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Posted 09 December 2003 - 01:11 AM

Welcome to our humble modding reference board fellow Aftermath fan! This is where you can find all the information you should ever need about modding the game. There may still be stuff missing when you read this, but our modding community are doing all they can to cover every aspect of modding UFO:Aftermath. Below you will find some practical information about this forum...

What can I find here?
Since this forum is new, we don't have a lot of information here yet. But in the months to come, we will add information about:

VFS: This is the file format ALTAR used when they created UFO:Aftermath. It stands for Virtual File System, and it was first opened up by sigget, one of our modders. He have written down quite a bit of information about the file system, and you can expect to find it here soon.

Reference: UFO:Aftermath is built up of hundreds of small text files. They can be hard to navigate if you don't know the system, and this is what this forum intends to help you with. In here you should soon be able to read about most of the important files contained in gamedata.vfs.

Guides: We will add modding guides, user guides for modding tools and guides for using the Alpine plugin engine. There will also be guides on creating models, skins and textures as soon as the official modding tools is released by ALTAR.

Can everyone contribute?
The answer to this one is yes and no. As you will see we have certain guidelines we follow when we post in this forum, and we can therefore not allow people that are not familiar with this forum to post here. Therefore you need to be made a modder to be able to post here. For everyone else it is just a reference.

If you wish to join our fine modding community on the other hand, you need only ask. Either contact me through a private message, or post a request in the mods forum. And if you don't feel like joining the modder community of these boards, but still want to contribute something to the guide, just contact me or one of the modders.

Why can't I post?
As explained earlier, only the modders of these boards can post here. So your options are either to join the modding community, or post elsewhere in the forum.

I am a modder, why am I not included?
To those of you that have already contributed to our great modding community, and haven't been included in the modding group, I am sorry. I have a lot on my mind these days, and I don't really have time to search forth everyone that ever made a mod. So if you feel left out, and wish to join, just contact me. And again, sorry! :(

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