UFO FanFic - Chapter 2

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Posted 24 October 2003 - 08:54 PM

Dherzhin was looking over the landed Skyranger and shaking his head. The maintenance people had done a fair job of hosing down the cargo hold, but... The whole hold would have to be disinfected, all exposed surfaces scrubbed - on the off chance that the alien carried some latent bacterial or viral disease. He sighed, heavily.

There were specks of dried blood - human and alien - still clinging to the walls. He hadn't known either of the soldiers well - maybe shared a drink or two with them in the canteen - but their loss still weighed somewhat heavy on his mind. The other day, Johann had told him he'd be applying for a transfer to combat duty. "I am not made to be a mechanic," he said. "I came to X-COM not to build, but to fight. I do not feel right, sitting at base when I could be out there, fighting the enemy. I will apply to replace the casualties." It didn't come as a surprise, but it was a bit depressing, all the same. Gilbert, on the other hand... Gilbert had been hanging around with the scientists all day, helping with the unloading of captured alien weapons from the Skyranger and Osprey.  

Dherzhin checked his watch. "Time for a break - and a drink," he said to himself...

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Posted 30 October 2003 - 06:37 AM

For the second time in her stay at this base, Dana was in heaven. Why wouldn't she be, anyway? The research team finally got their hands on the captured alien equipment, after it spending more than a day in the intelligence division. She was incredibly anxious to get her hands on whatever the soldiers had captured for the past two days. (Damn bluesuits, she thought), but Dana understood the reason behind the initial secrecy... or at least thought she knew. It probably wasn't because of security between X-COM and the outside, but because of internal security problems - as already demonstrated, it was rather lax right now. (She grimaced at the memory of Ki-tat blowing up a biocell.) It probably took the two days to document every find, every alien hull panel, and describe and take photos to make sure that nothing was stolen.

After the sombre funeral service, Dana had returned to the lab to find that all the alien finds have been cleared for initial inspection and analysis by the tech department. All the items were currently being stored at the hangar level workshop. All scientists, engineers, and other members of the R&D department were requested to be present. She had torn out of there to try to be one of the first people to get a hold of the stuff. Unfortunately for her (albiet fortunately for the other scientists and engineers) Photon and Zager were already there, meaning Dana couldn't get free reign on taking everything apart.

"Look but don't touch," Photon cautioned. "We're waiting for the whole tech department to arrive to give the briefing."

Dana nodded, although she didn't know exactly what they needed a briefiing for. Probably allocation of who's researching what, she thought, but she wasn't going to complain yet. She perused the items. Almost every one of them was a weapon of some sorts, or the obvious accessory to the weapon. Only a couple of the handheld items obviously weren't weapons in the standard sense, however, in addition to the components salvaged from the UFO itself. She immersed herself while the rest of the R&D filed in.

Once everyone was inside, Photon began.
"Well, I'm sure, from the looks of some of you, you must be dying to get your hands on our new... 'acquisitions.' " He glanced at Dana as he said this. "Unfortunately we can't dive in headfirst without organization.
"I've been briefed by the commander. We don't need to change our research priorities, however we can do a small bit of shuffling right now.
"Here's the plan: Those currently working on the Heavy Weapon Platforms are to finish up the prototypes to be battle ready as soon as possible. I believe it shouldn't take more than a day." Dana's heart sank, although she realised the value of being patient. It's only a short while, she told herself.
Photon continued, "I believe we are making headway in our laser research. It may still be a matter of weeks before we can produce a prototype, yet we do not need all of our physics staff on the subject. The laser research group will be split up into a few smaller groups. We will still have the laser group, in addition to the analyzation groups and another 'special projects.' group." Photon's gaze touched on Daniel for a second. "Our biologists will be able to go over the captured aliens.
"Once the Tank team has finished the prototype, we'd like to focus priority on the alien power source, their crystal, and the hull materials they use."
"For specific teams, consult the postings in the back of the room. That is all."
As the rest of the staff dispersed towards the research team listings, Photon made his way directly to Daniel.
"Psawhn, I think you have something with that motion scanner idea of yours. I'd like you to lead a small group to persue it."
"M-me?" Daniel stammered.
Photon smiled. "Of course. -Now, don't give me any complaints about it being less than theory," he added, seing Daniel's face. "You should take this."
"I'll do my best."
"Good man." Photon moved on.
"Nice job with the MS team," Dana joined in.
"How'd you know?"
"It's listed in the assignment. I'm going to be both hull analysis and part of the motion trackers."
"I don't know about this thing-" he started.
She interrupted him. "You'll do fine. Both Photon and I have trust in you."
Dana then disappeared to the HWP's shoved in the corner of the workshop. She was going to try to finish them as soon as possible, so she could finally get her hands on the alien goodies.

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Posted 31 October 2003 - 02:31 AM

Dana wiped the sweat from her brow. She was no programmer, she never claimed to be one, but for some reason she felt as though she were doing two MIT computer wiz-genius' jobs at once. She wanted to go over and help Daniel with his motion scanner progress but this Weapons Platform that she was working on was pissing her off.

The Artificial Intelligence was starting to malfunction for the fifth time today and the voice input device for manual control still didn't recognize half the commands that she had given it. Tapping a computer console next to her she went back over the code again and read through various sections that the computer was telling weren't compiling correctly and then reading what was prior to it. No matter how many times she looked at it, it still looked like a bunch of jibberish.

She realized that the 'boss', Photon, only wanted blueprints, but because she had always been an overachiever, she decided to also include a tactical simultion, which was almost done, and an actual visual of the chasis. The visual was done the quickest, only taking her a day and a half to design and render, mostly in her off time. The thing that was bothering her though, was the integration of the A.I. into the simulation. It just wouldn't work.

"The hell with it," she muttered and cleared the screen and pulled up a personnel list and scanned for a particular department. When she found what she was looking for, she picked up a comm-phone and tapped in the extension.

The music was blasting in his room as work was busy trying to crack a code that he had been given. He was so enthralled in his work and the music that he almost didn't hear the phone ring. Annoyed that he had to pull away from his computer, he turned down the volume and picked up the comm-phone.

"Worm here,"

"Worm, it's Dana."

"Dana.... dana, dana...." he said, trying to remember the name.

"From the HWP project?"

"Oh right, sorry. I've been kind of busy with some side work. What do you need."

"I need to you come here and look at the A.I. code you wrote earlier for the project."

"But I've already got some code I'm working on. Can't Slice do it?"

"Worm, come on. You wrote most of the damn thing, you know it better then any of us. Now could you please come here and help me, I've already had Photon bugging me once for results, I don't want him in here again  until I'm finished."

The last part was a lie, but she figured a little guilt trip probably help.

Worm looked up at his ceiling and flipped some mental quarters in his head. They all landed heads.

"Yeah sure, I'll be down in a minute."

When he arrived he saw Dana waiting for him and she beckoned him over to a terminal.

"I'm having trouble integrating this A.I. code into this simulation, I was wondering if you could tell me what was wrong, if anything? I mean, do you think maybe there could be an error or a mistyping or something?"

Worm glared at her. He thought about commenting on how his code is never incorrect, but thought against it. Instead he pulled up a seat without speaking and immediately started to go through the code. An hour later he finally spoke.

"Got it, here it is. This line of code is incorrect. I'm surprised that you're little toy didn't start shooting at things left and right."

"Actually, that is what was going on in the simulation. Will this also fix the voice software as well?" Dana asked.

Worm cocked his head, "Eeehh... it's possible. Here, let's see what happens."

Worm corrected the code and then compiled it. Within fifteen minutes they then integrated it into the computer simulation and Dana picked up the mic. and spoke into it.

"Forward, five meters," the simulation responded by the showing the chasis moving forward the designated distance.

In the simulation were five targets clustered around the area, some looked like buildings, others looked like soldiers. Some in groups, some singular.

"Target, thirty degrees." The gun swivelled around to the nearest target within that degree designation. It was a bulding.


The gun fired a rocket out of it's main cannon. The building blew inward and then crumbled forward.

"Ouch," Worm said, "I'd hate to be whoever lived there."

"Engage auto-fire sequence, move and engage as necessary." Dana spoke into the mic.

The 'tank' in response started to move around, using debris as cover and systematically destroyed the remaining targets in quick succession. Dana looked at the simulation and smiled.

"I think Photon is going to be very pleased," she thought to herself, "and maybe a little jealous," she added with a smirk.


Seamus was hunched over the operating table, looking down at their dead grey 'guest.'

"Autopsy of Subject Zero-Zero-One finished. Further examination of individual organs underway.

"First of note is that there doesn't appear to be any definite reproductive organs. Or at least non that appear to be familiar with any species that is on this planet. How do they reproduce? Further study will be required.

"All organs appear to be of a simple structure and rather vestigial digestive system. It appears similar to that of a fetal infant, requiring, and only able to digest, simple nutrients. No vocal chords appeared to be present in trachial disection. As to how this creature communicates is still a mystery."

Seamus paused and thought for a little bit on what he just said into the recording device.

"Hypothesis: Due to the enlarged cranial capacity, could it be possible for telepathic capabilities? It would certainly explain the lack of vocal chords and atrophy tongue muscles used primarily for talking. Some organs in the body remain unidentified at this time, however from the looks of them, they appear to serve no use what so ever in that they appear to have been dead tissue even while the creature was still alive.

"Extraction of the eye has revealed a highly sophisticated biological organ, far surpassing our own capabilities. It would be surprising if these creatures didn't see better then humans in the day time, and more then likely even better at night seeing as how there are signs of biological filtering layer on the far outer layer of the eye.

"Extraction of the brain has been met with mixed results. We have successfully extracted the brain, however it is obvious it is highly advanced and we definitely have much research to do in figuring out what certain new sectors of the brain do. Only time and effort will be able to unlock the secrets held in this creatures brain."

He reahed up and switched off the recording device and looked around at the empty lab.

"And now to put that all down on paper," he said aloud to himself.

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Posted 31 October 2003 - 12:27 PM

"No vocal chords?" asked "Photon" Gomez,leaning back in his leather chair while he glancing over Seamus's report on EBE-001 (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, not yet classified). "It was chattering away when we ungagged it."
Seamus had moved his chair close to the chief scientist's desk. "It was clicking and buzzing with its mouth and tongue, sir. I suppose it could get by speaking insectoid language [1] but I would think a spacefaring race would have a more complex means of communication - wouldn't they?"
"Well, they weren't carrying radios. So what does that leave? Telepathy?"
"That's what I'm thinking myself, sir." He indicated the bottom of the report.
"Mmm-hmm." Photon nodded. "Whups - the General's here for his update."

Seamus excused himself from the office and hurried past Genega, who let himself in and sat on the edge of the desk. "So, Gomez, what's a day of research got us?"

"We haven't been able to activate any of the alien weapons yet, but we've cut a few apart. Zager's found the energy collimating systems very interesting and feels they may be important in the laser weapon development."
"That's good. But so far these aliens seem to go down pretty easy with standard armament."
"Right, well, also we've got the HWP nearly repaired, and we've got a team analyzing the alien hull material, which seems to be piezomagnetic."
"No, piezomagnetic. We had to invent the word. Basically it seems to produce a stronger magnetic field under pressure."

Genega nodded. "And what's that report?"
"Seamus's autopsy report. Basically we think the aliens may have telepathic communication but also some form of clicking insectoid language."
"In Sectoid language, hmm?"
Photon didn't notice the slip. "We're analyzing our recordings, but there's not much. Obviously if we could have kept it alive..."
"Well, I'm just as interested in finding more about their motivation and command structure. The Bechtel contractors tell me the alien containment and observation room on Level 4 will be airtight in ten days. When that's finished, capturing one of these Sectoids alive will be our top priority."


Ricky "Worm" van der Wall let himself back into the computer room where they had set up the HWP control centre. HIs best friend Pios "Slice" Alparada was quick to tease him.
"Spending all that time with a chick like Dana, man, you're so lucky. I'm quite frankly jealous."
"I was so involved with my code, I didn't notice her. Although she did put her hand on my shoulder." He blushed.
"Aww, man, you could have played her right into a little private rendezvous. Opportunities like that don't knock very often. Now, if I had been there..." He wiggled his eyebrows.
"Yeah, yeah, I can guess, Mr. Cool. You've only had one more girlfriend than I have anyway. Now what are you doing with the Cannon HWP?"
"Just getting it serviced for the next test run. Come over here - that cute redhead is working on it, and you can totally ogle her through the vision system."
"Isn't that kind of rude?"
"Yeah, whatever. I've got to take a bathroom break. Can you mind the 'cockpit' for a while?"
Slice got up out of the semicircle of screens and control panels showing the HWP status.
"No problem, 'Mr. Cool'." Worm slid into the chair. He checked that the joysticks were dead and the systems nominal as Slice left the room. The monitors showed a pair of coveralled legs sticking out from under the HWP. He put on the headset, and heard the muffled grunts of the owner of the legs as they worked on the undercarriage. Next he knew, the attractive Heather O'Reilley crawled out and got to her feet, her hands dirty and her hair dishevelled.

"Whew! That's warmed me up." She unbuttoned the top of her coverall to let the heat out. "Now, next on the list, reseating the cannon shock adsorbers." She put one leg up on the HWP chassis and leaned over the turret, fitting her socket wrench to the hydraulic mounts, unwittingly giving the turret camera a good eyeful of her cleavage, which shook in a most distracting fashion as she swung the wrench back and forth.

Slice wandered back into the computer room with his cup of coffee. He saw Worm with his hands gripping the armrests, making strangled noises. "Did I miss something?"

[1] An example WAV: http://cmave.usda.uf...ml#stridulation
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Posted 31 October 2003 - 07:12 PM

Dherzhin hadn't liked releasing what amounted to half of his mechanical groundcrew for work on the HWP project, but the urgency of the project - and the terseness of Genega's written directive - was too great to ignore. Ibsen's transfer was still being processed, but it seemed likely to go through - and so he'd been busy packing for the past day or so. Still, the craft had checked out - both Hurricanes and the Skyranger were signed off as fully mission-capable - so Dherzhin couldn't really complain. At least it's quiet...


Gilbert was thoroughly happy with his assignment to the HWP project. Whenever he had a break, he could freely wander around the labs where the alien technology was being studied. It was amazing, all the technology! He'd had a strange dream about the UFO, the other night - after they'd brought back the alien. He couldn't remember it, though, and shook the thought out of his head. For now, he was happy just to look at all the interesting stuff, all over... It was hard, though, to keep from touching the shiny-looking metal, the glowing crystals - and most especially, the gleaming alien weapons... Gilbert shook his head to clear it, and went back to work.

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Posted 07 November 2003 - 07:42 PM

01:00 Hours Pine Gap.

Night time at the base was fairly spooky if you thought about it. When one is down in the main area of the base, namely underground you can't really tell if it is day or night if you aren't careful. Some of the scientists like Seamus O'Riork, Zager and Photon, took little notice of the passage of time. If one were to walk down the lengthy passages in the base, they would find each one of them in varying labs hunched over some kind of project or another.

Seamus would be seen as busy; still carving away the new specimen that they got and looking at things under microscope. Zager could be observed watching technical readouts of laser testing and prying into secrets that would probably best be kept out of human hands. Photon with a little luck would probably be found in an office, going through reports and paperwork wishing for some time for some 'hands-on' work.

Up a few levels, the Chief Watch Commander will be seen finishing up his first cup of coffee as he and his squad of soldiers get ready guard the base for another night. If an officer were to walk in on some of them, they would see that they in fact aren't really doing their duties which are described as looking at motion sensors and short-range radar screens; rather more immersed in the nightly game of poker they set up to pass the time. After all, what are the chances of the perimeter alarm going dead?

Walking down the crew quarters, you can hear the sounds of snoring. Closer examination at the doors would show their to be lights coming from underneath, dimly lightling the hallway. Sounds of muffled voice are also heard behind closed doors as roommates get to know one another in those rare all night talking sessions that leave one feeling strangly refreshed upon waking in the morning. Rooms that hold various computer wizzes that keep odd hours by nature; one would hear the firing of weapons going on in a last ditch effort to rescue some hostage from a group of terrorists for the fifth round in a row.

The canteen and recreation area are empty. The only sign of human life left there would the personnel asigned to cleaning detail just finishing up their nightly rounds looking forward to the time when their heads meet their comfortable pillows.

Ground crew for the hangers are all asleep by now. The only rason anyone would be out flying at this hour is if their was an emergency. Besides, they all slept in shifts near the hanger anyway, ready to prep an intereptor and have it ready for combat at a moments notice.

Yes, Pine Gap is a very terrifying place if one thinks about it. Home of slightly lackadaisical guards. Ammoral scientists who are busy trying to invent new kinds of weapons and armor so that we may kill extra-terrestrials and possibly ourselves more efficiently. And the most scary thought of all is that is it home to the biggest squad of elite trained killers on the planet. Pine Gap is very terrifying indeed.

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Posted 08 November 2003 - 06:09 PM

By the time Rick and Warlord had finished exchanging their successes in the rec-room almost everyone else in the base had turned in for the night. Squad two had been sleeping for hours before the two had even started talking, what with their active shift coming up in the morning. It wasn't until well after midnight that Rick had returned to a snoring talking roommate and almost passed out with exhaustion. Since then he'd slept like a log, as had the rest of the base, except the oddities in the lower levels at least...

At half past two halfway across the base Gia stirred in her sleep. She hadn't rested well since that last UFO took a shot at her. She couldn't help but wonder how long her luck would hold out or when it would hit... Now she woke suddenly from a deep slumber, still tired from the night before. As she looked over at her roommate she noticed the light in the corridor go out, but that light was supposed to be permanently active. Gia puzzled over it for a second and then noticed a new light sifting into the room as the corridor was filled with red.

Rick and Trigger still fast asleep didn't see the lights change but they heard the siren sound as clear as day. Even muffled by Rick's sweatshirt he couldn't help but think it was far too close to their beds. As he woke in a hurry he sat up straight into a lamp hanging above his bed.

"Ach Goddammit" he cried painfully allowing his Scottish accent freedom to roam.

At the same time Trigger woke up next to him with a flailing motion that rolled him out of bed and onto the floor with a thump.
"I'm up! I'm up" he cried as he struggled to his feet, repeatedly tripping over his blanket.

"What the hell is going on?" said Rick rubbing his head. "Squad 2 is on active duty, why are they waking me up" He swung himself out of bed and watched as Trigger fell over again, surrendering to the persistence of his bedsheets... Rick walked to the door and unlocked it, watching it slide open. Looking both ways down the corridor he saw a number of rooms both with and without a red light flashing above the doors.

"What's going on?" said Trigger as he pushed a sheet off his leg.

"I've no idea, noone else in Squad 1 seems to have an alarm sounding, only Squad 2..." Rick replied.

Trigger stopped squirming and looked up at where Rick was standing scratching himself. "Is Gia's light on? And Davies?"

Rick looked for a second and then nodded out at noone in particular.

"Holy crap! It's an intercept! They want the pilots" Trigger jumped up and tripped once again on the same sheet, falling over a small bedside cabinet. "Get off me goddammit" he yelled kicking his leg furiously until the sheet came loose. Picking it up he bundled it into a ball and threw it out of the door.

"Does that mean I can go back to bed?" said Rick turning his gaze from the flashing hallway.

Trigger didn't reply, too bhis morning routine to find time to think of a response. Pulling on his jacket he scanned around the room for his boots. "Dammit why can I never find them? It's like when I was at home, the dog always used to carry them off into the garden..."

"What?" said Rick raising an eyebrow and moving away from the door, which slid shut behind him.

"Where are your boots?" asked Trigger once again ignoring Rick.

"Are you serious? They're two sizes too big for you..."

Trigger spotted the black steel toecaps sitting by Rick's bed and quickly pulled them on, tying the laces as tight as he could. "What does it matter?" he said lifting one foot and shaking it around in Ricks boot. "It's not like I'm on parade, I'm in a hurry here..."

Rick let out a pained sigh and curled back up into his bed trying to regain some of his lost sleep. He pushed away the lamp he had hit earlier just in case and then covered his head with his sheets.

Without a word Trigger moved to the door which opened automatically. He saw much of Squad 2 already moving to the briefing room in full kit. His eyes were drawn to their boots in shame as he plodded out of his room.

He saw Davies emerging from his room a little way down the corridor and watched with a smile as he stumbled towards him. Just then a shadow appeared in front of him with a smile that caught him quite off guard.

"Nice boots," said Gia with a grin then she turned to follow Trigger's gaze towards where Davies was approaching them fast.

"First come first served you know" he yelled as he passed the two pilots at some speed.

"Huh?" said Trigger groggily.

"Three pilots, two planes," said Gia turning after Davies. "I'll tell you what it was like"

"Oh no! I did not bruise myself that many times just to watch from tactical" Trigger called after the two of them and began running after them, his oversized boots making an amusing slapping sound as they flopped about his actual size 8 feet! "Damn boots..."
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Posted 08 November 2003 - 07:17 PM

Barely minutes after the siren started, the hangars went from a state of complete idleness to a hive-like flurry of activity. Flight crews swarmed over the three craft, preparing them for flight and performing last-minute checks on its systems.

However, a small portion of the engineering team was also up and inside the workshop on the hangar floor. Normally they would have slept in during a squad launch, but this time they had to make sure that their Heavy Weapon Platform, the tank/cannon, was fit for combat. Fortunately the tank seemed to be just fine, with the final adjustments and fine-tuning being completed a matter of hours before. Soon the operational lights turned on, as the controller/supervisor in the command room took his station. The motors on the HWP started and it trundled out of the workshop door, escorted by the engineers. It would wait by the transport until squad 2 was aboard, then it would be loaded last to be closest to the doors.

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Posted 10 November 2003 - 10:00 PM

The piercing siren tore through Keller's mind like a flash of lightning. She bolted upright to a sitting position, very nearly pulled a muscle in her neck and looked about wildly, her black tank top wet with sweat.
"What the fff...what the devil?" She inquired rhetorically, although Gia - who was already halfway through putting on her uniform, as if she could tell the future and had started before the alarm even went off - answered. "Alarm. Better get going."
That was true. Keller threw the bed covers off her and rushed to her uniform.
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Posted 17 November 2003 - 09:55 AM

"Fifteen minutes ago we confirmed an inbound UFO track over Laos and Thailand," said Lt. Forrester to the hastily assembled Second Squad in the ready room. "We estimate landfall in the Indian subcontinent. We're going to try to vector the Skyranger directly there and use our interceptors north and south of its flight path to box it in. If it does land, you are to carry out a ground assault as before to detain the pilots and prevent it from taking off." He turned to Hiroshi Escalante, whose good standing in the JSDF made him the natural choice for squad leader. "Acting Corporal Escalante has the squad assignments."

Hiro pulled a folded piece of paper from his breast pocket and read from it as he stood.
"Keller, you'll lead Wexford and Wethers in Red team. Gaston and Kilam, you're with Dujardin and I in Blue team as squad support."
"Green team will consist of Andrews, Ross, and Green. Weapon assignments are as in Wednesday's training."
He looked up with big brown eyes. "Now we know it's tough out there, remember Shuwei and O'Malley. Remember your training. Out-think these bugs. Come back alive."
"That's it. Squad - Move out"

The squad got to their feet without saluting and filed out, stopping at the armory to collect their gear.
Green unlocked and lifted his lucky rifle from the armory rack, still marked with duct tape, and pocketed two grenades and a flare in his battle vest. He strode across the hangar to the 'Ranger as the ground crew were stowing the refueling equipment. As he passed the HWP, he gave a quick pat to the armor plating that he hoped would take some of the damage and protect the soldiers. Gaston noticed his gesture and did the same, for good luck. So did the soldier following.

Hiroshi was the last to enter. He remained standing and spoke into his headset while the HWP performed a few quick maneuvers that backed it up the ramp, parking it in the back of the Skyranger less than a foot from the nearest of the soldiers buckled into their jump-seats. With the help of Dujardin, Hiro fastened the clamps to secure the miniature tank for transport even as the assault ramp powered closed. He made his way to the front of the craft and took his position by the cabin door. Minutes later the two Interceptors and the Ranger were launched into the night sky like shots from a defensive barrage.


Trigger and Grizzly had won the race to the briefing room when Gia collapsed with whoops of laughter. She managed to splutter something about Trigger's run in oversized footwear reminding her of a duck. She accepted the loss with good grace and now the two male pilots were roaring northwest over Indonesia.

She looked over the control room. The operators had tagged this one UFO-2. Its track on the big screen indicated a vector southwest from Vietnam towards the Indian subcontinent. Forrester's plan was to attempt boxing the UFO in, by sending Grizzly in 02 to its north and Trigger to its south.

Both pilots had clear night skies at their altitude but below them the ocean was slowly giving rise to a tropical storm. Before they got to visual range, the UFO veered away from Grizzly towards Trigger. He closed the range and just got the small blip on his gun camera when it dropped like a rock through the cloud layer over Sri Lanka. He sent the Interceptor into a downwards spiral after it trying to re-acquire. Meanwhile the control room brooded over the image. This one looked small, remarkably similar to the Apollo program re-entry capsules.

On his third pass over the island, Trigger was no nearer figuring out where the UFO had gone to ground. He was still searching when his compass started oscillating wildly and then the air seemed to ripple as the UFO shot up past him. It was no more than half a kilometer away and it filled the air with an eerie warbling sound.  

Cheeseman was pushing the 'Ranger at it's maximum closing speed. He was still five minutes away when Trigger shouted "It just took off! U-2 is airborne"
"After it! After it" shouted Gia, caught up in the moment.
Grizzly was on it's vector. "I've got it on the radar. Range 200 kilometers."
"The UFO is bearing 183, bearing 183. That's southbound into the Indian Ocean." he followed up, as Trigger tried to regain altitude in a steep climb on afterburner.
"Follow it in case it turns inland." ordered
Grizzly watched his radar as the climbing UFO, freeing itself from atmospheric friction, accelerated to what could only be interplanetary speed.
"It's useless. He's heading for space." replied Grizzly.

All units were given the RTB (return to base) order. The squad in the Skyranger were bitching about rattling around in the hold for an hour on a wild goose chase, but privately many would admit they were glad not to be facing the strange combatants reported by Squad 1. With the adrenaline rush worn off, a number of the soldiers fell asleep in their harnesses on the trip back. When the Ranger landed, the troops shook themselves awake and lugged their equipment back to the armory racks before dispersing to quarters.
"Two UFO's in two days?" remarked Trigger.
"What are the odds we won't see another one for a week?" mused Grizzly.
Two days later the scramble alarm sounded again.

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Posted 02 December 2003 - 11:35 PM

"Let's hope this one doesn't flee, non?" said Gaston, as he finished buckling up his armor. He grabbed his rifle, slipping the strap over his shoulder. "I do so hate getting all dressed up for nothing."

Duchante's Caliclo M950 went into his holster, spare boxes attached to his battle webbing, alongside the grenades.

The backpack packed full of explosives was the last thing on. Gaston had gotten equipped in just a few short moments, and headed out with his squad towards the skyranger. "Soyons isolé. Victoire ou mort." he cried.

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Posted 03 December 2003 - 01:00 AM

As the two interceptors headed out from Pine Gap Trigger was happy in the thought that today was his chance to sit out the flight. Sure he loved the rush but that didn't mean he wanted to do it all the time. He sat now in the rec-room with Rick who was looking thoughtfully at a hole in the carpet...
"Something on your mind by any chance?" he asked snapping Rick out of his daze.
"Nah I don't know. It just seems a little hectic doesn't it?" replied Rick vaguely.
"What does?"
"It's January 5th and we're on our third scramble already! If it keeps up at this pace and we lose two soldiers per mission we're going to be finished within a month."
"Well that's a pleasant thought..." said Trigger with a raised eyebrow. "What brought this on then? You're usually so cheerful?"
"I don't know... I guess I'm just thinking of all the new recruits. I've got quite close to a few of them since they arrive but I don't honestly think they're good enough soldiers to hold their own out there..."
"Well sure I guess some of them are a bit green but they'll learn from the mistakes of the people that go before them. Squad two knows they need to use the cover and avoid small flying liver shaped objects thanks to Shuwei and John."
"Oh I know, most of them will be fine but it's always hard to lose a teammate. I just get the feeling it'll be a lot harder to lose one to an enemy we don't understand."
"I kind of see your point but think about it, if I was shot down tomorrow I'm sure someone else was get the bugger that did it... Then you'd come along and beat everyone of the little grey freaks senseless in rememberance of me no doubt."
Rick chuckled but he knew it was true. "Don't get shot down, everyone will be a lot happier that way... You know what I mean though right?"
"I think so but I'm in a different position to you so I'll probably never know exactly what you're feeling."
As he spoke Trigger felt a shadow cross his mind. He thought of Davies out there, but he thought more about Gia out there. Maybe he should have gone. But he know she could handle it, he knew she'd be back in a few hours and then everything would be just as it had been... He shook the thought out of his head just long enough for it to return again. He'd spent a little time with Gia over the last few days but not as much as he would like. The Russian Major, or 'arseface' as Rick had affectionately named him, even had the pilots training as often as he could.
When she gets back, he thought, then he could spend some time with her. Not talking about work, they could just talk. He looked forward to it and slowly it slipped from his mind.
"I said don't you think so?" said Rick for what was apparently the second time.
"Sorry?" said Tigger innocently.
Rick sighed. "I said don't you think they can take care of themselves?"
"Yeah sure they can." he replied his mind drifting back to Gia. "I mean," he said uncertainly. "They wouldn't be here if they couldn't... right?"
"Right," nodded Rick slowly. "Right, they wouldn't..."
Both men having unknowingly comforted each other and themselves they glanced casually about the room and noted it's surprising lack of occupants.
"No Warlord," said Rick still looking over his shoulder.
"That makes a change," laughed Trigger. "Speaking of which..."
Rick turned back to Trigger inquisitively.
"What happened to the whole squad leader thing? It's been a couple of days now. Surely the Commander will be wanting an answer soon."
"Yeah he is. I just don't know what to tell him." replied Rick staring at the carpet again. Looks like a cigarette burn... he thought absently.
"Well what about Warlord? I thought it was his choice?"
"Hmm? Yeah it was..." Rick paused. "He said no... He's a soldier, I knew that. But it doesn't mean that I'm not..."
"So you haven't made up your mind yet then?"
"No, it's a tough call..."
"It has to be made," said Trigger.
"I know, but... not yet ok?"
Trigger nodded, "You don't need to tell me. I'm not the one who's waiting to know."
"I'll decide when I know what my choice is... I can't do any better than that" Rick laughed softly as the sentence formed itself nonsensically.
Trigger smiled as he watched the ever distant soldier still examining the carpet damage that he had now concluded was indeed a cigarette burn.
As the two men sat once again in silence a green light came on in the room to inform it's occupants of an announcement. Several seconds later the PA system kicked in and someone from tactical command addressed the base.
*Alpha base* it echoed. *Interceptor Two has successfully intercepted UFO-3 over farmland in Southern Italy. Skyranger One is already en route to the crash site and has ETA of 1500 hours. That is all.*
"Looks like we got our second bogie," said Rick cheerfully.
"Yeah I guess so," replied Trigger less enthusiastically.
"You sound like you're routing for the bad guys here..."
"You know I'm not... It's just... Interceptor Two?"
"What's wrong with Intercepto Two?"
Trigger frowned, "That's Davies..."
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Posted 10 December 2003 - 01:16 AM

As Hiroshi sat in his seat on the 'Ranger, he nudged Lance.
"Hey, Lance, 'Don't get hurt'. Pass it on."
"Huh...?" Lance said as he was woken up by his Asian neighbor.
"'Don't get hurt', pass it on."
"Uhhh....sure...." Lance said as his streched out a little. He turned to his other neighbor and passed the message. Soon, the whole squad got the message...

*Note, this is just a filler. I will finnish this off soon. Just trying to start a tradition with the 'Don't get hurt' thing... :) *

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Posted 10 December 2003 - 06:07 PM

Hankosha sat staring at the ceiling. He was running situations through his head, and was trying to see if he could figure out the next move his opponent would make. His head came down as the tech moved a piece.
"Dammit! I knew I shouldn't have tried that feint."
Hankosha stood up and shook the tech's hand. A small number of techs and scis had started up a chess club in their spare time. Hankosha hadn't had much luck winning since he had lost his charm. Strangely, he was feeling quite tired and worn. "Probably the death of my roommate," he muttered to himself.
Hankosha headed for the shooting range. The targets had been changed to the size of the aliens, and so Hankosha fired off several rounds. He heard a scream, and someone charging out of a nearby stall. A small white mouse ran quickly up to him and squeeked. Hankosha picked him up and smiled.
"It seems as though we've got an unintended new recruit," he heard a noise behind him, and saw the security officer staring at him, "and it seems as though I'm in trouble"....
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Posted 12 December 2003 - 05:08 AM

Poison was pinned down in a corn field by enemy sniper fire. So far the operation ahd gone less then smooth. They were lucky that thus far, the farmer who owned this field hadn't decided to get involved. Last word was that they were either not home or were cowing in fear in their house which was just fine with her. She had more iimportant things to take care of, such as not getting her head shot off.

They had disembarked from the Skyranger without incidence. Gold team, which she was the leader of was sent out ahead of the rest of hte squad to scout out the area. At first it seemed as though all the aliens had died in the crash; she could see the smoke rising from the site in the distance. She called on the comm. and gave the all clear for the rest of the squads to proceed. That is when all hell broke loose.

The aliens appeared to be one step ahead of the team. They had lie in wait, for all the squads to disembark and spread out before engaging. The first alien to fire was now lying underneath the remains of what used to be the barn. It had cut Tipping from Red Team down with two shots, creating a hoel in his chest and decapitating him. the other shot had missed, but the following salvo had seperated the two remaining members to the point where they were no longer able to support one another efficiently. It took a volley of HE rounds from Norton's autocannon, from Blue Team, to remove the alien, which coincided with the barn collapsing.

Two other aliens commenced firing on Green team from a spot within a wheat field that was near the barn just to the left of the crash site.

All that transpired within the span of four minutes. Now there was chaos with everyone barking orders and reports that she couldn't hear a solid word from the head sets. She shook her head and cursed under breath. She was used to being a loner, but she knew when to work with a team, unfortuntely it didn't seem as though anyone else here was willing to do the same.

Lance Wether's voice finally came on the headsets over all the chatter.

"Everyone shut up!! Poison, can you and Hiroshi get near the craft and give intelligence?"

"Negative sir, we are pinned down by sniper fire coming from the near the crash site. We have taken cover in the corn field to the east side," she reported.

"Roger that. Norton, do you copy?"

"Yes sir."

"I want your squad to lay down some suppressive fire in the direction of the crash site. If you see a place that an alien can hide, shoot it."

"Roger that."

Lance turned his attention back to the two aliens that had them in a crossfire. He turned his head just in time for his eyes to be enveloped by green plasma, and his body dropped to the ground. Sending the squad into disarray.

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Posted 12 December 2003 - 09:15 PM

Gaston hit the roof of the UFO, and landed lightly on his feet. He had circled around after his team was split up by the gunfire.

The UFO had smashed right into the side of a barn in its crash, the door facing outwards. Gaston had slipped in through the back door of the barn, and went up to the loft. It worked, now he was on top of the UFO, and aliens most likely didn't know he was there yet.

"Poison, are you still pinned down?" he asked, over the radio.

"Yes, damnit! Somebody do something about the sniper," came the reply, as another plasma bolt lanced into the corn field.

"It will be done," Gaston replied, in his calm voice. He made a few mental calculations, pulled a grenade off his belt, and tossed it off of one side of the UFO, while pulling the pin. "Popping smoke right now."

Billows of smoke rose up from the side, concealing the corn field from the Sectoid's view. The smoke was choking it, it was starting to have difficulty breathing. So the Sectoid ran away from its previous position, trying to get out of the smoke. As it left the edge of the smoke cloud, it glanced up, into the barrel of a gun.

Gaston briefly held down the trigger of his Calico, the selector switch on automatic. Eightshots were blasted out of the barrel, eight nine milimeter Jacketed Hollow Point bullets slammed into the chest and side of the Sectoid, sending it flying to the side, as the force of the bullets knocked its lightweight body off of its feet.

Gaston looked down dispassionatly at the alien's shattered body. "All units," he broadcasted. "Sniper disposed of. Immediate vincinity of crash site is clear."

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Posted 12 December 2003 - 11:26 PM

Voices were yelling, bullets were flying, and people were dying. Keller was quickly becoming overwelmed as she grabbed at her radio, options sorting through her mind, flitting through a series of flashes.

UFO was clear, but a ways off -

Poison was no longer -

Team Green had a pair on their backsides -

Keller whirled, turning in the direction of the wheat field. It wasn't far. Not to mention they were on a different side than Green Team...if she could do it right, she might just be able to catch them in a pincer movement...

"This is Keller! I'm taking Red Team to support Green Team, over" Keller knew her voice was going to be absorbed in the mish mash of sounds over the frequency, but didn't have time to repeat it.

"Follow me" She called, running for the wheat field. Her surviving partner, looking slightly dazed by the chaos, turned and followed. It was seconds before she could see the green flash of alien weapons going off behind one wooden fence. As she watched, one of the bulbous-headed beings lifted some small, spherical object. Keller had heard the alien grenades pack a mean punch and didn't have time to crouch. Skidding to a stop, she raised the rifle to her shoulder, caught a flash of grey in her scope, and fired.
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Posted 18 December 2003 - 05:30 PM

Keller's snap shot caught the Sectoid in the head and it dropped. A second later the alien grenade erupted, obliterating a quarter of the field and half the wooden fence in a rolling black ball of smoke. The other sectoid staggered away from the flaming wheat stalks deeper into the field.

With the sniper down and the east side of the UFO being watched by Gaston, Hiro had a chance to think. Wethers had been acting leader for this mission, but with him down, somebody needed to take charge. The former Special Operations instructor knew he was probably best for the job. The HWP had taken off to the southeast, but he could guess that the operator had been overwhelmed by the action happening all over the map - "combat paralysis". He keyed his comms. "HWP, HWP, Gold-2. Come north 50 and deliver support fire into south end of the wheat field." "HWP, yes sir Gold-2," answered the operator - Slice, was it? The HWP sprang into motion, roaring around the west side of a farmhouse and loosing a rocket into a low stone wall along the field's southern edge. The field which was still smoking from the grenade to the north erupted in another fireball in the south, catching the retreating sectoid. Green and Wexford, pinned down behind another stone wall, saw the explosions and cheered. Green then keyed his comm. "Blue-2 moving up to the farmhouse. Keep up surveillance and suppression." The two soldiers got up cautiously but soon reached the wreckage of the field and confirmed the area clear.

As Ross ran after Keller, the stun rod slung across his back kept trying to slip off his shoulder.
Just before the Ranger had launched, an engineer had handed the rod to Hiro, who had looked at it with distaste and passed it on to Ross. Ross took it on the principle you could never have too many weapons - but now he wasn't so sure. It was very awkward and the sharp prongs looked more likely to injure him during manouvers than an alien during combat. Never mind that he didn't trust the capacitor discharge safety. He halted behind Keller at the corner of some stables, where she crouched watching the farmhouse and the UFO. Behind them, Kilam and Dujardin were moving to the east end of the row of stables, following the path Gaston had taken to the UFO.

Taunting voices caught Keller's attention. They were faint at first, and seemed to be coming from many directions. With a shock she realized the voices were coming directly into her head. She couldn't make out the words, but suddenly she was back on the school playground in the centre of a circle of other children who were all deriding her as a freak.
She'd gotten through that, she'd get through this. Keller bit her lip and internally voiced "Is that all you got?"
The taunting turned to confusion and faded.

Wexford and Green, crawling towards the farmhouse southeast of the UFO, had just found a locked cellar entrance. If the family were still alive, Green reckoned, it was best if they kept themselves locked in. He didn't notice Wexford glancing nervously around trying to locate the source of the voices.
He checked the window. The room seemed to be clear. He had just turned to signal his partner when Wexford yelled "Ahhh! They're everywhere" and let loose a panicked burst of full-auto AC-HE fire. Green flattened against the wall and cringed moments later as one of the rounds exploded uncomfortably close. "Dammit, Wexford! There's nothing there" Wexford stopped firing but he was definitely losing it. His eyes were darting everywhere. Then both of them heard a crackling sound from the direction of the UFO.

Green swept the area with his scope. He zeroed in on the running figure of another Sectoid and fired two shots at the torso. The alien staggered but managed to make it to the ruins of the barn near the UFO. "I've shot one at 4540," shouted Green, "but I think he's wearing body armor. Can anyone else get a bead?" The map operator lit an marker for the alien. Gaston's marker was still on the far side of the UFO's roof. "Darn it," thought Green, "This is why fireteams are supposed to stick together."

Kilam answered Green's question by firing a 40mm HC-HE grenade at the wall of the UFO. The small grey body was thrown forward by the blast and lay still. Dujardin and Kilam started moving up to the UFO.

Green and Wexford burst from the farmhouse, intent on making it to the south of the UFO.
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Posted 19 December 2003 - 01:29 AM

Back at Pine Gap the running commentary of the mission had stopped after the first human casualty in an attempt to preserve the morale of the soldiers who had remained there. Rick still sat in the rec-room but
Trigger had been gone for some time and now he had Warlord for company. They were discussing tactics mostly and talking about the weapons and aliens that they'd seen when they fought the first mission. Rick's mind was on something else though. Several things in fact.
Mostly he was thinking about the two people who'd managed to make it out of his good books in a matter of days... He'd spoken to Warlord about Gaston but being less English than Rick he had simply pointed out how all that mattered was how a man fights when they're in the field. He had a much bigger problem with the Russian Major.
Rick was not nor had he ever been an alcoholic and this man who didn't even know him had blatantly accused him of drug abuse... He was going to regret it, Trigger knew it, Warlord knew it, everyone who saw what had happened knew it. Rick unfortunately for him was not one to sit idly by and watch these things happen. Now was just another one of those times when he was getting ready to stand up and he wouldn't sit down until the Major was crawling... He didn't know what to do though, he had no idea.
He'd spoken to Warlord about this problem too but Warlord was less than sympathetic with the Major. He'd said "His training techniques are dated and useless. We're spending too much time in the shooting range and not enough on wargames and simulations. We should be learning stealth not open warfare."
Warlord was right and Rick knew it before he'd been told. These aliens were clearly familiar with geurrilla tactics and it looked like they weren't familiar with anything much else. They'd already seen a hit and run that had left Jennings hospitalised.
Now as the two sat in silence Warlord was the first to speak.
"I hear you've been given Squad leader position?" he said factually.
Rick returned to the room as his mind rested briefly. "Well," he said uncertainly, "not given. Just offered."
Warlord frowned, "You mean you're having doubts too?"
"Kind of, yeah. I feel the same way as you do. I'd rather be fighting than talking. I just don't know if I'm cut out for that kind of work."
"Have you thought who would get it if you don't?" said Warlord knowingly. Before Rick could speak Warlord beat him to it once again. "Look, Rick. We both know that the two of us are the best soldiers in the squad if not the base. You've been here five years at least and I've been here even longer. Genega would be mad to give the position to anyone else and he knows it. I don't think he'll take no as an answer from both of us..."
"Maybe you're right but there are plenty of other people in the squad who I'm sure could learn to be just as good if not better than us."
Warlord laughed out loud but apparently quite accidentally. "I don't quite see that happening. I mean they're good and all, we have the best troops in the base. But they're not that good, and I don't think any amount of training will see it happen... It's going to be one of us Rick and we both know it."
Rick sighed. The lack of choice seemed to convince him that he wanted the only option he couldn't have. He wasn't entirely sure about that though, and the control over Squad 1 would an honour and a privilege, not to mention a lot of fun.
"If you don't want to take it," said Warlord "then I will. But I really think I'd make a better soldier than I would a leader. You have the brains and the brawn, you could pull it off easier than you think..."
"I don't know about that," chuckled Rick. "My schooling was never all that rewarding"
"But your training was... You're one of, if not the best soldier I've ever fought beside. You know when to take risks and when not to. You also know when a risk is not worth taking, and that's a hard call to make. It's seen me in a hospital bed quite a few times. Besides..." Warlord formed a smile as he formed a sentence. "Gaston would have to call you sir..."
Rick pondered his predicament with a chuckle. "Wouldn't help me any with the Major unfortunately."
"Well that depends how much responsibility you're willing to take on..."
Rick raised an eyebrow in Warlord's general direction.
"Ivan's only here for training the squads right? well if you accept the position as Squad Leader then you have the choice to oversee the training yourself or even do without him altogether."
"You mean I could tell him where to stick it?"
"You could do more than that... You could order him to stick it there as well..."
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Posted 19 December 2003 - 05:53 PM

South of Blue team and the UFO was a long hedgerow bordering an orchard. The UFO itself was half hidden from the team by the ruins of the barn it had struck.

Behind them the HWP was wheeling to come around the other side of the farmhouse and clear more area to the south. Green checked his advance - the hedgerow was a perfect place for another ambush. Visibility beyond it was nil. "Don't like the look of that hedge," he muttered. Wexford heaved the multibarreled autocannon into firing position and said "How about I clear some of that for you." "Sure," replied Green, glancing at Wexford and his map. The HWP wasn't yet in position to give support fire and Kilam's group was only now reaching the barn. At least Keller could see a bit of the orchard from her position at the stables. Green kneeled to watch Wexford's demolition work over his rifle sights.

Using the now-familiar auto-burst mode, Norton Wexford ripped a burst of 20mm HE rounds into the base of the hedges. The orchard trees were eerily lit by the flashes in the fading light of day. Two small sections of the hedges were ripped out of the earth and scattered into smoking debris. Quietly, an orange device with a large muzzle clutched in a skinny grey hand eased out from behind one of the orchard trees. It fired once, and Green's senses suddenly went into overdrive as a large purple ball shot past the team.

It exploded harmlessly behind them. "DOWN" gasped Green to the standing Wexford, as he fired off two snap shots in the direction of the alien. Wexford flattened himself into the small ditch that was the only nearby cover. The second shot from the alien was more on target, though, and it burst on the ground between the two, flooding them instantly with a cloud of purple gas. Green had just enough time to see Wexford grab his throat then collapse before the prickly paralysis crept over him and his world went dark as well.

Keller yelled out and she ran with Ross down to the wheat field to try and set up a line of fire into the orchard. The HWP ground its way towards the orchard and fired another rocket to knock over a few trees and more hedge. A purple ball was fired in return, but the gas had no effect on the miniature tank.

Kilam moved his way through the barn and came within view of the north side of the hedgerow, but the grenade rounds would do him no good in close quarter battle, so he held position. The tank scouted forward, and flushed the sectoid, but it was gone again before Keller or Ross could take a shot.

Kilam was in earshot, though, to hear the sectoid scream and then scream again weakly. The tank could go no further into the closely packed trees, but when Keller and Ross met up with Dujardin and began sweeping the orchard, they found the sectoid already collapsed. Keller gave Dujardin a quizzical look. Dujardin turned the body over with his foot and spotted a snakebite. "Ici. An adder, I would guess." Ross looked nervously around, but Dujardin gave a wry smile. "Perhaps Earth's creatures are joining together to fight the invaders, yes?"

With the area apparently clear, he unslung his medikit and ran to the collapsed soldiers. He was happy to report they were alive, if unconscious and weakly breathing.
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