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Posted 03 June 2016 - 12:27 PM

I see that there is some recent activity here, so I was wondering if someone could help :)
This is my second AL game, the first one was a long time ago, so I am pretty much learning everything again.
One quick question - how do I get Major Driving training?
And a more serious question - what is the deal with sniper scopes? The first time I played, I distinctly remember that I was underwhelmed by sniper rifles (compared to AS), so I probably didnt even bother with scopes and major sniper training. Now I want to try, so I built a few computerized scopes and ... nothing. It says in the description that I can put scopes on normal rifles too, not just sniper rifles, and I indeed can, but it doesnt change anything. The accuracy stats are the same for a rifle with and without the scope. Even though other things that I have that affect rifles, e.g. an accelerator, accuracy armor add-on or different ammo, do affect the accuracy, range, damage in the info window. What about sniper scopes?
I thought maybe it will manifest itself in the field, so I gave a guy a modded and unmodded rifles, but his accuracy is the same with either rifle. I thought maybe he needs the sniper training to take advantage of the scope, even though he can use a scoped rifle without any training, so I gave both rifles to someone with the training and still no difference. So what is the matter? Sniper scopes work only for sniper rifles, even though they can be mounted on regular ones? And it seems like there are no other add-ons for the top mount? Like movement finder or IR in AS?
And a related question about sniper training. In the description for Minor Sniper training, it says it reduces aiming time for aimed shots. Is it for sniper rifles only, or all aimed shots? It doesnt specify.
Thanks a lot. I hope someone can reply :)

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Posted 30 December 2016 - 08:00 AM

Send your robot against martians to get them controlled (event) and start on research approriate tech. With that you can train Major Driving.

Major driving is a waste of time. It's better invested in getting planetology or other things. I got a minor driving and it's enough.

Well, later on  driving has effect on very late game weapon. But. As I said. Waste of time.

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