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#121 BlackAlmaz



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Posted 29 February 2004 - 02:28 AM

maybe we can...i'm trying to find out...why i can get on some things and not on others....if anyone can figure this out....i will make some stairs...and maybe animation...whena 3d studio max plugin is made

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Posted 29 February 2004 - 09:55 PM

What I would add ?
- Tanks/Robots/Drones.
However it's done, all I need is units which I can sacrifice (use to scout out, get in sight of aliens for psi, to attract aliens awareness somewhere else than where my men are). It's a pain to reload when your best men die.

- better heavy armors
the idea of heavy armor or collapsible mass-damage weapons is very good. But it's hardly usable.
--- Heavy armors with higher protection rate
--- Button to predeploy a weapon, waiting for those aliens to get in sight
--- Collapsible Shield. Like Police Squads, they got that metal shield, they need to put down, then they can rocket throw, or fire from the sides with addition protection for when they are in corridors nowhere to hide. could be nice for outside missions.

- very different types of missions
Right now missions differs mosly on : whether it's reticulan or transgenant (psi effective or not) and how many of them there are. I wish I could make 2 or 3 different teams, each best adequate for different type of missions.
--- Terror missions (like in XCOM1, aliens or mass of transgenant ride a city, you must kill danger before too many civilian dies - extra experience, manufacturing boost, "weapon cache", or new recruits and of course increase of 'presence' in the area, would be gained with lowest civilian casualities). Best with speed people, and no colateral-damage weapons (rockets and such would always be a risk for civilian)
--- Defend site/city. Non-base setting, with having aliens arrive by one side, trying to reach and destroy a specific objective. Such missions would better use Heavy Armor Heavy Weaponery squads.
--- Sabotage. Destroy some alien installations (a site where they plan on building a base for example) or assassinate some earth politician pacting with aliens, and leaking info out. Would be best with stealth units, snipers and such.
--- Biomasse burning (like one proposed above). Would require flame throwers.
--- Ability to flag units, and show/hide units based on flags. Use in 2 ways. First way would be to easily select my team for Defense Missions. Second way would be to easily find a Sniper to replace my injured one in my current squad.

- better stealth options
--- camouflage armors (say, we have studied reticulan or transgenant 'eyes' and we realise they do not use sight, but thermic or bat-like vision, then we could imagine light armors which cools up or absorbs sonar waves, making the unit way better in stealth).
--- Dropable/Throwable Motion Sensor. They would act as if you still had a unit where the sensor is (you spot hostile), would require a high observation skill to be detected (and only then they could be destroyed/disarmed).

- Armor Customization/Enhancement (Helmets and more)
Psi helmet were a good idea, you could choose extra normal defense, or extra psi defense. But most armor simply don't use helms. What about you provide each time of armor with custom parts that can affect either the soldier stats, or give new features. Light/Combat armors with accuracy visors for better marksmanship, or gas filtering helm to protect from sleeping gas aliens would throw at us, or psi protection helmet, ... Or heavy armors with rocketbackpack to allow 'floating over ground' (able to move over water or over 'holes', to walk on step parts of cliff or ship and such. no need for levels like in xcom 1), or with shoulder guns (they would fire at whoever you fire with your weapon for additionnal damage), or extra-powerback (a kind of engine that would help you move the armor around, so allow you a slight better speed). Life Watcher mecanism, that would teleport unconcious bodies back to a safe place (either landing area, but it's not safe, or to the feet of one of the soldiers of your choice) etc. (basically, work on different helms for light armors, and different back engines/systems for heavy armors).

- Proximity grenades
Designed to kill or paralyse. Would need observation skill to detect when on ground. Could be dispatched from range but only with some specific type of damage (rockets would work, but soft not, laser or warp would, but not plasma, or whatever, let us be able to remove the one aliens but down in their ships without being too easy for aliens to remove ours).

- Enhanced info about upcoming missions/interceptions
Research tree nodes (Transgenant Signature, Observation Satelite, Very fast scout planes) so that we can get extra info about what's coming up in the mission, what type of transgenant, how heavy reticulan weapons seems to be, how large the hostile is etc. Would help us pick the best team to send out.
Langage Decoder would give hints on ufo mission goal like in xcom1.

- Better influence on how Earth coverage develops
I find it painful to have to wait for a mission in biomass. Why can I simply go install or capture a base near the biomass. When I lose presence over some area (yellow/orange outlines) why can't i order my planes to patrol the area ? Same, when I need to find area 51 or russian base, why do I simply need to wait ? Why can't I send a ship there and seek ?
--- Ability to send out scout planes/chopers to spot missions in specific areas.

- Better interception customization.
Different types of interceptor, I pick which type I send every time I need to intercept a ufo : speed light weapon fighters (to catch those observation ufo), heavy weapon slow heavy armored fighters (for base and battleships), stealthy planes to follow ufo ships and find out alien bases and outposts ("we have detected a ufo returning to base" -> send stealth scouts, find out their outpost, raze it).

- Better glossary, r&d screens
--- I wish I would very quickly see what a transgenant is vulnerable to/protected from.
--- I wish I wouldn't have to look thru the whole list of developped techs to find which one I just developped now (sometimes they don't appear selected)
--- result of research could leak into tactical combat, where I could select an alien or transgenant and get info on their weaknesses and weapons (you reckonize the weapons in this aliens hands as being a Plasma gun weapon).

- New weapons, weapon types, new equipment
--- Cryogenic weapon, that would paralyse while doing minimum damage
--- Multi-Ammo weapon, where burst/aim could be replaced with ammo selection (stun/kill wave weapons, or weapon that would save the pain of opening backpack and changing rifle everytime a new alien shows up)
--- Sound based weapons (would stun, easily get thru most armor, could break computer devices such as in some alien robots, or break a weapon or rather make it unusable for a few seconds)
--- Mini teleporters. single use device, one hand most probably, that allow you to jump a few squares.

- Misc improvements
--- ability to switch items without having to put down one to ground, move the other, take the one on ground back
--- ability to select armor on body in the squad screen to display stats, without having to replace it with cloths (esp good when you have only one bio armor!)
--- ability to shoot at controlled aliens to kill them. Btw, when alien control wears of, please make it that he is still visible if he was in sigh of my other soldiers (I hate when it disappear and shoot at me until my soldier suddenly realise it's time to succeed an observation roll and .. oh there is a guy just in the square in front of me.. grr)
--- geo mode, I want to click where appear the number of 'research' base I own, that would highligh all research base on the sphere (1 reseach base left ? how come, where the h... is it ? roll that sphere, roll it again, 2 mins later ah here.. :blink:)
--- better video when intercepting ufo. especially would be nice if a BASE ufo doesn't simply look like a laboratory ufo :()
--- a button in geo to color areas based on presence, to better spot where it's going down, where it's going up, and where I need to act. Or give the presence rate and whether it's currently going up or down each time a missiong appear so I can better know whether I need to do the mission, or simply take the risk to delegate (would be good if we could somehow upgrade CoE troops, or make them more sucessfull, or simply if they success would be based on how strong my team is and my researches are).

that's all for now. that's already a lot to read, I know. sorry.

#123 little_me



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Posted 09 March 2004 - 09:42 AM

I think that space missions would be a good thing. Maybe also to be able to build bases on other planets or even solarsystems. This would make the strategic part of the game more intresting. I read alot of good ideas in this subject in this forum.

I would like to be able to change (or automate) my troops formation in the tactical game, make them spread out, move forward on a line or que.

In recearch and manufacturing: It would be a bit esier if everything was ordered in alfabetic order.

Sorry for my bad english, but I'm learning...

#124 Sectiod



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Posted 17 July 2004 - 08:09 PM

Something like a tripod Machine Gun that you dont need heavy armor for
More creature types
multiple squads in action at the same time (ie my elite going after alien base, the rookies get the clearance mission, while the squad in between gets a abandoned base)
an element of stealth
being able to manufacture things in batches (IE build 6 plasma rifles then build 12 hybrid power cells)
Customizable equipment (can make one plasma rifle a sniper version, while another is automatic, gls on rifles etc)
controllable vehicles that is found in/needed in the mission (IE a hummer that has a piece of high tech stuff in it)
Diplomacy, striking deals with the other humans
A hold the fort mission, against, say, a horde of chompers against the walls of a base
more story missions
make it so that when your base is under attack due to losing presence, transies and not recties attack (that happened before my guys got anything better than uzis and shotties *eek*)
ehhh Ill think of more later

#125 Cunctator



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Posted 16 December 2004 - 08:43 AM

I know that some of the things I'm going to mention are already included in some mods, but it won't hurt to include them in original version.

There are things I would personally like to see the same way they are now and those are:

1. The lack of tanks and weapon platforms. In squad based tactical games tanks come in two varieties - totally useless (see X-COM: UFO Defense and X-COM: Terror from the Deep) or totally overpowered (Silent Storm). In the first case it just takes research time, in the second it unbalances the game too much.

2. Idea of various bases and no base building, like in X-COM. (I mean, in XCOM you were part of an organization that expands its power and BUILDS new bases. In UFOAM you CAPTURE them and have time only to make some minor changes).

Things I'd like to change:

1. Add cloaking devices/armors whatever, so that the scouting missions would really be scouting missions.

2. You see only the parts of the research tree you have researched or ready to research. (Kind of annoying to see names and amount of aliens you are going to face :blink:)

3. Machineguns would be nice (normal ones, like M60 or RPD, not ueber powered gattling guns)

4. Silenced weapons (with less damage/lower rate of fire, but their fire will less likely attract other alien attention - would be great for scouting or base attack missions)

5. NORMAL Flamethrowers, I mean their range was some 30-50 meters already in WWII and the technology has advanced (although no armies use them in regular battles anymore).

6. Personal shields like aliens have. It would be nice to see your men in normal human armor BUILT from alien materials with shields etc. and not the ALIEN looking tights.

7. Adding morale would be nice. It was really fun to see your Terminators panicking when they were controlled/uncontrolled by aliens.

8. It would be nice if you really had to defend your base, not clear out the aliens that have already breached the perimeter. I mean why aliens always get the chance to fight my squad above ground, but I don't.

9. Special skill Machineguns/Heavy weapons or whatever the name that is required to use MG's and Collapsible weapons etc. Leaving Marksmanship only to snipers and Launchers to bombardiers.

10. It would be nice if you could enter the buildings, but seeing how large the mission areas are and how long it takes already to find a sole alien in it would probably be best if you could just climb on rooftops, crates, various other objects. It could give your snipers (and the alien ones too) advantage in spotting enemies (and make you even more cautious when fighting in urban or mountain areas)

11. Various ammunition - explosive, incendiary, armor piercing etc.

12. Several choppers, so that you can send two or more squads on missions at the same time (I mean I finished my game with a 6 men team of super soldiers and about 10 losers who took part only when they had to replace a wounded soldier - makes the idea of recruiting new soldiers quite useless after you have full team).

13. Better AI - aliens make ambushes (I mean, why don't they ever wait around the corner with all available firepower ready), use grenades and cover etc.

14. More mission with specific objectives - scouting missions (seeing every alien without setting off the alarm), defense missions (defending a specific object), more gather information missions (like area 51), bombing missions (blow up specific objectives), patrols (you send a chopper to patrol some territory and get a mission if he sees any aliens), rescue special characters (rescue of a scientist adds to research speed, engineer to production etc.), missions to capture a specific type of alien (like: capture a living baloonfish), place bugs/cameras in different places (to monitor alien movement around and in their bases and crafts etc.)
"Aliens killed the general ... the colonels are both dead too ... There are times when it feels good to ba a private"

#126 Jh316


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Posted 06 January 2005 - 11:30 AM

I'd like to see more than just the CoE, maybe even hostile factions that want a piece of the planet. Also, some sort of monetary system. I'm thinking of how Fallout Tactics did it.  You could have scrips to buy stuff that other CoE teams scavanged, and also to have a bartering kind of system with other factions.

#127 Slaughter



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Posted 06 January 2005 - 11:34 AM

You'll get some of that. If you're in the mood for a bit of reading, there's a pretty extensive report here :blink:

Oh, and welcome to the boards!

#128 Jh316


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Posted 06 January 2005 - 11:40 AM

Also, there should be some easter eggs, like having a small chance on stumbling upon an abandoned X-Com base that has stuff like a few suits of power armor and other things, but it's very heavily defended, maybe both by aliens and automated defenses.

#129 MJ12 Commando

MJ12 Commando


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Posted 02 April 2005 - 10:58 PM

What do I want?



A multiple squad option.

You should be able to toggle between Squads, and either send one squad, or multiple squads to a mission.

If that is implemented...

Go Codes, a la Rainbow 6. For example, you might have one squad ordered to breach a wall, then have another squad waiting to rush in.

Just give the order, wait for it to be implemented, and then give Go-Code: Alpha.

Your second squad immediately charges in guns blazing.

Suppressive fire. Some weapons should have a 'SUPPRESS' ability. which has really low accuracy but reduces enemy accuracy as well. Say, machine guns, miniguns, and other heavy automatic weapons.

HWPs like X-Com had!

Weird weapons that are fun to use.

Example: The Takkra from Unreal II. Floats around you, zapping enemy fire. More of them would zap more incoming fire.

That, coincidentally, would greatly reduce the threat of enemy rocket launchers. :huh:

#130 infael



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Posted 04 May 2005 - 09:39 PM

What I'd really like to see is the ability to assign different speeds to each soldier. It'd be really nice to have a soldier run to a wounded soldier while others creep up to aliens to deal the final blow.

Or have a soldier run to drawn alien attention so I can toss grenades.

Oh yes, and the ability to have soldiers at more than 1 base.

I've lost my manual and I can't remember if it's possible to change the camera's viewpoint, but if it isn't, please make it so!

#131 infael



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Posted 18 May 2005 - 08:31 PM

The ability to crawl...

#132 Slaughter



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Posted 18 May 2005 - 08:35 PM

I think it will be there. At least prone, can't remember for sure about crawl.

#133 Kaarna



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Posted 29 July 2005 - 08:37 PM

A campaign on the alien side could be interesting.  :)

#134 Slaughter



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Posted 31 July 2005 - 10:50 PM

That would be neat! :) We'll not see it in Aftershock though. Maybe the next one... :)

#135 Guest_FG-42_*

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Posted 07 January 2013 - 06:03 PM

View PostCunctator, on 16 December 2004 - 08:43 AM, said:

3. Machineguns would be nice (normal ones, like M60 or RPD, not ueber powered gattling guns)

12. Several choppers, so that you can send two or more squads on missions at the same time (I mean I finished my game with a 6 men team of super soldiers and about 10 losers who took part only when they had to replace a wounded soldier - makes the idea of recruiting new soldiers quite useless after you have full team).

My note to p.3: RPD is somewhat out of date. In russian army it was replaced with clip-fed 7,62x39 mm RPK/RPKM and then with 5,45x39 mm RPK-74/RPK-74M. RPD is rare in Russia now - it's mainly sent to reserve stores, although my father used one for training purposes while he served in soviet army in 1980's.
As for me, I agree with p.3. Soldiers in UFO AM lack of mobile firepower, that M249 and RPKs may provide.

About p.10 there is something confusing... Chinook... Goddamn Chinook! Do CH47 may fly across the ocean from Denver to Paris IRL? I think, no. And even if he can do it with a help of some sort of tanker aircraft, this will take too much time. Time is critical in real warfare... Maybe it would be better to replace Chinook with fantastic Skyranger or real-world plane like C-130 or Antonov? Just for realism.

Someone said about alien campaign? That woould be REALLY GREAT - I've dreamed about something like this back from childhood.

Edited by FG-42, 07 January 2013 - 06:06 PM.

#136 laclongquan



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Posted 13 November 2017 - 07:33 AM

The Advent of BioMecha, the giant montrosities in the battlefield.

No really. Human's side doesnt need it but the opposition might well use it.

The once-human's war machines get infected by biomass and get controlled to fight against their once-master and creator.

Tanks with blob of bio mass, shooting glob of acid balls. Choppers get covered in biomass and slideforward on the ground using bio lubricant to move, shooting as they slide. And of course the final insult: US, UK, Russia's prototype of powered exoskeletons get covered in gore and move forward like giants of yore.

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