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Posted 19 October 2004 - 10:40 PM

"I know you." The whethered face, hollow eyes, a few scars the face he'd once known had aged now, the face was now harder but yet it retained some of that familar warmth and jovial nature that it had a number of years ago. "Mirror, mirror on the wall..." Said Yorke at his reflection in the mirror. He took his razor blade and began to shave off the beard that he'd tried growing.

~4 days after the Patton had Returned.~

~Ned Yorke's parents house~

The letter of resignation, he'd hand this to the Colonel once he'd came back from his leave, he'd had enough. "Mum! I'm going out to visit an old friend" Yelled Yorke up the stairs, collecting his jacket and the letter he made his way over to the door and left the house. It was going to be a long walk to his friend's house, (He'd had to search for the address from one of the postal databases.) and Yorke didn't feel the need to call a taxi, he could take care of himself and the chance to have some time to himself was what he wanted.

A number of pointless thoughts entered into his mind as he walked down the streets, the most pointless of all was this urge for choclate covered rasins. He hadn't had them in years, but where to get them? Orange Juice as well, he'd need to buy some he'd finished the last few drops off this morning. Next he started wondering about the books he could write about the research he'd done out there, but that would probably never happen as X-Com would classify all of the research material. X-Com... Once his letter of resignation was handed in he'd apply for a position of a GP or...perhaps even apply for a position in a university, perhaps a medical school teaching undergraduates.

~1 and a half hours later~

Yorke had arrived in suburbia, which wasn't where he'd expected to of found his old friend. A pleasent well structured place, every house the same except for the individual owners little touches to them, gardens, swings, ponds and water features, bushes and small trees. A perfectly pleasant world. Secure and free from the troubles of the city, though it wasn't that secure and safe, each house had a house alarm clearly visible and security cars patrolled along regular routes. His heart started to pulse faster as he stopped outside  number 34. The garden was well trimmed and neat, pebble dash driveway with a people carrier sat on it. He strode up the pathway to the door and knocked. His breathing rate increased as his pulse did, he could feel sweat forming on his brow, he hadn't felt this way since he last knocked on her door.

Clair Exton opened the door and looked at the gentleman stood in front of her. "Yes can I help you?"

"Clair?" Yorke smiled at her recognising the woman who'd occupied his mind for the last 6 years, the thought of seeing her was the only thing that kept him sane and kept him going though the hard times he'd faced.

"Yes, do I know you?" The face did seem kind of familar but she didn't know anybody that had such a weathered face or had scars on their face, she didn't associate with those kinds of people.

"It's me." Yorke spread his arms out and looked straight into her eyes.

Clair frowned as she struggled to place a name to the face. "Ned?" It couldn't of been him, but it was the only other name left that she could think matched the face.

Yorke just nodded his head and smiled. Just as he was about to say something another man's voice called from inside.

"Who is it dear?"

Clair looked apologetically at Yorke and then to her wedding ring.

Yorke saw this and spoke. "You're married..."

"Yes." Said Clair, looking to either side of Ned but never at him. "I thought you had died when the Patton crashed into the surface of Mars...I said my last goodbyes to you at the memorial service...I thought I'd lost you...Marvin and I met four years ago...and we got married two years ago...we've got a son."

Yorke held back the tears. Once again life had screwed him over. He forced a smile and took a step back. "I'm happy for you." He said looking to the floor. "I really am."


"Look I've gotta get going. My flight leaves in a couple of hours. It was nice to see you one last time." He said, then without a word he turned and left, walking briskly up the path and onto the pavement. Pulling out his palm computer he called a taxi and then booked a seat on the next flight out of London.

Clair sighed, her eyes followed Ned as he walked alway, his head hung low in defeat. "Oh Ned..." She started to feel the tears welling up in her eyes as he walked away and out of sight. Feeling a tug at her trousers she looked down at her son and smiled. "Hello Ned." She crouched down and hugged him. And then looked up and saw her husband.

"So who was the mysterious caller?" He said with a warm smile on his face.

"Oh..." She looked at their son. "...It was Ned."


His face shaved and clean he rubbed his chin and put his shirt back on, he then reached for his jacket and searched in the pockets looking for where he'd left his keys. He stopped looking as his hand grasped an envelope deep in one of his jackets inside pockets. He carefully pulled it out and opened it. It was his resignation letter. Looking to it thoughtfully he put it into his pocket.

Stepping out of his small bathroom and back into his office. He sat down at the desk and re-read the letter one last time before he screwed up the letter and threw it into the bin. Just as the crumpled up ball landed in the bin one of the new members of his medical staff walked in...a guy called...Jostein.

"Doctor Yorke, we're now underway."

"Yes I know." Yorke had felt the Patton accelerate as it began to move towards the gate. 6 years of trying to figure a way back to Earth...and now he was leaving Earth once again and returning with the Patton back to the Ascidian space, back to the front line.

<<And there we go, Yorke is (as per-usual), locked up in his office>>
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Posted 27 October 2004 - 02:39 AM

Joseph was just staring at Sinclaire. The intelligence agent just walked into the room and hasn't said a word.

Scott: Um... Is something wrong Lieutenant?

<<Seriously, am I supposed to be roleplaying him? Or was his search for Scott just a cop-out or something?>>
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Posted 27 October 2004 - 01:38 PM

<<Then why don't you write one if you're too impatient?  :)  He's supposed to be dumping orders on you or something - really, it was supposed to be a mundane interaction.  I'll be online this evening, which is what I thought we agreed on.>>
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