A New S3 Scenario Mod: 'Shattered'

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 03:41 AM

Hello SCAM, thanks for the feedback  :)

1.) "I was confused on the conversion process of Vlad and Mira they just seem to take off."

- Yeah, I can come up with something to clear this up a bit.

2.) "Also, in Silent Storm Sentinels there was an equipment loot screen after you hit the leave button."

- The main reason why I didn't try for the demo: Basically, there will not always be a fight when passing through zones or in some cases you can leave or bypass the enemy without fighting, so the loot screen could get very annoying... I think on it some more when I get closer to finishing though  :)

3.) "I like the navigation system but it seems like it could be kind of a pain to constantly go back thru multiple maps to a certain map to sell looted equipment and heal. "

- I have thought about this being an issue... but right now, I'm only planning on two arms dealers and two healers. I have several reasons why, but we'll see what happens when I finish the mod and play through it  :D

4.) "The AI both friendly and Hostile seem kind of brain dead but in this case I think it balanced out because if they were any smarter I would have been overwhelmed by their numbers."

- Uh-oh... I spent some time rescripting that mission last week and the AI is much more organized now. That was the mission that I enjoyed the most when I played the demo, but it wasn't quite what I was going for. Definitely more challenging now and hopefully it won't be toooo hard  :)

Glad you enjoyed the demo! Oh, and I'm from an insignificant town in Indiana...

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