How to change player-skins

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Posted 01 November 2003 - 05:01 PM

ive written it in the german joewood-forum before, so german-player should take a look here

before you start, be asure that youve created a new database-instance(you can do so when the ss-editor starts), that youve chosen this and your original database is untouched. if not, stop the sql server, delete beneath the "res"-dir the files "a5game_data" & "a5game_log.ldf", and do a repair install from silentctorm cd 1.

okay, editor already launched? here we go:

menue "View", "select resource tab" ,"rpg-settings" there check "pers". okay

switch to "pers" (on the lfet side), under "pc-soldiers" are all soldiers you can play, aka "player-characters", with three subcategories, Allies, Axis and "Hero". axis and allies are the player you can choose in your hq, hero is your customized char.

so, now we are going to replace the allies_soldier(hero) with the modell of the italian soldier (by the way, i didnt managed to change the modell of the soldier in the main-char-selector, perhaps later i will update, when i understand the templates better the now).

click beneath "heroes" on the "alliessoldier", and close the the appearing equipment window. on the right side click on "modelid", then on the "..." right of it. in the new windows click your way to "modellscharactershuman skeletonitaly", and select "soldier", hit okay. close the appearing items-window.

now you can build the mod the way i described it before(not in this thread), or use thge ingame build (which takes more time).

ingame: menue "tools", "build", wait a bunch of secs.
when the build is finished, take a look in your silent storm"name of your database instance"-dir, there should be a "game.db" and a "description.txt", taker a look at the creation time, to be asure that these are the one you created just some secs ago.

create a new folder, without spaces in the name, and move this two files into it, then move the folder to your s-storm -main dir.

start up sstorm, and start a new allies-campagne. in  the main charselector you wont see any difference (i told you above), just choose the soldier and hit "next". tataa, see screenie.


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 03:22 AM

okay, ive found a bunch of things :-)

this is more theoretic:

to play around a bit, you should enable the following resource tabs:

"Modells", "Uniforms" & "Pers".

At first switch to "Modells", and select
"All ModelsCharactersHumanSkeletonGerman", then click the "EliteSoldier".

then take a look to the properties windows to the right.

a model is primary based on a skeleton, whichis "CharactersBaseSkeleton" for most of the humans, it defines the different action possibilites like climbing, crawling, etc., compare it to the "Bones"-system in 3dmax.

the nextone is the geometry.  which defines the bodies proportions, like a modell out of 3dmax. the materials 0-2 are: body, face, Legs&arms.
the 3rd one is empty, nevertheless you can add orders here.

you have to click "..." to change them, can select the parts in the upcoming browser-window. as long there are no res-extractors, we can only use the included one.

to create a new modell, just right click in the navigation window, and choose "new item". just play around and take a look at the other values.


so, now we keep an eye on the "uniform"'s tab. a "uniform" isnt exactly what it sounds like, its more a defintion of extra stuff. a char can wear, and handles how the stuff from your inventory are displayed.

so navigate your way to "uniformsAllies" and click "Allies_engineer".

the entries below "general" define which inventory items are placed at wich part of the modell. when you select one and click the "...", a window s with 4 rollups will appear, its quite selfexplanatory.

below it  are the "models", here you can define "graphically gadgets", your char carries around, for example a helmet, sunglasses, the backpack or other stuff, like a shovel for example. partially not each item work on each modell, for example is there a problem with woman and helmets (it doesnt work, partially). most important are the "capmodellid", which defines the headwear. you can see these modells, if you swich pack to the "modells"-tab, then navigate your way to "CharactersEquipmentSlots". here is a lot of inventory  stuff, just explore around beneath it, you will find it yourself quite fast (i hope so).


okay, the next step to a working ingame-figure is the "pers" tab, hit it,
then navigate to "All PersPC SoldiersHero", there select the "Axisengineer".

in the upcoming windows you can define which items this pers(-ona) should carry around, its not important at the moment.

now take a look to the right, the properties.
the ones under "general" are partially selfexplaining, partially totally cryptic (for me). by the way, because its based on the databse, a lot of stuff i referenced, so for example "voice". when you hit it, there will be no explorer like it was with the materials, here you have to type in a  number. the "2" here is a referenc to an id of an table entry.

okay, lets go on.

below "models" is the "modelid", which is plain and simple one of the models we talked before, so you can change it to a given one, or just use the one you created before (perhaps).

the next one is "uniform", just the same as with "models".

the following entries are mostly selfexplantory.

just play around, will will get used to it quite fast.


by the way, while creating a new "uniform" or "modell" within the editor is quite easy, creating a "pers" often results in a bunch of errors. i personally prefer to create a new "pers" within ms access(just copying an existing one). after this, you can launch your s2editor and change the entries there.

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Posted 08 November 2003 - 11:41 AM

The following really useful information was posted elsewhere on the forum by M1911, I figured it would be most useful in this thread :)


I've been tinkering with the editor and I believe I can explain how to have helmets with goggle or gasmask etc.

Ok first start up the editor then choose "View" then from the list choose "Select Resource Tabs" Now click on the tab marked "Misc" and then place a check in the box next to "Complex Heads"

As I understand it the models have six parts. The legs(+arms), body(torso area), face (hands+neck), complex head, uniform (actually accessories like backpack or gun holsters), and orders( rank insigna etc, mostly found on german models).

I'll focus on the head section and try and explain what I've found so far. Click on the complex head tab on the left of the editor to bring up the list of heads. When you select a head your view screen may be black. Use the right mouse button+ mouse to rotate, scrolling wheel to zoom/unzoom and control+ right mouse to scroll.

On the right is the properties list that defines the features of the head. Under the models is a list of Hair.. HairInCap...etc. If you select the Values next to Mesh1 you can assign that for a helmet. Mesh2 could be glasses or a gasmask. I would suggest going through the models and take note of the different glasses and masks to get the type that you want.
Be careful because you can do all sorts of strange stuff like making item models stick out of thier heads! Might be fun to try with a knife  

Once you get the head you want you can go back to the Pers tab and goto the team mate you want to change the head of. At the very bottom of the properties list on the right is a entry for "complex head" simply change that to the head you want and you are all set!

Just tinkering around I put together a russian sniper with the standard USSR uniform, field cap, sunglasses and ofcorse black leather gloves.
I haven't tried to actually tried to make a mod and run it in game yet so Im not sure if any of the above will cause any problems. Remember that if you change the heads it changes the head in the game that may be used by other models. I'll try and make a new head model and see if I can get it to work without causing any trouble.

Just a final note, the individual parts of the characters outfits can be mixed and matched if you use the Models Tab =) Happy modding and if anyone can figure out how to extract the textures out of the Res file I'd love to take a stab at a US army medic and/or some British Paratroopers.
I hope this helps and if something isn't clear let me know and Ill explain it some more .

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