OpenXcom crash condition-alien psionics

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 01:29 AM

Just noted a further crash condition further to the ammo consumption with openXcom when engaging a target hand to hand and shell to OS if attempting to engage with an empty weapon,

Just took control of an alien psyker (sectoid, haven't yet tried it with ethereals, they seem to be singularly reluctant to show their  faces
in my current campaign, two vessels downed, one destroyed utterly so far.  One out of two vessels engaged on the ground, sneaky bastards tried to get the drop on the strike team but proved no match whatsoever for a few of the lead psi soldiers. Every soldier ON the transport is hand-picked for their extremely high psionics stats bar a few who were survivors from the days before psionics was researched and can't justify firing them as they are effective soldiers nevertheless in their own right. Enough psi strength to hold their own, but not really enough to be successful in MC, panic is more likely effective for these.)

So, push came to shove, and it was to be the aliens doing the shoving, With a blaster launcher. Sectoid leader, alien base, but managed to have someone sprint over to the fireteam that got themselves in a bit of a bind, one sectoid with a heavy plasma, the other a leader with a blaster. The situation would have turned into a massacre, nobody close enough  to drop both of them. One, yes, for certain but only one. So, I figured on taking the leader over, and trying to let loose with IT'S psi capability, and then loose that blaster off into the control center (the team in question were right close, having legged it over, huffed, puffed and blown the fucking door off its hinges. God knows how anything survived in there but two of the sectoids did, plus a third up top. Did indeed set the coordinates for the blaster round, but whilst set, hit the psi button up at the top right of the screen, causing a critical failure, trying to use psi with the coordinates for the blaster set.

Figured on taking the remaining threat down with psi, disarming it, and depending on success or failure of the psi attack, then pulling the trigger with the blaster, killing leader, shooter to the side and ruining much of the command center., target adjustment depending on results of the leader's psi attack. It appears openXcom cannot handle that.

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