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Posted 14 September 2007 - 05:15 PM

The following rules and regulations have been implemented to maintain an enjoyable environment for all visitors. If you have a question about a rule, feel free to contact a member of staff.
  • No Flaming. Flaming is defined as personal or harassing attacks against another forum visitor, both on the boards and through the PM system. Flaming will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary actions up to and including being banned permanently from the site.
  • No Spamming. Spamming violations may result in your post count being reset, revocation of posting privileges, or even permanent banning from the site. There are several types of spam. They are listed below.
    • Off-Topic posts outside the Off Topic forum. Please do not post any topics in any of the game series' forums that have nothing to do with the forum they are in. If you wish to make an off topic post, please do this in the Off Topic forum. We also have a section for Political and Religious discussions.
    • Multiposting. Multiposting is repeating the same message several times in the same topic, or, making a post directly after another, when you could have edited the additional comments into your first post. Multiposts are not allowed in any forum.
    • Multithreading. Multithreading is posting the same message in several different threads. Multithreading is not allowed in any forum.
    • Unauthorized Advertising. Any advertising not cleared through the site staff. Any unauthorized advertisements will be deleted and the offending member may be banned.
  • No Obscene Posts or Blatant Profanity. There are many visitors to this site of all ages. Make sure you keep your posts fit for any audience. A good rule of thumb is: Would I want my children reading this? Any obscene posts will be edited or deleted. Depending on the severity of the offense, the poster may be banned.
  • Absolutely no Software Piracy of Any Form will be tolerated at StrategyCore. This includes, but is not limited to, downloading of copyrighted works, posting links to such downloads, and or offering or soliciting such activities. All games featured here are copyrighted works, and as such are absolutely illegal to copy, download, or otherwise distribute.

    Regarding the X-COM series, where the games are hard to get hold of these days, the following quote is a definition of "abandonware" and clearly demonstrates why all games in the X-Com series are illegal to download/distribute.


    Abandonware - Software that is no longer being sold or supported by its publisher. Most abandonware is still considered illegal unless the publisher has re-released the software as freeware.

    U.S. copyright laws state that copyrights owned by corporations are valid for 75 years from the date the software was first published. So the current availability of a product is irrelevant to its copyrighted status. Unlike trademarks, copyrights are not considered abandoned if they are no longer enforced. Copyrights do not enter the public domain just because they are no longer commercially exploited or widely available.
    Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban.

    Software exceptions to this rule will be noted by StrategyCore staff members.
  • No images in signatures larger than 500x100 pixels or a file size of 50kb. All signatures must comply with the rest of the rules. Offending signatures will be edited or deleted.
  • Use Common Sense. No set of rules can cover everything. If you think before posting, you won't have any trouble. If you cause us to add a new rule to cover what you've done, we'll most likely ban you for it.
The term "ban" is split into three categories depending upon the severity of the offence.
  • A ban from the forums for a period of one week. Used for minor offences, such as occasional flaming posts.
  • A complete ban from the forums - for major offences, such as advertising, or continuous flaming or spam-type posts.
  • A complete ban from the site - for really bad offences, such as highly offensive posts or software piracy.
Please don't be put off by these rules. They are in place to ensure the site has a nice and friendly atmosphere. Although some of the rules may sound a little severe, most incidents we've experienced have been simple misunderstandings and have been settled amicably. We're not here to rule with an iron fist, but we will come down hard on anyone blatantly disregarding them.

These rules will be enforced by all site staff. If you have a complaint against a member of staff, please contact either Pete or Slaughter.

StrategyCore Staff:

Pete (Rules the entire site)
Slaughter (Also rules the entire site)
Bomb Bloke (I draw the smiley faces)
Accounting Troll (Forum Administrator and UFO fanatic)
Zombie (Forum Administrator and X-COM fanatic)

FullAuto (Fan Fiction)
The Veteran (Fan Fiction)
NKF (X-Com Games)
DragonHawk (X-Com Simming)
Kret (UFO Aftermath)
Thorondor (UFO and News)
Azrael Strife (General Games, Xenocide)
Crazy Gringo (Silent Storm, General Games)
baby arm (News, General Games)

Project Leaders:
Mad-PX (Xenocide)

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