Missinons in expedition bases

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Posted 20 November 2020 - 02:35 AM

After a long period I return to the game again. The Expedition bases (asscrea) hit me with mind controlling ret on top and our team on the tunnel... cant figure out a way to get past, because they are spawned near the edge of the map. Their range cover our running radius so running doesnt escape...

I figure we meet this mission too early. I dont have psi absorber, also doesnt research battle drones yet. So I reload earlier save and not headbutt this mission yet.

EDIT: I leave the Asscrea get conquered by Beastmen and reconquer it, therefore avoiding tough battle with Expedition.

Unfortunately, later on Asscrea still get attacked by EXP. This time it's a platoon of rocket launchers and mind controllers. I count at least 15.

I blame that on my team of 7 with average level too high. And still forget to activate psi absorber tech...

:scratch head:

The combo of RL and mind control is a tough one to break.

EDIT: A semi-counter is terrain and grenades. This time Asscrea is a big hill map. So we stuck 5 guys with full inventory of grenade on the other side of the hill crest, with a Major Leadership Supernatural charisma on this and a spare on this side to act as spotter AND bait. When we discover any in range we throw grenades at that target. Pity the explosions destroy quite a few item like rockets.

Reference: average level of active squad is 17.5. Reticulan corpses are 21.

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