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Posted 20 April 2015 - 04:16 PM

Title:_____________________UFO Aftermath MegaMod-Kit("UFO.AM.MM-K")
Game:____________________UFO Aftermath [v1.4]
Release Date:______________xx/04/2015
Contact:__________________Unreal Forums or my wordpress site
More Content by
Description:_______________New MOD, fixes improvements and re-skin (game re-textured), Mod-Kit; Tools, tutorial, folder setup to _________________________mod UFO Am v1.4
New Sounds:______________Yes
New Graphics:_____________Yes
New Script:________________Yes
External DLLs:_____________Yes
Known issues:_____________NONE
Additional Credits:_________mod tools by; Altar, sigget, fulby
Download Link:___________http://www.mediafire.../MegaModKit.rar
Full write up:_____________https://unrealbyfusi.../ufo-aftermath/
Video:################## - i may upload a video tonight

Posted Image
Extended description:

   The following "UFO AfterMath MegaMod-Kit" contains all the tools/ files required for modding UFO AM & a new mod called the "MegaMod". The "MegaMod" gives UFO AM a texture upgrade & other changes (See mod read me)


[] Help
  • tutorials and read me's
  • how to add/ modify a weapon, enable cheats, shortcut keys.
[] Missions
  • custom built maps/ mission
  • can be used for experience grinding/ mod testing/ playing
  • load in geosphere > open cheat console > type CUSTOMMISSIONS
[] MegaMod
  • NEW "MegaMod" (see MegaMod read Me)
  • also includes a 2nd megamod combined with combomod
[] Other Mods
  • Other mods & Info on existing Mods
  • mods are in original and extracted form
[] workdir
  • a place ready for mod making
  • batch/ ".bat" files & "vtstool" required for easy mod making
  • includes a ready to compile Example Mod (new music test)
  • users can remove the text files here:
\Aftermath\MegaModKit\workdir\"gamedata.vfs GOES HERE"
\Aftermath\MegaModKit\workdir\changed\"modgamedata.vfs GOES HERE"
  • the blank text files are only used to indicate file locations
[] Patch
  • "All in one Patch" v1.4 (*see additional notes)
[] Tools
  • All available tools for mod making
[] BAT files
  • Extra ".bat" files for various modding procedures
  • may need to be edited by users
[] Backup .vfs
  • a place for your back up files
[] Videos
  • the roadtoaftermath.exe video
[] Images
  • Contains comparison images of the original textures & new textures.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Additional Notes:
- I wanted to create more content for the game, however, setting myself a realistic time limit was an important part of the task. I may continue to add HD textures as time goes on. I also create what i refer to as "MegaMaps". MegaMaps are huge maps (10x normal biggest map size) i created for grinding experience levels and testing custom mods/ texture changes. Unfortunately the mega maps became incompatible with later revisions of the mod so i will have to recreate these again.
- I also planned to release a massive piece of mesh for water and the use of ".prbv1" vertex rendering. I have not created this massive 'flat/ plain mesh' in Milkshape yet, but i have tested additional vertex renders on water plains.
- The mod should contain additional water textures for the use with vertex rendering, but each single mesh will not stitch together
- 1920x1080 video upgrades failed, i think this is because they are shown on Mesh/ therefore the original Videos are "UV Mapped" to a specific mesh.
- For HD videos to work someone will need to remap UV's to the new videos and replace any references.


Copyright / Permissions

"TKBS"/"TheKeyboardSamurai"/"Fusilade"/"FusilInc_Unregistered Games" © Copyright 2015.

Users may NOT use this content as a base for modification to build additional content outside of UFO Aftermath, but users are authorized to continue the project within & solely pertaining to UFO Am. Expressed permission is given by the Author ("TKBS"), but notification of intent is required.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this content, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money.

You MAY distribute this content through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.) provided you include this file, any attached files, leave the archive intact and adhere to all other permissions. However, the author requests notification of intention to distribute first. You MAY NOT distribute this content via NexusForums

"TKBS"/"TheKeyboardSamurai"/"Fusilade"/"FusilInc_Unregistered Games" © Copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by "TKBS" under license.  All other trademarks and tradenames are properties of their respective owners.

The content is licensed to users/ receivers, it is not sold or distributed free. Please respect that although the majority of work is based on the existing UFO AM themes, some textures are unique and painstakingly created. UFO AM players may be considered lucky to obtain some of this content as for other users the content is only available on a purchase basis.

Please show respect to the author ("TKBS") and the gaming industry in general, by adhering to these rules .
[Edit: 2018 - Finally added some screenshots...years later]




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Posted 10 October 2018 - 12:37 AM

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