XCGS on it's first Hiatus

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Posted 03 September 2004 - 07:19 PM

Allright. Didn't want to do this but apparently everything is pushing me right towards it. I've just got a lowdown this week on what I'll have to do during this last school year and apparently they're going to make me pay through the nose. Along with that I've also got preparations for the musical academy AND have recently fallen into a very ugly mood these past few weeks. All of this means that even if I would continue XCGS it'd most definately be feeling more of an obligation than fun.

That's why I won't be returning 'till the start of October. Hopefully by then I'll be able to work out my schedule for a normal day and also get myself out of this stupid feeling, but even if I won't I'll be sure to post on this thread so that the rest of you know. As for saturdays...well, if you feel like it you can pop by at each time. I won't be there, but if the rest of you still feel like having a sim there's no reason for me not to allow it.

I really did wish that I wouldn't have to do this, but...if I didn't it'd feel just like some bullcrap of me making false promises that I couldn't live up to. So I hope that things will work out after this period and that I'll be able to post something favourable at the start of October here. Other than that, I'll see you in one month's time.

Take care. :)

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Posted 04 September 2004 - 12:38 AM

So be it.  DOn't worry, these things happen.  Call off the Hiatus whenever you feel it best.
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