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#1 Ichthyic



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Posted 11 February 2014 - 03:48 AM

yay me.  finished.

difficulty level was 1.40  (enemies with same damage as you 130%, enemies move faster, hide better, enemy level +1; no auto heal at base)

played a pistoleer engineer, that played most of the game just using a Browning HP.  ended up using a caputured LZ PK (with lionhead on front) from the egypt special random.

95 kills total, tied exactly with "shade".

this is the very first game I can recall where an engineer actually works well as a primary player character.  mines go boom, hexagen goes bang, fox says what?

FWIW, the most powerful character in the whole game is shade!  friggen ninjas, how do they work?  I took the time to level him (he levels at less than half the rate of any other unit) and found out why they made him level so slowly...

at level 14, he had 88aps, 173 attack (melee and ranged), 167 hide,  and could throw a friggen SHURIKEN halfway across the screen right into someone's eyeball!  unless someone was specifically searching for him, he typically could walk right up to enemies.   then use the katana to cut their heads off before they could blink.  yes, i can see why they chose to nerf his levelling....
easily would have had the most kills if I let him.  the ONLY thing he had trouble with was armor, and of course, with 173 throw... heavy grenades have a decent range.  or, I shove him in a pk with a mechanical saber and some medium mortars.  I love that they fixed melee pathing in this game for PKs.  it was broken badly in s2.

I felt this game was actually better designed than S2, the level design (all except the "secret base") was far superior.  could use another set of missions, and aboout 50% more random encounter types to fill it out a bit more, but I really like this engine for both looks and tactics.

I'm VERY surprised more people aren't modding it!  it's an awesome engine.  seriously; what is there to compare?  the Jagged alliance engine doesn't even come close to the physics detail and graphic detail of this engine.

are turn based strategy games just a dying breed?  I hope not.  This game rocked.

#2 iknowjack123



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Posted 16 July 2015 - 06:01 AM

Turn based games are a dying breed. People who like these types of games are basically stuck playing SS and JA2 because there's literally nothing else really worth talking about.

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Posted 16 July 2015 - 06:11 AM


There has been A LOT of turn based strategy games in the late years. Even turn based squad combat games, and more are incoming. IMO, turn based has rarely looked more in the spotlight than now.

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