Issues with UFO 1.4 patch?

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Posted 29 November 2002 - 03:47 AM

Chrysalid Zombie says:From the FAQ, Problems 3 and 4

A few people have complained that the sound is a bit naff in their version of UFO after they add the 1.4 patch. The aliens all scream the same at death and some sound is low in quality.
My solution? Stop complaining!
The actual solution? Simply copy the old sound files (before you add the patch) somewhere else. Then put them back afterwards. Thanks for that simple answer Greg!

This one comes from version 1.0 of UFO (X-com 1). It means that if you re-load a game started on Super-human setting (as you may have to do to save trooper Jackson) it resets back to Beginner difficulty! Where's the challenge now!?!
Solution: Simple! Get Version 1.4 from this site:
This is an old problem. The collector's edition and more recent versions are in fact V1.4 all ready, so you don't have this problem (lucky people!)

NKF says: Two different messages here :confused:

I'd also like to note that the 1.4 patch for MSDos UFO doesn't quite remove the difficulty bug. Mine kept reverting back to beginner after patching it to 1.4. I know Xcomutil can fix this bug (And leaves the SFX alone).

Also, copying pre 1.4 sound effects and overwriting the 1.4 sfx doesn't quite work. Their sampling rates are different. The old sfx will sound rather chip-munkish at times, and may even play more sounds than is necessary or might play the wrong sounds entirely. It can even cause the game to crash, as the offsets for the sound effects are now in different locations. The worst that could happen is that the computer might lock up when it tries to play invalid

The only thing I'm definite of is that it increases the sampling rate of the sound effects (plus those horrid sounds). All this really does is make the game sound less scratchy on more modern sound cards.

Doesn't do squat about the base disjoint bug.

Oh, and it puts in the skill caps, which they'd left out in earlier versions. sounds. I had to learn the hard way...
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