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#1 Accounting Troll

Accounting Troll

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Posted 17 March 2005 - 08:35 PM

Don't forget to update your character profiles as the story progresses...

Name: Mark Tanner
Age: 34
Nationality: British
Call sign: Troll

Controlled by: Accounting Troll

Strength: Average
Agility: Good
Dexterity: Average
Willpower: Good
Intelligence: Good
Perception: Average

Physical description:  Height: 184 cm.  Hair: Brown.  Eyes: Green.


Mark never made the most of his academic abilities and he left school at 16.  Joined the Black Watch two years later and has seen active service in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Although an experienced soldier who remains calm under fire, he was frequently passed over for promotion partly due to his tendency to question orders he regards as foolish, and partly because of the scandal caused when he told a visiting reporter what the men in his unit REALLY thought of the HK SA-80.  He has been drinking far too heavily in recent months because of a lack of purpose in his life.  He dislikes social activities, so he is not likely to mix well with the other soldiers in his unit.  He does not yet know that he has a daughter.  Underneath his dour and cynical exterior, he believes that Phoenix Company offers the best hope of redemption both for humanity and for himself.

Squad role:  Soldier, but he has good potential as a psionic or a grenadier.

Name: Malcolm McLean
Age: 38
Nationality: American
Call sign: Malcolm

Controlled by: Anybody

Strength: Good
Agility: Very Good
Dexterity: Good
Willpower: Poor
Intelligence: Poor
Perception: Average

Physical description:  Height: 175cm.  Hair: Grey.  Eyes: Brown.


Growing up in a farming community in the southern states gave Malcolm a deep interest in firearms from an early age.  He joined the United States Army upon leaving school and was stationed in Germany, which he found dull.  Proficient in the use of rocket launchers and grenades.  A growing obsession with the notion that he had been abducted by aliens led him to be drummed out of the service.  As he speaks both English and German, he took a series of casual jobs in the Rhine cities rather than return home in shame, although his continued obsession made him something of a loner.  He survived the Fall by hiding in a cellar, where he nearly starved.  He feels personally vindicated by the invasion, and he joined Phoenix Company because it offers him a chance to kill the aliens who once abducted him.

Squad role: Grenadier/Soldier

Name: Brian Rowley
Age: 36
Nationality: American
Call sign: Egghead

Controlled by: Anybody

Strength: Poor
Agility: Poor
Dexterity: Average
Willpower: Very Good
Intelligence: Excellent
Perception: Average

Physical description:  Height: 167cm.  Eyes: Blue.  Hair: None.


Graduated from Harvard University with a degree in meteorology.  Was studying climate change in Europe immediately prior to the invasion.  He emerged from shelter a day too early, and he was found in an unconscious state the next day by Malcolm McLean.  They teamed up over the next few months, and when Malcolm volunteered to join Phoenix Company, Brian followed in his footsteps, leading to rumours that they are having a relationship.  Brian has no formal military training, but he regularly used handguns in gunclubs before the invasion and he has managed to survive out there since last May.  As a trained scientist, his ability to observe and understand the enemy will be a useful addition to the squad.

Squad role: Scientist.

#2 Shades of Green

Shades of Green


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Posted 17 March 2005 - 08:54 PM

Name: Mira Geffen
Callsign: Mira or Mirushka
Speciality: Medic, Pistolero and, later on, Psionic
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Pre-Fall Nationality: Israeli
Character Controller: Shades of Green

Background: Growing up in the somg-choked worker-class suburbs of Haifa, Mira was a quiet, yet curious child who saw little happiness in her early life. Her mind, however, was quite sharp, and her imagination was solid; what she could not satisfy in her material life, she made up to from books, daydreams and quiet friendly chatter. Her intellectual abilities eventually led to a relatively successful graduation from high school and to her drafting to the IDF as a semi-field medic (this is where she had her military experience: training with the M16 Assault Rifle, and more than that - the Galil MAR carbine, which should count as a "handgun" in UFO:AM terms, as well as sone experience on the Uzi SMG - which is used only for traing in the IDF these days - but mostly medic training).
After her military service she applied to the Hebrew university in Jerusalem to study biology, which she graduated with fine marks; she marked the completion of her Bachelor's Degree by a cross-Europe trip, in the spring of 2004, with a few of her friends (Olga, Ariella and Avram). The Fall caught her in the Paris metro system, where she hid out with other survivors in one of the less contaminated segments of the system; her friends, who staid at the hotel while she took the metro, did not survive. She signed up with the Council of Earth in early December 2004 out of despair and in the hopes of revange.

Personality: Mira was, most of her life, a dreamy but unhappy person. Thebest parts of her life were in high school and in the university, two worlds which are now far behind her. With three of her best friends (especilly Avram who was slowly becoming her boyfriend) dead, she is quite depressed, however she finds ways out of that depression by cooking (one of her two favorite passtimes), reading/daydreaming (her second favorite passtime), by helping others in a "motherly" way and by swearing revange - and serving in the organization which is the instrument of that revange. She speaks Hebrew and English well, and could handle herself in French (living a few months with French survivors in the Paris metro will teach you the language).

Physical Description: Mira is a short, somewhat round young woman standing 1.66 meters tall and weighting 81 kilograms. She has shoulder-length smooth black hair (which she wears loose) and deep green eyes; out of uniform she dresses causally (usually jeans and a T-shirt).

(now, the Skill Tool comes into use :D)
Strength: Poor
Agility: Avarage
Dexterity: Good
Willpower: Good
Intelligence: Excellent
Perception: Avarage

Markmanship: Good
Rifles: Avarage
Handguns: Good
Launchers: Avarage
Throwing: Poor

Psi Power: Very Good
Hit Points: Avarage
Speed: Avarage
Dodging: Avarage

Observation: Good
Stealth: Avarage

Aliens: Very Good
Medical: Very Good
Capacity: Avarage

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Posted 20 May 2005 - 10:56 PM

Name: Anna-Marie
Age: Unknown, looks 12 (explained in background)
Pre-Fall Nationality:Unknown (see age)
Character Controller:Devvie

Background: The story of Annie started a normal day when a young girl knocked on a door, and a phoenix crew opened. She was to be taken to a safe area and then released, but her mental skills not only scared the phoenix grunts, but confused thoes with strong psi development. Her abilities was not adapted for military use, but one experienced psi brought her as an aprentice.
When her master died on a hazzardous mission, she was an assets to a squadleader in a bad situation. She proved herself and stayed in service even thou her young age.
Even thou she looks happy, she never of seldom speak. Not even her master got many words from her during the two months they spent together.
Who she really is and where she came from, is some of the question she cant or wont answere.

Personality: Annie seldom talks, but every now and then she does, but noone can really understand her. Some times she speaks in riddles, sometimes she only talks of things noone can understand at all. She concidered a mute by most crew, yet she follows them, always with a slight smile on her lips.

Strength: Poor
Agility: Poor
Dexterity: Poor
Willpower: Excellent
Intelligence: Excellent
Perception: Poor

Markmanship: Poor
Rifles: Poor
Handguns: Poor
Launchers: Poor
Throwing: Poor

Psi Power: Very Good
Hit Points: Avarage
Speed: Poor
Dodging: Poor

Observation: Excellent
Stealth: Good

Aliens: Excellent
Medical: Poor

Notes: The Atts and Skills for Annie are low since she is but a child. Thoes not poor is assessed by a third party, such as her psi-master, and will be updated as things are revealed.
This is a different and special character, wait with judgement until she is integrated to the story.

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