UFOET rerun, this time with Grayfiend 3.5

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 03:39 PM

Is Tortoise any better than in Vanilla / Gold / Bman edition? Because Waspkeeper is the ultimate armour. Tortoise is like only 10 more mechanical and no chemical armour. Also since you have trilobite, the phantoms are lurking in the shadow so I would rather skip EEW shield for particle shield.
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Posted 05 May 2017 - 10:20 AM

Not really sure. Are testing with one Waspkeeper.

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Posted 14 May 2017 - 07:08 AM

Phantoms and Terror Floater appear at 30th November battleship, and not a week earlier. At this time, all research has been complete. So there're only these two researches appear after that.

Tips: Training soldiers in XP

Tip1: Laser Rifle
Equip Trainees with better armor to prevent killed by counter fire. Laser rifles for increase accuracy at max range. Autodoc to keep their time in hospital as little as possible because we want these guys to appear in many battle to train.

The most armored guys will attack a heavily armored target like a commander or Terror Floater from max range. As far as possible, so that the first few hostile counter fire will be shot at minimum accuracy.

Then Trainees will either max aimed or burst shot at target. Due to higher accuracy of laser fires, this action is possible. Ideally, no counterfire come. Or if it hit, the suit and shield will absorb most. Or at least, no critical wound. Or finally, no dead.
YOu can ensure that the trainee got quite a few shot into target and thus getting XP. If they are lucky, even kills.

Laser pistol or not, that kind of arms require pointblank range which is not where you want your Trainee to be.

Tips 2: Upward ceiling shots.
Not sure a feature or bug. IF two target stand near each other in both floor, they can see part of their bodies so they can shoot.
The con of this feature is that it's just as likely the hostiles overhead will shoot at you in their turn. Ouch.
The pro of this is depending where you stand, you might shoot without inviting counterfire. Which is where training with pistol coming in.
Trainee with a laser pistol, stand directly UNDER target, burst shoot at it. This can provide XP pretty fast. Do try to have a nearby shooter kill target at end of round, or next turn it will shoot you dead.
Shooting downward, for humans, are not easy, so not a method to train.
A tactic is have a guys get on the elevator to the next floor, note enemy placement here, have the downstair guys proceed to where they are needed and shoot.

These training tips work better at middle to late game on armored aliens, so you can shoot more without killing it. Early on it's just not very long before this end.

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Posted 12 June 2017 - 03:13 PM

The Earth battle happen with no resupply whatsoever. What you carry is what you have. Enemies dont drop loots so no scavenging.
Although the auto-recharge gun of robot/tanks is nice, it come at humans' slot. As I prefer the tactical mobility of two more shooters instead of one big hulking mecha, I bring a full 10man team.
Conservative tactics ensure minimum expenditure of ammo and grenades.

The final battle is two part: Grab the shuttle, then assault the mothership.

The mothership is like a maze, but not too difficult. As they are both one floor battleground, it's actually easier than two-floor or three floor battlegrounds. There's nothing like a worry of enemy on higher heights taking pot shot at you to force a careful and much-recon battle tactic. As it is, bah~

Total Tally:

1. Aircraft: 36 Raptors bought, and there's still a few in operation end game.15 Nightwolves and same in JAG. Generally, investment in shield and number of ships pay off in air superiority battles.

2. Shield --MIssile-- Cannon.

3. Zone defense is best defense. At need, wounded aircrafts can just land. A stalling tactic to wait until reinforcement from other bases come can conserve your crafts.

4. Make full use of your recruits and only hire when you dont have enough for a full squad. Late recruits are better than early era.

5. Investment in shield pay off in recruits life. Dont let them die.

6. Recruit roster: 20. HIghest, one captain, ten leutenants, the rest warrant officers.

7. 5 Throwers. Bombardment on suspected area with grenades is a valid tactic. When in doubt, calling in grenades. Later on they get teleporter, better shield and armor, and make for a very quick scout.

8. 70 Strength is recommended. You are going to carry lots of stuffs (Shield, dropped loots) and armors.

9. Perception is iffy. High PER shooters dont necessary react to appeared enemies. Still invest in them.

10. AGI is priority one. a fast scout, a agile shooter who can move a lot...

12. HP is not very necessary. THey can live with shields, which can be bought with money. Skill points are rare. Late game maybe.

13. Scavenge the battlefield from day one. Dont rely on end battle mechanism.

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