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#41 Tansy



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Posted 01 November 2002 - 06:30 PM

I bought UFO defense when it first came out because I really liked Microprose games.   I loved the game but found it really hard to get started.  I bought TFTD as soon as it came out, but was frustrated trying to play it, because it was so dark on my monitor.  About a year ago, my husband and I saw the collectors edition in a bargain bin.  Since it was redone for windows we purchased it, even though I still had my DOS games.  It then sat on our shelves until I was looking for something to replay.  I installed UFO defense and as soon as the music started playing, my husband grabbed the CD and installed it on his computer, too.   Now we are both playing it again.  

I am looking forward to trying TFTD and Apoc, too.  I was really surprised to see that there were up to date forums and websites for the series.


#42 The Demi-Godly One

The Demi-Godly One

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Posted 03 November 2002 - 12:10 AM

About the languages, it's hard to speak any language well. (duh!)
But with most languages you can only speak it well, while with English it's easy
to speak it badly with no one caring.
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#43 Ego Terrorist

Ego Terrorist

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Posted 05 November 2002 - 02:35 PM

How did I discover UFO?

I came across Interceptor at a mates house, then one day I came across a demo of UFO and TFTD and I liked 'em.

Then it all happened I was walking around PC World and came across Collectors Edition in the bargin bin and I decided to buy it and it oly set me back £5 which was well ace as I got all of the X-Com games (UFO, TFTD, Interceptor, Apoc and Email!!) I played and play Apoc and then decided to try UFO and I fell in love!
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#44 Blade


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Posted 05 November 2002 - 02:51 PM

Wow, you're all so young!

I'm a big fan of Julian and Nicks games (especially Lasersquad) and bought UFO the day it was released.

#45 PvT Emil Thorsell

PvT Emil Thorsell


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Posted 07 November 2002 - 09:26 PM

:)  I first discovered X-COM when i was 7 years old (im 15 now)my friends brothers brought home a game that they started playing instantly on their 486. At first i didnt pay much antention to it, but my friend got hooked, or to say, his brothers, it was they who played, and we minors sat around the screen watching breathlesly when his brother assaulted the big battleship or killin some chryssalids on a terror mission. Boy was i scared of going home in the dark after sitting watching his brothers play. It wasnt untill i was about 8 years old that i and my friend in secret started to play the forbidden game (his brothers had said that we was not to touch the computer) X-COM. After awhile even we little kids got acces to the computer when we got to the age of 10. We had by then tired of playing X-COM cuz we couldnt kill all the brain and finish the game. It wasnt until i was 14 that i saw the game in a bargain bin with games that i bought it. I remembered the nights of watching X-COM, and i got a strong feeling of havin to play the game again. At the time we had an old computer with win 95 on it so i could play the game. But we bought a new computer as a birthday gift to me, and the old comp was thrown away without asking me about it. So here i am with a new comp that has Windows xp ( u cant play X-COM on win xp, win xp has no DOS) and no way to play the superb game, is there any1 out there who can tell me how i can play X-COM on win xp? Thx for your time. :)

#46 DragonHawk


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Posted 08 November 2002 - 12:24 AM

I think I played them out of order...  :)

I acquired TFTD... back then, I was looking for "cool strategy games".  I was looking at games like Dune II, games that required some thinking and organizational skills.

TFTD came along, I copied it to check it out.  Impressive...  The next copy that I saw in the stores went into my grubby little paws.  :)  

After that, I kept looking for the first one... never saw it in a store though.  Bought Apoc, and that was fun, but still no UFO.  

Finally, down in the states, two years later, I bought that pack that included UFO, TFTD, Master of Orion, and Master of Magic.  Success.  :)
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#47 Ki-tat Chung

Ki-tat Chung


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Posted 08 November 2002 - 11:43 AM

go check the offtopic forums if you want to know about me. can't be bumed to retype.

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    Frank Pearce

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Posted 26 November 2002 - 06:48 AM

I had just bought my first playstation, and my best friend and I were way into renting games.

we saw x-com and thought a strategy game would be cool, but we didn't grasp the whole time units and fog of war deal at first and it sat on the floor for a few days.  we worked together, and completed a mission.  we rented the game for 3 months before actually buying it. we took turns on missions, had our own bases and teams.  with no instuction booklet we sort of made up names for everything

small scout = chiklet (the square 5 cent gum)
meduim scout = cross
abductor=big mac
sectoid= greys
silacoid=cruton (it's crunchy and rhymes with muton)
celatoid=kidney bean
ehterial base= massacre
reaper= Bjorn (my dog's name)

I prefer the sony version, but you have to save the game a lot because itfreezes sometimes. usually on battleship missions.

eventually 4 of us would get together and take turns on missions.. but it took a while for my best friend and I to teach others how to play and we refuse to do it anymore.. we had a lot of fun figureing it out, it's better that way. man.. our girlfriends hated it when we played.. there was only one gril that liked to watch.
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#49 Tammy


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Posted 27 November 2002 - 12:44 AM

Yeah, us X-COM girls are hard to find.  :)
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Posted 27 November 2002 - 02:00 AM

If only there were more... *sigh*

I mean, the more people the merrier, hey?

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#51 Psy Guy

Psy Guy


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Posted 30 November 2002 - 06:10 PM

This is kinda off the topic but then again it kinda is on topic anyway: As i was going through my game collection i came across a demo CD from the 200th issue of CGW. Anyway in the demo disk was some full verson games and x-com was one of them. Seems kinda odd that they would just give the game away eventhough its not freewear.  just thought i put that out there.

-PSY GUY-  :)
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Posted 30 November 2002 - 11:43 PM

It's not freeware. You still had to pay for the magazine and CD, which pretty much covers the cost of the game as well (although at a rather depreciated value).

The publisher must have had some deal with the games' owners. Probably they have to pay a royalty per magazine sold or somesuch.

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#53 Hobbes


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Posted 01 December 2002 - 06:07 PM

I think there might be at least another person up there that has played the original Rebelstar and Laser Squad on the Spectrum. That's how i first got into touch with turn-based squad gaming back in the eighties.
When UFO and TFTD were released I didn't had a computer so I even though I had heard from it I couldn't play them :)
When I finally bought a PC my first contact with X-Com was through Apocalypse. I bought it in a travel i made to the US and when i arrived home I spent the next two weeks getting addicted to it. But when I finally got the original UFO I simply went ballistic like a blaster bomb with it :)
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#54 The Demi-Godly One

The Demi-Godly One

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Posted 20 December 2002 - 09:06 PM

I can't remember exactly, but I think my dad got it as part of a present
for christmas.
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#55 Jman4117



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Posted 13 June 2004 - 12:55 AM

I found my UFO in the $10 bin at Walmart and TFTD at my cousin's house.
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#56 Pumpkinhead


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Posted 13 June 2004 - 03:13 AM

I got my first ever computer back in '95 and one of the guys I knew whose family had owned computers his whole life, said there was this cool game he was playing at the time called UFO, so he gave me a copy (on several floppy discs) and I was instantly addicted!

Then during my uni years, I found a CD copy of UFO (doubled with Master of Orion) for $10 in the cheapy section of Electronics Boutique and bought it straight away!!
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#57 Munkeylord


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Posted 13 June 2004 - 11:52 PM

my buddy excitedly explained to me for a month about this game..........like 7 years ago or so. played it ever since, lol i can predict the alien movements now and yea........you veterans know exactly what i'm talking about

#58 neil1



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Posted 16 June 2004 - 08:32 PM

I found it by accident.  When I moved in with my ex girlfriend, she had a two seater bed settee that she wanted to get rid of it, well I was in the army at the time and my room mate was after something similar.  So we agreed that, if he could arange for it to be collected he could have the sofa.

Next day he turns up with a bleeding 4 ton truck, as seen on TV for moving troops and stores around, you know the one, according to the army ir was not in iraq during the recent conflict and was definatly not in that photo.

We he took the sofa and half an hour later he turned up again and gave us a commadore amegia CD32 system, which if I am right was a predisessor to the playstation.  With this came the CD for the game.  No instructions or anything.  Oh and no way of saving the game.  6 months later I managed to complete the game and yes I had not turned the machine of once in this time.

:power:  :eh:  :P  :)  :(

#59 Puasonen



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Posted 18 June 2004 - 01:43 PM

I got a computer from my big brother for free when it got old (386). He didn't empty the hard disk and it contained the x-com game. I learned the game by trial/error way, no manuals for this baby. We played it with few of my friends for a long time until we started understanding the game. Some little things like priming grenades and stuff was learned accidentaly time to time.
It's truly amazing how a game that I didn't know a crap about addicted me and my friends so badly  :power:  I had never even played that kind of games before, just some driving games and stuff..

#60 FullAuto


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 05:54 AM

I stole the collecter's edition from my cousin, and to be honest, the games are so good I don't even feel any guilt about it.

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