20110202201523.png snapshot20110202201550.png g]

And that was that. An intact Cruiser, but at the cost of four aquanaughts. Guess it'll have to do.


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Posted 02 February 2011 - 12:25 PM

My first order of the day is to temporarily switch researh onto the Gauss Pistol ammo and order the engineers to crank out 4 of them fast.

Started some extra research topics and sold off some junk to clear out the stores to buff up the funds a bit.

Namely got rid of the alien learning arrays. Sold all but 2 sonic rifles. Also sold all the sonic cannons and their clips - we'll have more than we'll need before long. Since we can't use them yet, we may as well put them to better use as extra funds.

With only 6 active aquanauts, I hire 4 more recruits.

Also bought 24 magna-blast grenades and 5 magna-pack explosives to add to the munitions, a G. Cannon Coelacanth and 60 solid bolt rounds. Then hit myself as I noticed I'd bought 4 extra tazers in the process.

Funds took a dip, but still above a mil, so I think that should do.

Now I wait. As the days go by, equipment arrives and I rearm the Triton.

When Gauss Ammo is researched all researchers resume on the Gauss Rifle. Tempted to go straight to the Sonic Pulsers, but we aren't facing tough opposition yet, so should be able to wait a bit.


On the 16th of Jan a small ship is located touched down literally beside the base. Without a full crew or the armament I'd wanted,  I'm reluctant to attack it, but at the same time do not want to risk shooting it down so close to the base.

No tank, no gauss pistols, only 6 aquanauts, I decide to risk it.

At the start of the mission I strip everyone of excess equipment to lighten their loads and the battle begins.

Turn 1

A quick look outside suggested the team's touched down beside a sunken ship, with the Triton on the south-western corner of the map.

Nikolai and Klaus arm grenades and end the turn.

Turn 2


Krug and Nikolai step out of the Triton. Krug examines the rear of the Triton just to make sure it's safe.

Grigory and Amanda move close to the hatch and thus ends the turn. During the alien phase several USO doors open and shut menacingly.

Turn 3

Krug and Nikolai move out a little and Amanda joins them. The turn ends. More alien sub doors open menacingly to frighten us. No matter!

Turn 4

The team spread out a little more. Amanda heads for the wrecked hull. Not wanting to explore too far, Amanda halts and waits for backup in the form of Charlie and her Gas Cannon.

Turn ends - and more door noises.

Turn 5

Klaus is sent out to back up Nikolai who is watching the seabed to the north while Amanda and Charlie inspect the wreck. Krug moves along the edge of the map to cover the pair as they advance. Being the only aqaunaut left in the Triton, Grigory remains as rear commander. Turn ends. Once again they menace us with the doors.

Turn 6

Mandy does a quick walk up the stairs of the wreck and drops over the side after confirming that the top deck is clear. Charlie moves to check underneath and finds no signs of enemies. Nikolai and Claus start scouting northwards. Krug settles down in the coral for now. Turn ends and the team still haven't ventured very far.

Turn 7

Amanda walks past the ribs of the wreck and sees the enemy sub. With the objective in sight, Krug gets up and continues edging along the map to get a better angle at the sub doors - though he gets careless and runs out of time. Luckily he's safe for the time being.

Charlie suddenly gets a great idea and decides to make her way up to the upper deck of the wreck to get some better elevation to provide elevated cover for everyone in the area.

Klaus surges ahead through the coral to the north while Nikolai stays put. The turn ends.

The errant door opener is spotted entering through the door. It's an aquatoid. This could mean trouble.

Turn 8

Just excited at the prospect of finally seeing the enemy, Charlie races to the top of the stairs and launches a GC-HE shell to the door. Her aim is off and it hits the side of the sub with no positive results. Amanda follows through by kneeling and tosses a grenade at the door. Nikolai throws his pre-armed grenade all the way over the wrecked hull to Krug, who is very quick to grab it. The team waits patiently.

The grenade explodes and no aquatoid was hit. Instead the aquatoid mocks us with its ritual of walking out the door and walking back in again.

Turn 9

Nikolai arms a magna-blast for 1 turn, and throws it to Charlie, who then grabs it and throws it to Amanda. Amanda ends the relay by throwing it at the door.

At least that was the plan - without realising what had happened, the grenade ended up falling short. Not noticing her fumblem, Amanda gets killed by it at the end of the turn. Krug shakes his head.

Turn 10

Charlie discovers that some of floorboards on the top deck of the wreck are deceptive and instead of walking around them, falls through some broken boards to the lower deck. She attempts to climb back upstairs but doesn't have enough time to make it all the way up the stairs.

Everyone ends the turn in anticipation.

Turn 11

Regaining her vantage point, Charlie decides to play it smart this time and stay on solid floorboards. Turn ends.

Turn 12


Nikolai stands up and immediately spots an Aquatoid scout that is looking the other way. Klaus deftly throws his Magna Blast grenade over, Nikoila scoops it up, lobs it and quickly backs up out of sight.

When the bubbles and dust have cleared both Russians utter quiet oaths. The Aquatoid walks away, jarred, but still alive, seemingly oblivious to its ordeal.

Turn 13

Nikolai moves forward to relocate his prey. Relaying the location to Charlie, she repositions and does a quick snap and the Aquatoid is taken down with a burst of bubbles.


No time to celebrate their victory, the team waits.

As if retaliation to its dead comrade, a pulser flies out of nowhere, but falls short short and its explosion does nothing to Nikolai.


Turn 14


Nikolai and Charlie experience deja-vu as they get to repeat their last performance move-by-move. Nikolai steps forward to spot the Aquatoid, and Charlie gets a better aim and deals the lethal blow with a quick snap.

Only this experience isn't quite the same. Two Aquatoids are taken down.

Krug, now feeling rather lonely having been kneeling amongst the corals and not having done much, gets up and edges further along the southern edge of the map.

Klaus gets up and and travels northwards to keep pace with Nikolai.

The sub doors are frantically opened again.

Turn 15

Klaus and Nikolai decides now is a good time to arm fresh grenades. Nikolai discovers he only has a dye grenade left, so decides to do nothing.

Charlie and Krug adjust their positions to get a better view of the sub and its doors.

Turn 16


Nikolai spots another Aquatoid amongst the dead Aquatoids! In an attempt to avoid damaging the equipment around it, Klaus stows away his grenade and attempts a 6-round volley with his Jet Harpoon. None of the shots connect. Charlie makes an attempt but the shot fires wild, narrowly missing Nikolai. Not feeling safe, Nikolai moves back as far as he can. Krug tries to join in, but his nearly direct line of sight is only just hampered by the edges of the submarine. The turn ends very nervously.

The aquatoid shoots and Nikolai dies. It scuttles out of view.

Turn 17

Angered by his comrade's death, Klaus launches his grenade at the Aquatoid's last known location. It fails to harm anything.

Turn 18 and 19 pass tensely as the area is monitored but no sight of the aquatoid. When the turn ends, a sonic beam flies straight and true out of the unknown and kills Klaus.

Turn 20

Rather than risk spreading out now that the forces have thinned to half its size, Krug changes plans and heads back to link up with Charlie at the wreck. He decides to stay on the ground level and monitors the sub. Turn ends.

Turn 21 - 22 No movement. The two remaining combatants stand stock still.


The aquatoid that killed the two Russians lunges forward, and Charlie avenges her dead comrades with a wildly fired reaction shot that manages to kill it.

Turn 23 - 24 end with an eerie quietness. No more door sounds are heard. Should they run? They fight on.

Turns 25 - 28

Krug makes a bold move and decides to walk around the wreck and head slowly for the the sub.

Another pulser is thrown at the end of the turn. Again it misses by falling short.

Turn 29

Krug retreats back to the safety of the wrecked hull to wait for the unsettled bubbles and dust particles to clear.

Turn 30 - 34

Krug makes another valiant effort to reach the side of the sub, but the moment he reaches his goal, he is rewarded with death. There is still another Aquatoid lurking out beyond where the 4 other Aquatoids were found.

Turn 38

Charlie fires a round into the unknown terrain in an attempt to catch the hidden aquatoid, but by the end of the turn the aquatoid sends a vicious retort from with its sonic blasta-rifle and kills her.

Remaining Turns

Grigory waits for word from his friends, but none of them have returned. Every once in a while he opens the doors to peer outside.

By turn 54, fearing the worst, he initiates the dust-off sequence.

With 4 aliens killed and 5 casualties, the mission ends with a poor -69 points. The sole survivor, Grigory, is promoted to Ensign.

But not to take the failure lightly, the Barracuda is immediately launched to catch the enemy sub. The sub manages to break free and flees from the initial engagement. A chase ensues along the coast of Africa. The 4 new recruits arrive at the base during the chaos.


At 1920 hours, the chase ends with the Barracuda successfully shooting down the enemy submarine.

Sorry folks, looks like my first command wasn't too successful. Hope the next commander has better luck!

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Posted 02 February 2011 - 12:55 PM

Good stuff guys! Seems to be progressing at speed... That was an amazingly accurate autoshot in the first mission grossbeer, the one that killed Mannski's shooter! How did the sonic pistol get into the Triton in the first few turns though? Were you hedging your bets just in case it went horribly wrong?

Couple of points to note.
We really should keep this thread clear of non-mission posts (yes like this one) so I advise renaming this to something along the lines of TFTD co-op (like the other one) and making the current discussion for it the official chatter thread too. Then we can move or delete any non-mission posts from in here (yes including this one!)

I agree, we need tanks, and why did we sell the third sub-pen? And why does everyone keep referring to it as the second sub-pen lol

Finally how is everyone storing video files, screenshots and the savegames for sharing? My turn is looming and I need to know where to upload everything before I can share my glorious victory/shameful demise ;)

EDIT : Missed one. Still think using forum member names for rookies is a terrible idea. Unless we work our way through every single member past and present we'll be recycling the same names over and over again and if I pick up a savegame that uses names like soandso2 I WILL be renaming them to a more sensible standard.

The whole reasoning behind the personal avatar is that if you happen to die then you can be considered heavily injured. That doesn't work with the whole squad though or the game becomes ridiculous as it's impossible for anyone to die. Just letting the otehr commanders know that you really shouldn't waste your time renaming troopers (unless for stat purposes as mentioned by Grossbeer) as I will be undoing all of your hardwork at the first opportunity ;)
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Posted 03 February 2011 - 04:34 PM

Ok so here is my playthrough. I've uploaded the images to my book of face for the time being but if they can be stored elsewhere to allow their removal that'd be good ;) Also I have nowhere to upload the savegame so I either need access to somewhere so I can link to it or an email address so I can send it that way.

Now without further ado let the mayhem commence!

So luckily I had a nice headsup on this one as NKF had already raided the landed USO once. An Aquatoid Cruiser with half the crew dead due to the previous engagement (in theory) Unfortunately I had a rather limited pool of aquanauts after the unfortunate incidents preceding my arrival on the scene, only one operative assigned to the Triton.

Regardless there was a saving grace as four new recruits had recently arrived while the interception was underway and after another day or so of waiting the new Coelacanth arrived too! I shelled out $200k on 5 new troopers but I knew they'd never arrive in time so I equipped the Triton with all 5 available troopers and the new tank before launching to the scene!

The Triton arrived at the crash site approximately 30 hours after the Cruiser was shot down and at bang on midnight it couldn't have been darker. Thankfully the crashsite was located in a highly active underwater volcanic field and this seemed to brighten things up no end so visibility was good.

Along with the tank I had on my side Ensign Grigory Gakanovitch, the sole survivor of the previous encounter with these same aliens. It was decided buy the others (and the fact he was at the back of the Triton) that he would again stay with the ship in case history were to repeat itself. There is also another Grigory in the new recruits along with Martin, Astra and a strange fellow called Munty who I couldn't help but take an immediate shine to ;) (that's me for anyone slow out there lol)

All 5 troops were equipped with harpoon rifles and enough magma blast grenades to fill the Mariana trench and then the mission began.


An early bit of luck saw us in a great position at the lowest point of the map in the South East. That placed our doors away from any enemies but also meant we had one extra corner to brave. The new Coelacanth was eager to pay for itself so it made an early dash to the SW and rounded the front of the Triton.

Astra and Martin formed a fireteam and moved in the same direction taking cover behind the tank and staying close to the Triton. Munty and Grigory formed a second fireteam and moved North along the Eastern side of the map, pausing at the rear to watch for movement.

Further progression was slow for all but the tank as the fireteams were taking a cautious approach and ready to return any hostile fire if necessary. The Coelacanth continued to move West along the Southern edge of the map and the surprisingly good visibility gave it a LOS right the way to the centre of the map. The Western fireteam of Martin and Astra followed the tank whilst sneakily using it as both an early warning system and heavy cover. Munty and Grigory proceeded North with Grigory on point.

Next turn there is still no visible movement and no sounds from the alien submersible. On the eastern front Grigory seems to be slowing the fireteam down so Munty takes point and steps round the corner to be confronted with the first hostile of the mission!

Lucky it wasn't Grigory as he'd have certainly had no TUs left. As it is Munty was able to let off an autoshot at close range and the Aqutoid is critically skewered with the first bolt, crumpling up into a bleeding green ball. Martin and Astra continue their Westward trek towards a large and imposing volcanic formation while the Coelacanth holds a great position in the centre of the map to ensure no flanking occurs.

In the next hidden movement phase another Aquatoid is spotted in the Northeast, close to where Munty killed the last one! He loses contact so stumbles up onto a volcanic ridge and spots him again. He quickly primes and tosses a grenade which lands right at the creatures feet but is cut down in his prime when return fire finds it mark!

Tragedy! As the western fireteam continue to scout the volcanic anomaly they have found, Grigory is now all alone on the Eastern front. Munty's grenade has exploded spectacularly, decimating the seabed. The Aquatoid however is largely non-plussed by the whole affair and remains in good health. Furious at the creatures refusal to die, Grigory steps up and lets off an autoshot but the range is too far and all shots miss. The enemy however is lucky again and for the second time in as many turns he kills an operative with reaction fire!

With the eastern front now a veritable graveyard and flanking a distinct possibility the Coelacanth is detached from the western fireteam who are now in position on the very Western edge of the map. They move North and cling to cover while the Coelacanth moves over to hunt down the remaining aquatoid in the east.

As more of the terrain is uncovered there is still no sign of the alien craft and it's running out of shadows to hide in...
http://a6.sphotos.ak...5_2291310_n.jpg Edit by BB: This is the same image as the previous...

As the western fireteam continue their march north they are forced to make a break across an open strait in order to reach new cover but both arrive safely a few turns later. The Coelacanth has reached the North-East corner of the map by this point but despite a methodical approach there is still no renewed contact with the previously engaged Aquatoid.

Finally the creature is spotted on the Northern edge of the map and the Coelacanth, deprived of cover, is forced to engage immediately.

A well placed snap shot ends the green beasts reign of terror and the Coelacanth engages smug mode. Unfortunately the next hidden movement reveals another creature very close to the corpse of his recently fallen brother and he doesn't look happy.

The Coelacanth is lucky enough to start it's next turn just one square out of visual range of the new threat so after a very short move it opens fire. Sadly it's meagre 66TUs only allow it 2 snap shots and both miss. With just enough allowance remaining to move it attempts to hide behind a stone pillar half it's own size.

The prayer that it would interfere with enemy LOS seems to be answered and no shots are fired in the alien turn but there is a very dubious sound followed by this smoking yellow puddle...

Alas Coelacanth we hardly knew ye. And $420k for one dead alien is NOT what I call value for money. Regardless, the team of 3 remaining aquanauts take this as a rather bad omen and in a last attempt to salvage a mission that's quickly being destroyed by just one Toid gone Rambo, Grigory (the Ensign, not the dead Seaman) leaves the Triton for the first time and makes his way to the grave of his namesake to collect some items.

Astra and Martin have continued their move up the west side of the map and finally the cruiser is spotted with seemingly little damage. They both assemble at the front of the craft, take what little cover they can find and prime one grenade each as failsafes should things go wrong. They know that the explosions will cause chaos in the close confines of the alien craft should they fall in combat...

As the Coelacanth smoulders to the North, Ensign Gakanovich collects all of Seaman Grigory's belongings and picks up a bunch of sonic blasters and a Vibro Blade from the first Aquatoid casualty. Astra takes the best available position to the front of the cruiser while Martin moves around to it's rear along the western edge of the map. From this angle it's apparent that some hefty damage was done after all and a great deal of equipment has been destroyed in the crash.

Martin pauses outside the craft and prepares to enter through the battle-damaged side of the cruiser. He immediately spots a dead aquatoid inside the craft and on advancing further he soon spots another. It appears that the aliens deserted the wrecked craft soon after impact and a sweep of the front chambers reveals nothing.

On moving to inspect the tail end of the Cruiser however Martin spots an Aquatoid with his back turned. Not one to miss a golden opportunity he throws his pre-primed grenade and bolts out of the craft before the monster can react. The explosion is amplified wonderfully by the confines of the alien craft and Martin is elated as he watches the green mist clear before him.

A further sweep of the craft reveals no further hostiles and Grigory has returned to the Triton with the first lot of loot. Meanwhile Astra and Martin have situated themselves in the eastern side of the alien craft and Martin has grabbed a new grenade from his belt.

First Astra ventures forth into the open space and shortly after, Martin follows her. With so little terrain left to explore it's not long before they spot the creature that offed the tank. They briefly wonder how much money an alien clone can possess but decide it probably isn't the necessary $420k for a new tank and so they both throw their grenades and then duck for cover. With the alien's back to the troopers it's easy to land the grenades where he can't see them so there is no risk of retaliation.

With a satisfying boom (yes only one, it seems Martin didn't prime his grenade...) the final alien is obliterated and the mission concludes after 31 turns.

The loss of 2 aquanauts dwells on the minds of the 3 remaining operatives and the loss of a tank will no doubt infuriate the accounts department but the mission IS a success and with more recruits already on the way things are not as dire as they may at first appear to be.

Not a particularly good ration of 4 kills : 3 losses I'm afraid (especially when one is a tank) but victory nonetheless! The saddest thing about it is that I went down after just one kill... If only I'd gone west with Astra then Martin would've died instead lol. I'll be back though, doctors say it's a mere flesh wound and I should be up again in a week!

The best thing to come from this mission is 2 sonic cannons which are our first to date so no wonder this was a tough mission for both myself and NKF!

On returning to base I shelled out on another Coelacanth as well as 10k for 50 more bolts. It's ever so slightly possible that I may have bought the wrong type of tank but I'm hoping I didn't! Obviously that's for the next commander to deal with now but if I did you'll have no ammo so leave it at base and buy a new harpoon one adn some rockets too. Then at least we'll have 2 tanks lol

I spent another $200k on a further 5 aquanauts so in the next few days we can expect the delivery of 10 new troopers. The living quarters finished building in my turn but no research or construction. I haven't set any new buildings down, I'll leave that to others unless someone tells me what to make ;)

That's it! Here is the save for the next commander: Attached File   18.59K   391 downloads
Welcome back to the wonderful world of Fan-fiction! (it's short for fantastic!)
Go check em out, UFO TFTD and Apocalypse all under one roof!!!

Also why not check out XCom : Colonisation over in the special projects forum. Won't kill you if you do, might kill you if you don't!

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 11:02 AM

The story continues as commander Silencer takes his rotation of X-Com as other commanders need brake from the horrors that the alien forces unleash on them.

The first of my orders where to examine stores and sell some extra cargo: some corpses, a little of navigation and accelerators, reduced the sonic pulsers ammount from 25 to 15 - we need that cash and the granades will come in plenty, and some unneeded craft gas cannon and gas cannon ammo us it is certenly unneeded. I then took a glimps at our man at arms and at work. Seeing that we have plenty room and a bit of cash I have ordered 14 more brave man (and women). Also have noticed that soon I will have my own batch of new blood and a tank.

I have then turned my eyes on the research. Fortunetly our 'Einsteins' where finishing the gauss pistol tech so I have started to manufacture some of them in small batches. First 4 of them then some ammo.

Last thing I did in the base for now was to build a sub pen on top left corner. It is cheap and we hade about 2kk in $.

Also I have noticed that we are nearing end of the month the time was closing for the dreaded Terror Mission.
Fearing the inevitable with fast heart bit rushed the time.  Few days passed and some soldiers and tank arrived at base.
After finishing gauss pistol I have started the resaerch of the Gauss Rifle - we need it badly and we need it fast.

Soon later my dreaded foughts came through as large USO appeared on our sonars. I told our man to gear up and report to Trition.

Posted Image

Since our Barracudas don't stand a chance against such foe I slowly watched where the USO goes. To my surprise (or not) the sub circled our base vaninishing somewhere over Europe.

Another days passed some gauss pistols and ammo were manufactued seeing that we have cash to spare and month closing to and end I have ordered to manufacture more gauss pistols (8) and some ammo. A day later our scientist finally gave us the schematics for Gauss rifles and I have ordered them to go for this granade thing aliens are using and raced to the Techs ordering them to make us some of that brand new rifles.

Again time passes and another large USO is deteced:

Posted Image

As the date was merciless (30 of Jan) I knew that this time they will strike with Terror. And I wasn't wrong few hours later Jamica start to broadcast world wide emergency signal of alien attack.

I've rallied our boys and soon the Triton was on a rescue mission.

Posted Image

The battle that our men will be their first true battle against the aliens and to prove that their are worthy the ranks of an X-COM soldier

The fight was brutal as men were dying aliens guts flying. I will post the result soon.

To be continued
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 12:58 PM

The Triton has arrived and landed almost at the middle of Jamaican port

Posted Image

As we have opened the door a gillman was caught surprisingly showing our back. Our first seaman Olga tried to do some finess sneak atack with aim shot but the tense and her inexpierience (though verry accurate 57 acc) missed and hit the barrels standing few metters away, causing them to explode. Because of that the gilman turn around and scored first blood of this fight.  Seeing the death of her teamate Collete tried to avenge her with aimed shot but she too fell to the brutal accuaracy and power of alien sonic weapons.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Two deaths in quick succession struck some fear in our man. Luckly some of them have nerves of steel and eye of a hawk. Having survived a mission Martin took place of his fallen comrades took a big aim shot straight betwen aliens eyes sending him to hell. Ending this turn

Posted Image

Turn 2.

Our man exit the sub spotting another gilmen and a deep one. Wanting to settle the score, our man prime some explosives. As Martin strength allows him to toss it with some easy they pass him live explosive and he throws it at the very feet of the alien blowing him to bits.

Posted Image

Turn 3.

Still at the doors of Triton men spot  another aliens. Fire exchange results in Martins death.
As Olga starts to run to the walls of the storehouse she spots another gilman at first floor. Unleashing hell on him she misses badly. Backing her up Miguell tries with aim shot killing poor Olga in back of her head. Killing your own is not tolerated in our team. Lucky for him Amanda took care of this problem, but I think that rest of the team will not put faith in Miguell.
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

Having secured the exit of the sub, our brave seaman start to explore the west side of Jamaican port.
The leading lady Astra being able-seaman leads the scouting party followed by Tim and Virgill with dart rifles (only two dart rifles - rest have gauss pistols with no extra clips).

As the western scouting team proceedes they spot a gilman nearby hidden behind a fence with some explosive barrels covering his ass. Without hessitation Astra tries with aim shot failing missrebly following with snapshot hitting the barrels. Following her Tim also unsuccesfully shoots at the alien. Fortunatly Virgil is the right man for this job as his perfectly aimed shot delivered the dart right in the head of this monster killing him instantly

Posted ImagePosted Image

some one make a brake liner - there is more and I must go out
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 06:33 PM

Sorry for such dealy - I had 5 hour family dinner - after 3rd hour I felt zombified. grr.

The lost deep one I believe you are talking the one that vanished from second turn It was zapped later (read below)

Continiunig story.

While alien had their turn they revield them selfes south west at our small scout group - a deep one to be precise. Because of the good coverege and some thermal lances in backpacks the team dicded to capture one. With Astra sneaking in from the north and Tim with two other mates from the east, while Virgil protecting Astras northern advance.

As the eastern diversion group were closing in Tim spotted 'unarmed' gillmen. The poor shot he his a full auto with his dart gun zapped right next to the creature hitting metal container. Because he ain't dumb he hid behind the metal storage room wall.

Posted ImagePosted Image

As next turn came. Tim volunteered to be a distranction and a foward scout for this dangerous operation 'Catch the deep one' (all sing the 'Catch the pegoun' song ;) ). Covering his back infamous Martin helps with killng the alien sending him to hell and reedming himself. While the boys where busy with the distraction from the east, Astra continues to sneak on the deep one from the north. But the always devious aliens have their eyes all over the map and she spots another deep one on the roof of some building. Being very surprised she misses the devil, but again ever vigilant Virgil delivers another bolt to the head stunning the bastard

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

While this operation proceeded smoothly, The remaining four aquanauts prepared an assault on the eastern warehouse. As they left the sub the missing deep one from Turn 2 re-apeared, but our boys quickly took care of the problem

Posted Image

Following turns Astra finally stormed the second warehouse where the deep one was standing while being coverd by Tim and Martin. Because the action was performed so swiftly the deep one didn't have a chance to notice what is going on giving enough time for Astra to storm his position stunning him for good. The operation catching the deep one went flawless - yes no casualties. So far so good we have only four casualties and a live deep one.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Meanwhile on the eastern front some aliens are trying to ambush us. Lucky for us we see them and can act accordingly

Posted Image

Having captured the deep one Tim decides that he will guard him with his life.

Posted Image

A brief view of situation for eastern front. Three man, Amanda, Kruger and our Ensing Grigory decied to flank the big warehouse from the south east. While Astra, Martin and Virgil slowly proceed to the north-west corner of the port.

Posted Image

As the eastern front proceeds, Amanda spots another deep one way up high on the tower. Fortunetly for the team she blasted a hole through his brain. Unlucky for her as aliens had their go, some gilman with Sonic Cannon ripped her apart.

Posted ImagePosted Image

I need another post or please admin enable double posting for this thread. More large stories will become normal when colonies, activities and other terrors will come as suspense here is larger than in small subs
This is 2/3 of the story so end is near.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 08:21 PM

Thank you, and the story continues

Being so bold another gilman wanted to join his friend and attack our group. As he exit through the door our two men on the sub wing guarding the advance of the south eastern group decimeted him with reaction fire

Posted Image

On our turn - Krug moves on Amanda position and takes revange on the bastard that took her. Mean while the north western front prepares to assault the building where the deep one was stunned
Posted ImagePosted Image

When our south eastern boys were almost at position some lucky gilmen from that gigant warehouse stuned our Ensign. Lucky Krug I don't know how survived the attack leaving him half-stunned. Because the assault was important as assaulting big houses full of aliens is almost suicide I've sent one more boy to help Krug, who was occupied by another deep one far in the south eastern corner. Because deep ones are stupid in assaulting fortified position he felt 3 bursts from Krugs Gauss Pistol. Having secrued southern approach I have sent our guards of Trition and a reinforcement for Krug to fast race to the wearhouse western wall.

First went Miguel and he spotted the bastard that disabled our Ensing. Unfortunetly he failed to kill him. Next went Rodrigo. By surprise Rodreigo has spotted another gilman and took care him in the blink of an eye

Posted ImagePosted Image

As the aliens had their turn. Miguel got stunned but luckly aliens are somtimes dumb and the bastard also put himself out of commision.

Meanwhile western front storms the building and find out that it is empty. Having spoted another alien on north eastern part of the port Astra and Virgil went straight there under the cover of the small platform, while Martin decided to give the sleeping deep one a gift

Posted Image

Sending Astra and Virgil under the platform was a mistake and Astra payed it with her life as there was another gilman in that building just north of theirs location. Her sacrifice did not go for nothing as Martin snuck on the alien from the front door while Vrigil kept him at bay near the southern window and zapped full auto onto buger back.

Posted Image

Back to the eastern front, Rodriego and Danny enters the warehouse while Krug following behind. First floor was cleasen't in the process of entering it. The second floor surprised us with a deep one that was blasted by Rodriego. Having secured this floor, Danny begun to enter the third one. And he spotted another deep one which he promptly send to hell.

Posted ImagePosted Image

Having this big house secured they could provide excelent scouting and fire support for the rest of the team.
Also we have counted the aliens casualites and it was clear that only few aliens reside and must be somewher near.

Not a moment too soon Virigl has spoted another deep one in the nearest building of his position. First two salvos of his dart rifle missed horribly - spotting a deep one so close must have scared him to hell, but after taking deep breath, he reloaded his rifle and this time spot on he murdered the bastard.

Posted Image

While Virigl was occupied with the deep one Danni and Rodriges were playing peek - a - boo through the windows. To thier surprise they have spoted blasted gilman. A good aimed shot from Rodriges put him out of our way.

Posted Image

So many aliens yet they still roam the area. There was another gilman behind the boxes. Our guys at the top couldn't quite find a proper line of fire. Fortunetly Martin on the west side could hit him but he missed and hid behind the brick wall. Thinking that Martin and Virgil could occupy him Krug tried to storm past the western wall of the big warehouse but the alien did the unthinkable and killed him. Fortunetly this time Martin did not miss killing the bastard and ending the mission.

Posted Image

After action report:

7 men died, 7 civilians died, 3 civilians rescued, 17 aliens died, 4 aliens captured including deep one.

Posted ImagePosted Image

File for next commander: http://www.megafileu...GAME-1-zip.html

How do you attach files in post ?
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 08:38 PM

Go to the Control Panel, then on the left-hand menu, there is a link under options called "Manage your attachments". Upload the attachment there, then copy the link and put it in the post.

Alternatively, you can send it to my e-mail address and I'll post it here (as well as being ready to play my turn).

EDIT: got the file, expect updates from me between today & tomorrow (I will be out for a few hours, then get started on it).

EDIT2: Back @ home, getting started. Veteran: Feel free to delete this post, was just trying to help silencer.
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Posted 05 February 2011 - 08:42 PM

No I don't have upload attachment in attachements management (IE8 and FF)... Do I need permision or what ?

I uploaded the file somewhere else - link in the battle end.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 09:16 PM

Good work silencer, that turned out to be a hell of a mission! Gutted we lost both the survivors from my last mission though lol Poor MArtin and Amanda, may they rest in peace with their former colleagues...

Anyway I'm not posting here to congratulate but to remind everyone to keep the chatter down. I'm going to delete a few posts (namely the breakers) and anything else I see with no content. Please keep the discussion in the appropriate thread ;)
Welcome back to the wonderful world of Fan-fiction! (it's short for fantastic!)
Go check em out, UFO TFTD and Apocalypse all under one roof!!!

Also why not check out XCom : Colonisation over in the special projects forum. Won't kill you if you do, might kill you if you don't!

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Posted 06 February 2011 - 01:36 AM

Ok, update on the Geoscape part:

My first order of business was to do a quick check on the inventory and sold most of the extra corpses:

Posted Image

I left the sonic cannons, rifles & pistols for now.

Then, I started more research projects, left deep one unresearched for now.

Posted Image

Afterwards, some more ammo was ordered as the terror mission left the base almost empty of ammo ;). I also bought a couple of gas cannons since they are useful for area effect damage and for lighting up the terrain at night.

Since there were a lot of gauss pistols but few ammo, the factory workers paused gauss rifle production and started cranking more pistol ammo. Time passes...

Posted Image

Seems that we are doing well on the monthly report. ;)

Posted Image

10 scientists & 5 technicians were hired to aid in research and production efforts. Hopefully the scientists will help in finishing those grenades soon!

However, USO 6 appears:

Posted Image

Barracuda 1 is launched for interception but signal is lost. The pilots listened to Photon's briefing beforehand, so they know that resistance is never futile, thus they decide to go to the last known position.

Posted Image

Soon afterwards, the alien craft is detected again. After a few minutes, they approached the craft to see if they could turn it into swiss cheese, but before the first salvo is fired, the USO became aware of their intentions and escaped almost immediately.

Again, the pilots refused to give up and pursued the craft, but it lands before they could catch it again.

Posted Image

At base, I rejoiced that I had put the engineers to produce more gauss ammo since the shipment had still not arrived, so I rearm the Triton with what's available and off we go!

Posted Image
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Posted 06 February 2011 - 02:22 PM

The troopers start organizing their gear, mainly gauss pistols with an extra clip & lots of standard grenades (plus 2 dye grenades for cover and 2 magna blast grenades for any demolition tasks that may arise. There was room for the tank too, which would be used as the spotter for the snipers (Miguel & Rodreigo).

As soon as the tank gets off the Triton, the first Gillmen is spotted:


Luckily, Miguel was near the door, so after a couple of shots, the alien turns into shark food:


Most of the grenadiers prime the grenades, and a dye grenade is thrown near the craft to conceal the deployment. End of turn.

On the alien phase, the tank spots something moving but nothing is on sight when I regain control. The dye's dust cloud provides cover to the soldiers that had just been deployed:

tactical_002.png tactical_003.png

After moving the tank into the general direction, 2 more gillmen were spotted:


"Grenadiers, give them hell!" the commander said. However, after several attempts, none of them could throw grenades far enough to reach them, so as soon as TUs were getting short, they also attempted firing at the south alien. A couple of shots connected, but the alien shrugged as if the gauss ammo were mosquito bites. However, Miguel's accuracy shows off again and after a shot the gillmen goes to a permanent sleep:


Almost everyone is out of TUs, but Rodreigo tries his luck with the second alien, and is successful:


End of turn. More alien movement is noticed, this time on the western part of the landing site. Since the craft was spotted, I didn't want to move them too close, just in case there are any campers at the entrance of the craft. After a barrage of shots, the alien was downed:


End of turn. Unfortunately, Armand had just stepped out of the protective cloud and there was indeed an alien camping at the entrance, who opens the craft's door and turns him into dust. Virgil sets the record straight, though:

tactical_009.png tactical_010.png

Afterwards, the tank starts to cover the entrance while the rest of the troops come around the craft. Two turns passes, and the tank spots movement south of the USO. Turns out there was another gillmen outside. Grenadiers threw two grenades around it, but the alien refused to go down. After one more turn and a couple of shots from Rodreigo, if finally falls:


Two turns later, the troops are finally ready to enter the craft, and just in time, because another camper knocked on the door and the tank, who immediately puts it to rest. A quick look at the rooms by one of the soldier spots two more aliens:

tactical_015.png tactical_017.png

I have the tank guard inside the entrance and wait one more turn. The aliens try to bring down the tank but it resisted nicely. The soldiers storm the room and finish the cleanup (and Annette capturing the last alien):

tactical_018.png geoscape_008.png

File save for the next commander --> Attached File   14.51K   389 downloads
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Posted 08 February 2011 - 04:58 PM

here we go round 2:
1. Feb
After getting an overview of our situation i renamed the soldiers with them tags i like.
i sold some sonic cannons and various stuff (corpses and the like, i spare alle sonic pistols and rifles as well as thermal shockers)
Techs build some gauss rifles and later loads of ammo.
as it has been noted the sub pens are really cheap so i ordered the 3rd to be built.
After equipping the barracuda with dup launchers the sub pen was conmplete and i ordered more dup launchers and a barracuda.
the time flies by and i send the barracuda out on some scouting after looking at the graphs(which tell us in the south atlantic there is some activity) but no luck.
Research finished sonic Pulsers and Sonic blaster rifles ( i coose rifle ammo next) before the USo shows up:


i chased it a time witzh the barracuda and hoped it lands(it was moving very slowly) and after the barra was at 55 % fuel i shot it down.

the troop is equipped with 8 gauss rifles with 3 reloads, 2 pistols with 1 reload, and 2 gas  cannons with 2 HE reloads.
the tank is coming along too

here are the vids:

#19 Grossbeer



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Posted 08 February 2011 - 05:51 PM

Tactilac mission:

after opening up the triton we spot the first alien in some dark area so we dont know if it is facing us. i skip the turn.
i start scouting a lil bit further and spot a gillman looking away. the tank goes out of the way and makes room for annete to HE the bastard:
rock on a dirct hit!
the next gillman was found soon after:
we didnt see it after the aliens moved so it calls for our newly researched sonic pulsers ;)
i moved the tank away a little and stupid enough the gillman reaction fiered, tho he didnt hit anything.
next turn we heard the sweet melodie of a greeny dying:
thex next one wasnt far away and got killed by danni with an assist of martin:
doing hes job very well our mechanized friend the tank pots the thext alien
Rodereigo takes a autoshot salve but doesent hit.
all other troops dont have any line of fire so the tank takes 2 shots as 10 TU suffice to go into cover again. as the gillman doesent die after one hit, i fear the worst as hes unarmed whcih means we got a grenade flying towards us:
the damage on the tank was minor, but this was pure luck. i do start loving the tank tho :-)
roderigo took another shot and downed the stupid nade'thrower.
so far so good.

aftetr some more scouting the next victim was spotted and Grigory took 2 auto shots which both failed misarably:
Miguel (having the /m tag) was full of confindence of netting a kill but shot his HE nowhere near the enemy and killed some innocent fish.
Virgil being a terrible shot downed the gillman as if it was nothing..
then we spot the USO:
soldiers are moving towars it and tim positioning himself in front of the sub door but way out of reach:
advancing to the sub
reveals 2 gillmen:
roderigo fearing for his live stands still and hopes his compadres dont hit him while trying to snipe the aliens.
Tim truss being in a good position takes a aimed and a snap shot but no luck so far(at least he didnt hit roderigo, tho it was close) Anette Bell with here HE loaded gas cannon was next. roderigo fearing his fellow Aquanaut now more than the aliens, shat his pants. Anette however, who can call herself a pro now, aimed one spot away from the gillman, hit and downed it:
Virgil standing somwhere far far away from the aliens chose to randomly shoot his autofire and luckyli hit the last of the aliens:
viola a no-loss crashed-small sub recovery. troops are now gaining confidence.
for the next Commander Bomb Bloke:

and here is the vid:

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Posted 12 February 2011 - 08:40 AM

Just thought I'd start noting what midi file soundtracks I'm using while I'm playing this, as an insight into my sanity levels at the time. ;)

Geoscape Chapter

Music: Thunderbirds theme

My command starts with all new research projects being started. This is shortly followed by some fund raising by selling junk off to movie studios and universities. The stuff is snapped out like hotcakes!

I sold:

- 4 Gauss Pistols
- 2 Sonic Cannons
- 10 Blasta Rifles
- 5 Sonic Pistols
- 12 corpses sold (all of them basically, no worries, the researchers have all the samples they need)

That kicked up some cash, and when the living quarters is ready I hire 1 new aquanaut.

Barracuda-3 arrives and I arm it with an Ajax and DUP head to make it a more general purpose interceptor than the heavy-hitting Barracuda-1.

I physically arrive at the base and try to sign in as Jose Pantanella in an attempt to remain incognito - but somehow I'm not fooling the rest of my shipmates and they forgo the obligatory newbie hazing.

Getting sick of Thunderbirds I switch to Masterpiece theater - it's easier on the ears.

With the Sonic Blasta Rifle set being ready for use, the eggheads start to prod and poke the dead Deep One to examine its unusual skin to see how it maintains its soft and shiny luster despite its harsh living environments. Or so they tell the grunts. I suspect they're being sarcastic.  

The seating roster is changed and 8 new recruits are named to board the Triton while the veteran team is given a well deserved rest. Equipment is adjusted accordingly to fit the new team.

Days later the Deep One Autopsy is complete and research is diverted into Aqua Plastics.

By the 24th of Feb Alien sub 8 is detected flying past the base. Barracuda 1 is launched and on engagement it looks appears to be a Fleet Supply Cruiser (be absolutely sure to read the footnote at the end of the Geoscape chapter). Because it's close to the base the Barracuda pulls back momentarily.


At the time I took that screenshot the Barracuda ran out of fuel. That's very odd because it hadn't been flying for very long? I think I might've forgotten to bring up one of the menu screens when I alt-tabbed to write my notes down, so time kept running.

Either way Barracuda-3 is launched to take its place. The chase brings the venue Northwards to the port of Reykjavik. On contact, disaster strikes. Before the first DUP torpedo can hit, the Barracuda's health is literally left in the decimals, with roughly only 10% of its hull points remaining. An immediate withdrawal is issued.

As a last ditch effort, the Triton is launched in hopes of reaching the sub if it touches down. But the Sub starts to veer to the North East and keeps its heading.

geoscape_001.png geoscape_002.png

Shortly after the first screenshot the sub vanishes off the Sonar. Triton-1 is sent to patrol the last known position. After patrolling over Reykjavik for a few hours, the Triton is sent further North for another quick patrol. By the time it's down to 68% of its fuel the Triton is ordered to return home. We've lost the alien sub.


At the end of 29th of February, Eurasia isn't too happy with us, but most of the rest of the council is pleased and have promised a good bonus to our funding next month. Good work everyone!

geoscape_004.png   geoscape_005.png

A few days into March and research is moving smoothly! Plastic Aqua Armour is started and very promptly completed. All the scientists race for the chance to get started on the Ion Beam Accelerators.

In the meantime the Gauss Rifle production plant started by the last commander is halted to begin mass producing the new Plastic Aqua Armor and... fishbowls. Or so they tell me. I commission 8 Suits for a trial run, but I'm not confident that I'll see them in action on this brief tour.

geoscape_006.png geoscape_007.png

A large alien sub is spotted. Dual Barracudas are launched to engage. The alien sub does a sharp turn near Miami and starts flying back thet way it came. On contact it appears to be another Fleet Supply Cruiser.

The Barracudas launch an offensive but just like the last encounter this sub proves to be incredibly powerful. A few more torpedoes are slammed into the alien sub this time but again a few well placed hits from the sub forces both Barracudas to disengage by themselves. I think the aliens are dropping a subtle hint for us to get some better weapons.

geoscape_008.png geoscape_009.png

As if toying with the fleeing Barracudas the alien sub follows them at a slower pace. After the fleeing Barracudas have docked safely at the base, the alien sub does a fly-by. It then resumes on its original heading and ambles towards Port Severn (it's just touching the V in the second screenshot), and its true intentions are discovered:


Triton-1 launches and finds itself in race with the day/night terminator.

geoscape_011.png geoscape_012.png

Light proves to be faster than the Triton, which everyone on the Triton agrees to be a good thing™.

On touching down the crew is armed very neatly with 2 Blasta Rifles, 2 Gauss Rifles, 2 Gauss Pistols and 2 Gas Cannons. Grenades are shuffled about and handed to the ones with the Gauss Pistols. The fight's on!

Or, at least not right away. To be continued in the next installment.



On checking the wiki to double-check the name of the alien sub, I discovered I was throwing the Barracudas against a Battleship (TFTD's Terror Ship equivalent) and not a Fleet Supply Cruiser. No wonder the Barracudas were being pounded!

See, in the plain vanilla copy of TFTD, the Fleet Supply Cruiser and the Battleship have their images swapped in the interception pane.

Also note I'm still listening to Masterpiece theater as I type all this - it's become hypnotic. Argh!
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