Wargoth Crusade

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 08:50 PM

Inspired by the disappointment of the Wargoth Myrmecol misssions,
and the work of Okim and Shadowarrior, I have begun modding the Wargoths in an attempt to make thme more foe-midable and ... interesting.

I also wanted to make the Wargot Crusade actually -FIERCE.


"As far as the Wargot soldiers are concerned, their only reason for attacking Earth is to conquer the planet for the greater glory of their God. They have faith that their deity will guide them in their next goal once this task is complete. Of course, we doubt the accuracy of this claimóbut, assuming there is no divine force at work here, we cannot speculate as to the purpose behind the Wargot attack. One interesting fact is that the Wargots' starfaring technology remains a closely guarded secret of the clergy and the Pontifex. As far as the common soldiers seem to know, there is no Wargot star empire. In fact, most of the soldiers we've interrogated seem to believe that the Wargots never ventured into space prior to this mission."

When you mix 'predator' with the aliens from Footfall

Posted Image -(check the wiki... sound familiar?)

.. and add to that they are Religious Fanatic "Space Marine" Templars on a FRIGGIN' CRUSADE against our planet, and they should really be a lot more of a hassle.
And look a lot more terrifying. Really.. Green and Yellow? WTF?

So far, i have only worked on data files, but art changes are being planned as well.

I will post the changes intended here; this is a shell for now.

-Gauss or Rail weapons: they have plasma technolgy, whoever they stole it from (joke?) certainly figured out how better to propel projectiles than with gunpowder...
- (failed)[b]Attempted to mod the Wargoths to attack Laputian BASES, and control reverting to Cultist allies rather than mutants on success.

Remember the unknown 3rd race alien pilot on the derelict space-hulk in Alien ( original movie?)

-I'll be back.

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