Sound Mod for UFO:AS (posted) UFO:AL (in process)

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Posted 07 March 2007 - 12:04 AM

My sound mod for UFO:AS  can be found HERE.  Below is the readme.txt file, which should let you know all the details.  Please post feedback, bugs, etc. in this thread.  I am also in the process of implementing a similar one for UFO:AL, so if you identify specific sounds that are just plain horrible in UFO:AL, let me know so that I can see about replacing it.


Tampa_Gamer Sound Effects Mod v1.00
UFO: Aftershock (1.2 N. American version)
March 5, 2007


Since most games can only reach us (currently) by using 2 of our 5 senses (sight and hearing) it always astonishes me how little time developers spend on 50% of the equation - sound.  When done correctly, sound (both effects and music) can change an entire mood of the game (i.e. X-Com anyone?).  This mod attempts to bring a higher level of immersion to the game by replacing most of the equipment use sounds (84) and reloading effects (5), which cover the alien "weapons" as well.  I have not replaced the music, since other available mods already do that.  One concept that I have implemented (which some purists may not like) is that for certain automatic weapons, I chose to go with the concept that "single fire" is really a selection of a "3 round burst mode" and "automatic fire" is several bursts in a row.  I play primarily using the "slowest" speed during combat (since the animations on "normal" are entirely too fast for my taste), so the sound timing was tested using that speed.


I have tried to keep each sound file as close as possible to the default size, in order to avoid problems with both animation timing and any program limitations.  The default files used a wave PCM sound format of 22.5hz, 16bit mono channel.  In almost all but a few, I have retained this format.  Initial experiments with converting them all to stereo and higher bit sampling rate resulted in some stuttering in between animations, so I did not think that the marginal increase in sound fidelity was worth the trade-off.  Having said that, all but a few of the late-game sounds have been play tested by me (since I am currently re-playing a full game of UFO:Aftershock before starting UFO:Afterlight), but if you run into any bugs or problems, please e-mail me at the address below.


To install, unzip the file "mod_TG_Sounds.vfs" into your main UFO game directory (i.e. where the .exe file is found).  To remove, simply delete the file.


This mod contains replacement sounds in the following directories (too numerous to mention all files):

This mod is compatible with any save game (i.e. it should not effect them since the sounds are loaded from each file every time the game is started).

This mod is fully compatible with ShadoWarrior's excellent Weapon Rebalance Mod (3.17), since I used it all during testing of these sounds.


Probably none at this time.  My goal was to replay UFO:Aftershock (fully modded) in preparation for playing UFO:Afterlight and make a "practice" sound mod.  I have already started incorporating this sound mod into UFO:Afterlight, and hopefully will release it soon.


v1.00 (first public release)
+ replaced 5 equipment reloading sounds
+ replaced 84 equipment use sounds


(1) The sounds contained in this mod were taken from a variety of sources (including my own sound mods for Space Empires IV and V) and modified heavily via my sound editor.  Other sounds have been obtained from other sources, but if the creator of any sound contained in this mod wishes at any time to have their sounds removed, contact me at the e-mail address below and the sound(s) will be promptly deleted.  This sound mod is distributed completely free of charge.

(2) As a common modding courtesy, I would ask that this sound mod not be posted or used in part or in whole without first contacting me via the e-mail below.

(3) As all of my mods are a continual work-in-process, please forward all tweaks, suggestions and bugs found to me at xxctraberxx@ngn-xxtampa.xxcom (remove xxx's for actual e-mail).

Have Fun!




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Posted 28 December 2009 - 12:42 AM

The firing sound of the Under-barrel Plasma Launcher is too loud compared to other sounds.
Also said on Altar forum: http://forum.altarga...?showtopic=4899

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