2. Gameplay

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 03:21 PM

Index :

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:26 PM

2.1 Introduction

General intro to gameplay and editing gameplay of UFO

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:27 PM

2.2 General Configuration


This file holds general information pertaining to everthing involved with the geosphere such as biomass growth rates and ufo speeds.

BIOMASS_GROW_TRESHOLD                    [float]
BIOMASS_AMPLITUDE_CONST                  [integer]
BIOMASS_GROW_KOEF                        [float]       Biomas growth rate

GAME_SPEED_STEP1                         [integer] How quickly game passes at step 1
GAME_SPEED_STEP2                         [integer] How quickly game passes at step 2
GAME_SPEED_STEP3                         [integer] How quickly game passes at step 3

SELECTION_RADIUS                         [float]
SAME_SELECTION_RADIUS                    [float]
SELECTION_TOLERANCE                      [float]

TRANSFORMING_BASE_COEF                   [float]

EVENT_PROB                               [float]

DEF_CHECK_TIME                           [integer]*****
DEF_EXPIR_TIME                           [integer]
DEF_EXPIR_DELT                           [integer]
DEF_FIGHT_TIME                           [integer]
DEF_FIGHT_DELT                           [integer]Information relating to mission
DEF_SOLVE_TIME                           [integer]duration times and delegations
DEF_SOLVE_DELT                           [integer]
DEF_DELEG_TIME                           [integer]
DEF_DELEG_DELT                           [integer]*****

LOSTMORALETIMETOONEHALF                  [integer]

FCOE_GOODWILL_BONUS                      [float]
FBEGINNER_BONUS_VALUE                    [float]
IBEGINNER_BONUS_BASES                    [float]

CHANGE_BASE_TYPE_TIME                    [integer] Time to change base (in seconds)
BASE_SWITCH_PLAYER                       [float]
BASE_SWITCH_ALIEN                        [float]
BASE_HIGHLIGHT_THRESHOLD                 [float]
N_AFFECTED_BASES                         [float]

DEF_UFO_SPEED                            [float] Speed of the ufos
DEF_UFO_SPEED_INTERVAL                   [float]

DEF_PATROL_EXPIR_TIME                    [integer] How long patrols last for (in seconds)
DEF_PATROL_CHANGE_TIME                   [integer]

DEF_INTRUDE_EXPIR_TIME                   [integer] 

DEF_F16_SPEED                            [float] Speed of your planes
MAX_PLANE_ON_AIR_PURSUE_TIME             [integer] How long planes chase ufos for (secs)
MIN_LAUNCH_PURSUIT_DISTANCE              [float] How close ufos have to be to a base before launch popup appears

CHOPPER_SPEED                            [float] Speed of the chopper

N_ZOOM_STEPS                             [integer] Number of zoom steps
KEYB_ZOOM_STEPS                          [integer]
ZOOM_STEPS                               [float matrix] Camera zoom angles

BASE_AIRCRAFT_RECOVERY_TIME              [integer] How long planes take to be ready for the next interception (seconds)

NEXT_NEXUS_MAX_TIME                      [integer]

MIN_MISSION_DISTANCE                     [float]

BASE_WEAPON_NUMBER                       [integer] number of weapons aquired after base capture?
BASE_ARMOUR_NUMBER                       [integer] number of armors aquired after base capture?
WEAPON_ADDING_K                          [float]

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:27 PM

2.3 Difficulty Settings


This files enables the alteration of the 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard)

LEVEL            [0,1 or 2] Difficulty level (2 repesents "hard")
RESEARCH_TIME    [float] Multiplier for research times
DAMAGE           [float] Multiplier for damage your soldiers cause
EQUIP            [float]
RESOLUTION       [float]
ADAMAGE          [float] Mulriplier for alien damage
ENEMIES          [float] Multiplier for how many aliens you enounter during a mission
AIRCRAFT         [float] Multiplier for how effective your crafts are

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:29 PM

2.4 Phases


Phases are stages in the game, much like levels. As you progress through these stages, new enemies, weapons and people become available.

Below is the structure of listofphase_content.txt
It handles how the different phases behave.

PHASE                  [integer]    Phase number
UFO_MISSION_PATROL     [integer][integer]
UFO_MISSION_TRANSPORT  [integer][integer]
UFO_MISSION_INTRUDE    [integer][integer]
UFO_MISSION_PLANTING   [integer][integer]
UFO_MISSION_BASEATT    [integer][integer]
PROBIAS                [real]
ENEMIES_BIOMASS        [integer]
ALIEN_WEAPONS          [string ref] Type of weapons reticulans/baddies have at the phase
ALIEN_ARMOUR           [string ref] Type of armor reticulans have at the phase
TECH_LEVEL             [integer]    Tech level relating to this phase. Affects captured weapon cache content
PEOPLE_MIN             [integer]    Minimum number of people in your pool at all times
PEOPLE_MAX             [integer]    Max number of people in your pool at this phase
STRENGTH               [integer][integer]
AGILITY                [integer][integer]
DEXTERITY              [integer][integer]
WILLPOWER              [integer][integer]
INTELLIGENCE           [integer][integer]
PERCEPTION             [integer][integer]
LEVEL                  [integer]

Certain conditions have to be met in order to advance to the next stage.
Below is the structure of listofphase_progress.txt
This file handles the conditions that have to be met in order to adavance to the next stage.

NAME                       [integer ref] reference number of the phase
MIN_LENGTH             [integer] unknown. always 1 except at phase 13

within each of these entries are sub entries which contain the conditions that have to be met

CONDITION           [TECH, BASE] the condition is either based on r&d or # of bases
VALUE                   [integer or reference] Contains either an integer for # of bases or a reference to technology in the listoftech.txt

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:30 PM

2.5 Events

Details on the game storyline/tutorials events.

ID            [string] ID (or reference) of the event
TYPE          [EXTRA, MISSION, EVENT, HINT] Type of event
TRIGGER       [TECH, PHASE, SPECIAL, END] Trigger for event to occur
               CONQUEST, FAILURE] Value for the trigger
VALUE2        [real] Second value for trigger
MULTI         [boolean]

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:31 PM

2.6 Research


These 2 files handle all the research and development options contained within the game. The tech contains the actual research tree while the objects file holds all the various conditions for research.
A research/development entry is split into 2 structures. Techno and sub_techno. Sub techno handles all the conditions/requirements that have to be met in order to research or develop the item

NAME      [string]   The name of the item. 
KIND      [SCI, ENG] The kind of item it is. SCI represents a researchable object, such as
                     autopsies and ENG represents a manufactuable object, such as the
                     collapsable rail gun.
TIME      [integer]  How long the item takes to research or manufacture in hours. This is the
                     base figure.
                     Other considerations such as number of bases and difficulty level are
                     applied _after_ this number
MFG       [boolean]  Is the object manufactuable? Always FALSE if KIND = SCI. Always TRUE if
                     KIND = ENG.
VIDEO     [string]   This links to the objects video file (which tells the game which bik
                     movies it should play when the object recives focus.

After this follows all the conditions that have to be met in the form of sub_technos

ELEMENTS      [string]   This is the name of the sub_techno which is referenced within the 
                          listofobjects.txt file, or a referenced item within the
                          listoftech.txt file itself. 
REQUIRED      [boolean]  Is the item required to complete the research or development, or is
                          it optional? 
VISIBLE       [boolean] 
SIGNIFICANCE  [integer]  If the user has this object, it will reduce the research/development
                          time by the specified number of hours.

The elements field above can be a reference to either an item in the research tree or an item within the listofobjects.txt file.
Below is an object structure

NAME       [string ref]   The name of the object. This name is referenced within the listoftech.txt 
TYPE       [LARGE_OBJECT, SMALL_OBJECT, EVENT]  This is the type of object. LARGE_OBJECT (alien hulls), SMALL_OBJECT (weapons, corpses) or EVENT (making contact with the greys) 
EQUIVALENT [reference]    This is a reference to an action or an item that is required for this object to be aquired within listoftech.txt. Set to NONE for no equivalent. 
SHOW       [boolean]

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 04:32 PM

2.7 UFO Missions

How to edit the difficulty of ufo missions.

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